When Love and Hate collide.

Monday, 12 November 2012

"Those who hate most fervently must have once loved deeply; those who want to deny the world must have once embraced what they now set on fire."
~ Kurt Tucholsky (German satirical Essayist and Poet, 1890-1935)

Have you ever thought... that perhaps we're only familiar with love only because we know what's it like to hate - and vice versa? I'm not sure what is it about the most powerful of emotions that makes them so inexplicably intertwined in some way or the other. Is it really true that if we love a person, assuming that if they were to do us wrong; the hate within would be much more than if we were not to care too much about that person?

Then again... is it even possible for us to hate a person whom we (used to) love?

I've always thought that love should be unconditional, that it gives without expecting anything in return, it yields without contempt, and it forgives without the slightest hesitation. Perhaps my views on love is slightly conservative, maybe even a tad impractical and unrealistic, but shouldn't that be what love is all about?

Why should we hate, when at one point in time, there was no question as to how we feel for that person? Could it be that love has become slightly overrated... or is it that we can hate what a person does to our innermost feelings, which has so far been governed by love? Is it all too difficult to handle the myriad of emotions lying on the opposite ends of the spectrum?

Do we go into the self defensive mode when we are made to confront our vulnerabilities?

I've never been able to hate a person whom I have love(d), no matter what is it that they have put me through. Love is but one emotion that I don't believe we can actually totally forget or deny once we are able to feel it for someone.

We don't fall in love, only to fall out of it.


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  1. 1st to link up! Yeah!

    Love & Hate goes hand in hand. But do we Love first and then transform to Hate along the way or vice versa?



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