Photo *Heart* Friday: An enjoyable playdate!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Last Friday, DinoMama and I arranged to bring the kids out to play. It was a terribly hot day, and we decided that some water play will be perfect for active boys.

Dino Egg having a whale of a time!

... and BabyMoo follows suit.

We didn't stay too long because being a Public Holiday, it was pretty crowded. The boys surprisingly did not protest when we told them that it was time to go, although they were evidently having a lot of fun!

DinoEgg was extremely protective over BabyMoo, and it was really heart warming to see him being such a caring big brother to the little one.

BabyMoo had a go on the Batmobil, while DinoEgg entertained him with his antics. He was so amused and couldn't stop laughing with glee!

They also spent quite a bit of time at The Pet Station, while I cringed and waited outside!
BabyMoo knows that his Mummy isn't a very big fan of furry friends, and he then asked Auntie DinoMama to carry him so that he could see the guinea pigs and hamsters which were on the upper enclosures.

In the car on the way to send DinoMama and DinoEgg home, I thought that these boys should hang out more often together, since they both don't have siblings to squabble and play with otherwise.

We had an enjoyable day. The boys had fun, and Mummy managed to spend some *ahem* quality time with DinoMama, too - which was actually the trigger factor of this playdate! :)

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  1. U took so many photos! *stealing* lol
    We had a fun time too. After that day, anything tt he think outgrew he'll say give didi C instead of his little cousin hahaha~

    1. I share with you lah... no need steal! Haha!!

  2. Wah looks like fun! It's always good to see only child finding other children they can play with =)

    1. Yes, Mad! Does wonders to their social skills!

  3. So fun seeing the two boys playing together. Must have been really fun for them.

  4. Always nice to have playdates with friends, big and small :-)

  5. these two are so sweet together!



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