A (little) obsessed.

Monday, 3 December 2012

BabyMoo has always been very particular about being clean and tidy. In fact, as he grows older, this trait has taken on a more compulsive nature... prompting me to wonder if we have a little OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) personality in the making!

He doesn't like stray crumbs, or even any morsel of food to dirty his clothes. He will stop eating if we choose to ignore this, and will not resume unless the offending item has been thrown away. He does not like any food bits dirtying his table space as he feeds himself as well - and this has resulted in me cleaning up the particular area almost every time he puts the spoon in his mouth, when he was just starting out trying to feed himself.

He has never liked any damp areas on his clothes. Before he was able to communicate effectively, he used to scream and yell until his clothes are changed, but now... he simply walks to his wardrobe and pulls out a new set.

BabyMoo doesn't like used tissues, crumpled up socks or papers, or empty packets lying around. He will discard these straight away, and now we have to be extra careful about leaving important papers or envelopes within his reach. Yesterday he threw away my half opened pack of Tostitos, just because I left it next to the bed while I made a quick dash to the bathroom!

On the positive side, he always puts away his toys after he's played with them, regardless of how tired or sleepy he is. Yes, he dumps them haphazard into the boxes which they are usually kept in, but he makes sure that he keeps them out of sight. He will also line his ride-ons neatly at the corner of the living room - never mind that he raises quite a ruckus in the process!

I do admit, that sometimes I take the opportunity to 'abuse' this cleanliness obsession which the boy apparently has.

I direct him to the shoe rack.
I watch TV, and conveniently leave the empty chips packs or wrappers next to me.
I get lazy to help him put his toys away.

I'm going to take advantage of the situation before he starts being able to nag at both his parents to keep clean!

Recently, he discovered the duster.
I'm SO tempted to get him the old type of feather duster, which can also double up as a cane.

I'm sure the house will be sparkling clean from now on. He seems to need no motivation to clean everything in sight.

On the other hand, Mummy and Daddy needs to start working on having the extra motivation to keep clean, no thanks to BabyMoo! Karma has, once again, come to bite me in the butt.

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  1. Hi Regina, BabyMoo is a good boy and a good helper. With him around, the house will always be neat and tidy. It is a blessing to have a good son like BabyMoo :)



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