Disney Live! Mickey's Rockin' Roadshow

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

We were given the opportunity to catch Mickey's Rockin' Roadshow at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre last weekend.

At a month shy of 2 years old, it was BabyMoo's first time at a Live performance and also his first theatre experience, so I was initially worried that he may not be too comfortable with the atmosphere, or be able to sit through the entire 90 minute performance.

Our tickets, thanks to very generous sponsors!
I needn't have worried.

He enjoyed himself so much and sat transfixed for the first half of the performance. After the interval, he demanded to stand up to dance and clap along! He not only sat through the entire show, he had a ball of a time!

My Little MickeyMoo!
Here we are after the show...
... MickeyMoo looks exhausted from all that dancing!
Our DSLR was not allowed in, and my digital camera had been sent for servicing... so unfortunately, we did not manage to photograph scenes from the totally awesome performance by Mickey and his friends!

Emily of Our Little Smarties, however - managed to get some really great photos, so do hop by her blog for some performance pics!

Here is what caused BabyMoo's excitement. I actually enjoyed the performance, too :)

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  1. Looks fun! BabyMoo is such a good boy! Fancy a 2 yr old sitting quietly through the whole show. Well done BabyMoo, well done Mummy & Daddy Moo!

    1. I think he was first curious, so quietly recce the surrounding and environment first. He started to get jumpy only almost to closing act, so I think we can start him off s..l..o...w...l...y. But if he didn't like Mickey, I doubt he will lah! :D

  2. Thanks for the link-up, Regina! They allow normal camera, but not with flash. So, I quickly dash-out my camera and snap some pictures. Glad that our kids enjoy themselves so much at the show.

    1. Yes, Emily... I was informed, but my digicam is being serviced! BoooHoo!! :(

      Glad you took some really great ones, though!

  3. Looks like such fun, even from your pics taken outside :) Like the new nickname you gave him - MickeyMoo! heh

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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    1. Nowadays, most of the time he's mostly MONKEYMOO! Hahah

  4. BabyMoo looks really cute in the mickey hat! glad he enjoyed himself. I can't wait to bring Aly to a live performance too, but she's probably still too young for such things.

  5. Gorgeous pics.

    Thanks for linking up
    Trish x My Little Drummer Boys



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