Gone Fishing!

Monday, 5 November 2012

We decided to check out Kid's Kampong over the weekend because I think BabyMoo would enjoy fishing and feeding the animals. He gets excited over fish in ponds, and I think it would be a matter of time before he would ask for his own starter tank of little fishies!

DinoMama kindly provided us with the directions and address of Kid's Kampong, and we made our way there after lunch. BabyMoo napped in the car because it was a pretty long drive from town to Pasir Ris Farmway. On the way, the sky grew ominously dark, and it started to drizzle. Since we were already almost there, we decided to take a chance on the skies clearing up.

I asked him to say 'Fish'! and he gladly did so, because he spied quite a fair bit of little goldfishes at the entrance to the place.

BabyMoo was terribly excited, especially so when he was given his own little bucket and net!

It had started to drizzle rather heavily by then, and we had a huge umbrella which hopefully will serve to keep us dry.

Before we could walk in, however, the very nice Uncle at the reception saw BabyMoo and offered him a rain coat to wear! I really appreciated his gesture, and initially thought that the perk came with the admission price, until I noticed that no other kids were offered any rain coats. BabyMoo is very lucky boy!

He was so excited to see the guppies, and proceeded to attempt to catch some using his little net, while Mummy freaked out because he nearly tumbled into the water a few times. Daddy just rolled his eyes and said I'm being paranoid.

I caught 3 fish... and started yelling for the hubba because I didn't know how to transfer them from the net into the bucket without them flopping out of it! As you are probably aware by now, Mummy is really not in tune with the outdoors or these kind of activities. But I try... motherhood changes you in so many amazing ways. *cue violins*

Mummy caught these!!
There were a few kids who seemed really professional netters, and we saw their buckets overflowing with little fish. A very smart boy even placed bait in his net and simply waited for the fish to swim in!

After about an hour, Daddy proclaimed that catching these fish isn't as easy as it looks. We decided to return the fish we caught to the farm because we didn't have a proper fish tank at home as yet. We didn't want to simply bring the fish home only to have them die on us, one by one.

We then went over to the feeding site and let BabyMoo feed the fishes. He was absolutely thrilled!!

Feeding frenzy

The boy and his old man, they went a -feeding.

By now, it had started to rain rather heavily. We took BabyMoo on a quick tour round the other farm enclosures before deciding to call it a day.

Boy, this is where your Soya Sauce Chicken comes from.

And these make your favourite Duck Rice possible.

Er... as for these - they are inedible, understand? Inedible!!
He was pretty reluctant to leave, calling out "Fish! Fish! Feeeeeeesh!!" as loud as he could muster, like some bad Chinese drama where the hero, facing separation, reaches out to the love of his life in slow motion. We promised to come by again another day, when the weather is better and we had purchased a proper little fish tank for him.

So he settled down, asked for some biscuits, and waited for Daddy to drive the car around.

We got rained on, but we'll definitely be back! Friendly people running the gem of a place, and it's nice for BabyMoo to be able to know the activities which kept Daddy entertained back in the olden days, when there were no iPads, iPhones, and the tube was considered a luxury item.

Rain... rain... go away, We'll come a-fishin' another day!

Kid's Kampong

No 11, Pasir Ris Farmway 1,
Aqua Fauna Centre
Singapore 519355

Email: kidskpg@singnet.com.sg
Tel:  (+65) 6583 9030

By Public Transport:
From Pasir Ris bus Interchange, Take bus service number 88 or 359.
Alight at Pasir Ris Drive 12, (Stop Number: 77261) which is the 6th stop (Include Interchange).
Walk another 7 minutes before you reach Aqua Fauna Centre.

From TPE, exit into Pasir Ris Dr 12. Go straight till end of Dr 12, you will pass by a prominent building (SSMC Factory).
At the bend, turn left into FARMWAY 1.

Contributing to:
The Js Arena


  1. I was planning to go there last weekend too but the gray skies kept us home. The last time, Sophie went there with her child care and I saw some of them even holding on to mice!I'll probably run in the opposite direction.
    Can you bring your own bucket and net?

    1. Eeeeee!! Lucky I didn't see any mice or rodents or any furry things! Haha!

      I doubt you can, although you can bring the bucket and net which you purchased the first time on subsequent visits. Pretty expensive at $4.00 a set, though.

  2. Fun right? I was enjoying myself though I super hate all the squatting n bending down.

    The next time u decide to go call us n Susan to join you. 2 boys and 1 girl, how's that for a date hahahaha~

  3. That looks like such fun. It's actually quite near my place. Should bring the kids there one of these days.

  4. hahaha nice! and you caught 3? It's so difficult to catch them... I tell you. You have that natural ability with the outdoors lah. So modest you!

  5. We wanted to go there too. But it is all the way at the east while we are at the west. BabyMoo looks so cute in the raincoat.



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