City Square Mall: A Chuggington Christmas Carnival!

Monday, 17 December 2012

BabyMoo loves trains. Absolutely, and totally in love with all manner of trains, perhaps enhanced by a throwback to the time when we didn't have a car and he used to ride the MRT with Daddy to come pick Mummy up from work. He has a particular preference for Chuggington trains, and will always prance around to its theme song. He will sit quietly while the DVD plays... and I have to admit that I almost always use that distraction whenever I need to get things done around the house!

So when we were kindly invited to a Chuggington 'Live' show at The City Square Mall, I knew that it was going to be a treat for him. I think I was more excited than him, because it was going to be our first time at a mall 'Live' show!

Brewster, Koko and Wilson made their appearance, and BabyMoo sat, transfixed... until he (unwittingly) did a little bop. He turned, gave me a sheepish smile, and after that... there was no stopping him! He jived and moved to the happy songs, and clapped with glee.

Morgan, the chief mechanic at Chuggington
Koko, Wilson and Brewster, The Chuggington Trainees!
City Square Mall takes pride in being an eco-friendly mall, and hence the Chuggington feature aptly centres around the concept of recycling. I think at the end of the show, not only are the kids familiarised with the concept of recycling, their parents were also educated on the different colours (for disposing of different types of materials) used to differentiate the recycling bins at the mall!

YELLOW is for paper, BLUE is for plastic, and GREEN is for metals!

At the end of the 20 minute show, the atrium erupted into cheers and exclamations of wonderment as 'snow' drifted from the upper levels onto centrestage. I was impressed... and I think the adults enjoyed themselves as much as the kids did! It was certainly a very well organised show, and BabyMoo was very, very disappointed when it ended.

We were given the opportunity to 'Meet and Greet' the trainees after the show, but the boy wasn't very happy... and it showed.

Sulky face, because he was so sad that there was no more singing and dancing!
The Chuggington 'Live'show ended its run yesterday, but you can still head on down to take a photo with the trains!

Pose for a photo with the Chuggington trainees!

17 - 30 December
1pm, 4pm and 7pm daily
Venue: L1 Atrium Stage, photo opportunity with $10 spent at participating shops in the mall.


We were then ushered to another section in the mall where BabyMoo was given a Chuggington balloon and posed against a Chuggington backdrop for an instant photo as a memento. He was still sulky... and reluctantly did so.

Check out the 'I'm upset cos I want more chugga chugga choochoo!' face.
He cheered up a little bit when he was shown to a small table and given some colouring paper. Well... at least I thought so, until I realised that he was entertained more by the screen showing a Chuggington DVD within the enclosure!

Shop & Redeem your Chuggington Holiday Fun!

11am – 9pm daily (till 30 December)
Enjoy colouring fun, receive a balloon and bring home a photo memento with $100* spent.
$80* spent for UOB Credit/Debit Cardmembers. (Limited to first 200 children per day)


BabyMoo was also given a Chuggington tote bag and a pencil case set, and I think it's such a nifty set to keep all his crayons, markers and even trains!

Traintastic Promotion (till 30 December)

Redeem an exclusive Chuggington tote bag and pencil case set with $200* spent. 
$150* spent for UOB Credit/Debit Cardmembers.


BabyMoo saw this train... and of course, after the Chuggington show, wanted a ride! He kept on going ChooChoo! the entire time, and was absolutely thrilled to bits!


There are also other activities in the days leading to Christmas at the mall. Do check it out.

It’s Snow Time!

Now till 30 December, at 7.30pm daily

Venue: L1 City Green (Park)
Check out the Chuggington Christmas tree, and have fun playing in the 'snow' at 7.30pm daily!

Come Sing The Yuletide Cheer

21 & 22 December, 6.15pm
Venue: L1 Atrium

A choir sings familiar Christmas carols, to lend a festive air and spread the greetings of the season!

There is also a Christmas party just for the little ones. Be entertained with Christmas carolling, Santa meet and greet, balloon and magic shows and more! Check out Mother & Baby magazine (Dec issue) or email m& to pre-register by 18 December.


We actually really loved City Square Mall... and appreciate that not only is the mall eco-friendly (in terms of water and electricity usage, etc) - they have also taken the trouble to make it a very family friendly place. Parking is a breeze, and if you're lucky, you can park at one of the huge family lots located very near the entrance / exits from the carpark leading to the mall. There is a designated 'walkway' at the carpark as well, which is useful when you're pushing a stroller, trolley, or a wheelchair, and a safer option when you're walking with the kids in tow.

What's not to love?
I love these posters, placed just near all the restrooms. No more going on a wild goose chase with a poopy baby!

Pssst...! There is also a water fountain located at the basement... and it's flanked by The Coffee Bean and MacDonald's! Perfect for a cuppa while the kids play :)

DISCLAIMER: We were invited for a Traintastic Chuggington Live! Show. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Chugga chugga chugga chugga chuggington! We enjoyed this show too! Poppy lurrrrrrved it so much we went twice!



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