Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's always a challenge to find new places to entertain BabyMoo over the weekends, especially since the weather has been rather unpredictable lately. We have visited most of the indoor playgrounds as the boy truly loves active play, so when we chanced upon Peek-a-Boo! playground while we were running some errands at Kallang Leisure Park, we thought that it would be a perfect opportunity for him to expand some of that seemingly boundless energy.

The place looks rather small from what we can see, but since it was pretty early and there were not that many kids around, we decided to give it a go. I ignored the fact that I had to take off BabyMoo's sandals and put on his socks whilst standing / squatting at the mall's corridor as the 3 small seats next to the shoe cabinets were taken up by 3 helpers who were having their lunch there.

We almost changed our mind, if it wasn't for the boy who was all excited and raring to go!

Warming up on the baby slide
A little ride around the periphery
The place seems rather small and cramped even with about only 5 other kids present. BabyMoo took a ride-on and decided to circle the main playscape, which is his usual habit at a new place. I'm not sure why he does it - perhaps he likes to familiarise himself with the environment?

Daddy first brought him in, but less than ten minutes after I left them there - he called me back and told me that he had hurt his back trying to squeeze through the narrow tunnels!

So it's Mummeh to the rescue! (There goes the opportunity for a manicure and pedicure session. Sigh.)

Fun at the ball pit!
The ball pit is pretty narrow, and I was actually quite thankful that there weren't any other bigger kids around, which I'm sure would have made it rather cramped, not to mention dangerous for the smaller ones.

After the ball pit, he decided to do the serious climbing and sliding!

BabyMoo actually still needs to be supervised, especially on a 3 storey high apparatus, but after the first round - ClumsyMummy just cannot squeeze, crawl and keep up with him... so I decided to just let him go on his own.

For the first time, he explored and climbed on his own... I would not have let him if there were bigger kids at play!

You cannot imagine how my heart was in my mouth the entire time, and every moment which he disappears from sight - I panicked just a little bit more. The sense of relief when he finally appears from the huge slide down from the top storey is palpable.

Don't ask why Superboy there needs to come down a slide when he can jolly well fly.

I tried to haul him away after barely half an hour, but of course, the boy protested... as he was just beginning to enjoy himself.

I became a contortionist and took the weary old bones for a ride. I scraped my knees on the exposed wood parts!
When I checked the stairs up to the upper levels, I can understand why the hubs couldn't squeeze through. It was a wonder how he even managed to climb one level up without getting stuck on the rungs!

I didn't like that the padding is pretty worn down at some places, exposing the wood / whatever lies beneath. (see photo above). I think it's extremely dangerous for the kids. The slide also had duct tape(!!) affixed on it, which I hoped was for purely decorative purposes. I know duct tape fixes everything... but HELLO?!

Duct taped monstrosity

I talked to BabyMoo and managed to bribe convince him to leave the place in favour of a yoghurt treat. I think by that time, he was too exhausted to argue much, so we left just when the place was getting crowded.

Children below 4 needs to be accompanied by an adult, and there is an extra charge for any additional adult. I wondered how parents of older toddlers who already need minimal supervision can make themselves comfortable since there aren't any seats apart from a cordoned off area which seems to be used for parties and exclusive events.

They do have a 'drop off' option, though, where you can leave the kids there if they are above 4 years old and are comfortable on their own. The toilets are all the way to the opposite end of the mall, though - so I'm not sure how that would work out, since I didn't ask if the staff would accompany the child should he / she needs to use the bathroom while the parents are away.

I seriously doubt that we will visit again though - in view of safety reasons and that there are other places which are much more spacious and do not charge for additional adults to be within the premises. The Management should really look into repairing some of the worn out areas, as they pose a safety hazard to the kids at play. A disclaimer and signing an indemnity clause prior to the visit does not mean that the Management can be lax in this aspect, and that parents cannot be assured of a safe environment for the kids to play in.

Perhaps, then - this could also have been prevented.


Leisure Park Kallang (next to Indoor Stadium)
5, Stadium Walk, 
Singapore 397693
Tel: 6440 8355


Opening Hours

Sunday - Friday: 10.00am - 8.30pm
Saturday: 10.00am - 9.30pm

Admission Charges

Adults (1 per paying child) and babies up to 9 months: free

2nd accompanying adult: $3 per entry
10 months to 23 months: $12 per entry
24 months and above: $15 per entry

Drop-off (4 yrs and above):
$15 for 2 hours, $5/hr for every subsequent hour

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to the Management of Peek-a-Boo, nor have been compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. We were there once for a birthday party. I didn't even let the girl climb up the structure with her brothers but opted to let her play on the slide outside instead. We left shortly after the birthday party and they way they organized it was certainly not impressive.

    1. I'm sure it would be so cramped and crowded if there's a party going on!
      C doesn't like smaller slides anymore lah. Headache... so now if we can't supervise him, we would rather go to a place where we can at least be within reach.

  2. I was just there on Sat as well to attend a BD party! But yes, the place is very much smaller as compared to some of the others which we have been before. I did not go through the tunnels with her so I did not see the duct tapes!!!!

  3. I am not a fan of PAB either. It's always too noisy for my liking. Climbing around the narrow structure gives me a headache and so does craning my neck from below to see where poppy is. It's a no-win situation for me

    Also this is the place where I got bullied by a pair of 8 year olds haha

  4. Terrible of them to leave the playgrd in such a state, those wooden bits would really hurt if someone fell on them! :(

    On a side note, babymoo is really brave, taking all the big slides!

  5. The whole place seems to be falling apart.
    Uneven floor mats, exposed wooden boards, duct tapes.

    Not recommended especially for kids below 3.



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