Photo *Heart* Friday: Paying our respects

Friday, 30 November 2012

As the first grandchild of the eldest child, I was showered with love from everyone in the family, including my aunts and uncles; and growing up, I was never in want for attention. I was mostly cared for by my maternal Grandma, and my fondest memories of childhood involved trips to the market with her, cooking, baking, and happy moments of play. I stay in Jakarta, whereas they stay about 120km away in Bogor - and as I started to go to school, my Grandfather dutifully waited for me every Friday afternoon for us to take a train there. That was, for me - the highlight of the entire week.

When my Granny passed away in 2000 after a bout of multiple illnesses, I was devastated. It was tough to see someone who used to be so full of energy and vitality deteriorate before my very eyes, and I will always vividly recall her hand going limp in mine, as the machine was shut down. Being very close to her, her death hit me hard, and till now, not a day goes by when I don't think of her. Experiencing happy milestones in life makes it doubly hard, especially when I think how happy all of us would be for me if she was there to share it with me.

Since the time we went back home to Indonesia for her funeral and subsequent burial, I have yet to go back there. This year, I really wanted to 'meet' her - firstly, to introduce the husband, and then, BabyMoo. I want to show her that life worked out for the best for me despite a few stumbling blocks along the way, and I truly believe that she has always been there to gently steer me towards the right direction.

So we took a trip back to Indonesia as an extended family... to pay our respects to our beloved Mum, Oma (Grandma) and Mak Ocoh (Great Grandma) at her last and final resting place.

Daughters, Sons, Daughters-in-law, Sons-in-law, Granddaughters, Grandsons, and Great Grandchildren.
My Mum, The eldest child.
My Third Aunt, My Fourth Aunt-in-law, my youngest cousin, my brother, and my Fourth Uncle.
My youngest Aunt, and my Uncle-in-law, who has been a father figure to me.
My 2nd Uncle, Mum, and BabyMoo
Grandson-in law and Great Grandson.
She will always be dear to us, we miss her constantly and we miss her still, and we will always love her.

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  1. Hugs! Never an easy trip down these sort if memory lane. Bitter sweet. But you are so blessed! I didn't have the opportunity to grow up with any gramps coz the granddads all passed on very early on. My maternal grandma passed on when I was younger while paternal grandma remarried. She didn't do much to keep in touch though we used to see her once a year. So I believe that you have so many wonderful memories and I think that it was great you brought BabyMoo along to pay respects. They must be smiling from above. ;)

  2. I was close to my grandparents too. They passed away 3 decades ago and I cannot forget the scene where we finally managed to visit my grandpa in the hospice and later that day we heard that he passed on after we left. So sad lah. Talking about this makes me wanna cry and then brings up memory of the day my dad passed away.



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