Wordless Wednesday: Inaugural flight experience

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

BabyMoo had his first flight experience on our first vacation as a family!

My Mum wanted to celebrate her birthday with the extended family in Jakarta, Indonesia, so we took the opportunity to travel there over the weekend.

I was initially rather worried about how BabyMoo would take to the air pressure in the plane cabin, but I suppose his wanderlust overrode any mild discomfort which he may have experienced. He was ecstatic when he realised that he was going to take a plane ('Pane... Up!! Up!') and sat down quietly, buckled down.

He grinned and chortled during take off and landing, both ways, and even managed a whoop 'Yaaay!' when we touched down.

Looks like we will be travelling around a lot more after this!

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  1. How precious. I love this baby age and days where they are so tiny and look at the world with wonder unlike the jaded adults. :)

    1. Yes!! That's so true... everything is a source of wonderment for them!

  2. What a good boy! He looks like he had a lot of fun

  3. eh, auntie look so modern! Wedges some more, must be due to your influence :D

  4. Great to read that he enjoyed his 1st trip overseas. It does get better when they get older.

  5. You definitely should! Lil Pumpkin loves her travels too and I'm excited to bring her around and explore the world. I see the adventurer spirit in BabyMoo's eyes too :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  6. Precious moment to record! The aeroplane is a huge toy to them;). My elder already find it as an annual affair:(. Kids these days are so lucky!



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