The Time Machine

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sometimes I wonder what it is about Fate or Destiny that they have to be so inexplicably intertwined with our lives. We can choose to believe or scoff at it... yet most of the time, undeniably, they feature greatly in our choices as we grow.

If you were to have the option to travel in a Time Machine, what would you choose to do? Go toward the Future, or go back to the Past? I have mulled over this... yet I always eventually come to an impasse where I know not what to do should I ever have to make the choice.

Perhaps I would like to go to the Past... because there are just so many things that I have left incomplete. The wheels of time can be cruel, and there sometimes isn't enough time to do and see everything that I would have loved to.

Then again - no, I would never change a single thing about what had happened in the Past, because every event, every tear shed, every laughter shared... have made me what I am today.

I would love to have a peek into the Future... because I am curious about what the Future holds. Would I be happy having made a certain choice, or would it have been better for me to have listened to the voice of reason?

Whatever it is, I have been blessed with so much so far in life, and for that I am grateful. I have gone through plenty to realise that there is always sunshine after the rain. And somehow... for the choices that I have made, and however the Future will turn out to be, I know that I will not have any regrets. I would like to think that things do have a way of working themselves out for the best.

Without a Past, there isn't a Present.
And without the here and now, there will not be a Future.

It's the trinity that binds us eternally.

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  1. Past. Always the past for me. The future will come inevitably, whatever it holds, but the past will never return. I even know which year I will return to and what I want to re-live.

    I want to go back to early 1994, when I had the freedom of going back to an empty home to chill or to my late grandma's house. I'd choose the latter. I can almost feel the squared metal gate, hear the chink of the lock, visualise my steps as I creep past the side of the house with blue windows and boo my grandma at the kitchen window where she'd be preparing dinner

    Simple wholesome times when everything was easy and filled with love. My most carefree days. I love what I have now but I miss my past too.

    Please built that time machine.

    1. I miss my Oma, too. I grew up with her, even though I had a SAHM. It's always been her. I sleep with her, and fond memories of the house with high ceilings and sturdy furniture - huge, airy rooms which once held 5 children.

      I agree with you. I love the present, and I look forward to the future, but I will always remember the past.

      Isn't it amazing that after all has been said and done, no matter how painful certain episodes in life are, the most poignant memories are happy ones? :)

  2. Aiyo so cheem! I think I will just be happy staying in the now! Haha

  3. I would be happy staying in the as if you go back to the past and you change anything you wouldn't even have the NOW.



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