Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Deep in the darkness of night, there are those moments, when everything stands perfectly still… when you can’t hear anything apart from your own heartbeat.

When everything else ceases to exist, and you let your mind wander. To a certain forgotten place in time, to a certain memory, to an almost forgotten feeling. It all seems too familiar - so much so that you can almost feel the imperceptible sense of deja vu, so many images running through your mind.

There's that glimpse of a second, when everything seems to stop.

Yet somewhere else still, somewhere inside, where few, precious few ever reach… where it’s always the darkest before the dawn; and the world sleeps silently through a haze of sodium induced fog, somewhere there my heels click quietly against the tiles, sneaking, sneaking into the blessed solitude of twilight, while crickets chirp quietly in the dark quiet garden.

Always there - deep, deep, inside… my mind and my heart turns over and over something from long, long ago, something stuck like an old, cherished record on repeat, repeat, repeat…

I love, I love, I love, I love, and I love.

So tonight, like many other nights… I play a record which I doubt he'd approve. Its The Rolling Stones, they’re commercialized pop, not authentic - he would tell me; but I wouldn't care anyway.
By the time I get to the end of "As Tears Go By," for the umpteenth time… I'm always sad and melancholic.

And then I get to smile a little while longer -
These steps that I take...
precarious, but I'm somehow sure.

The sun shines through the drops making a prism,
a rainbow of colour that wasn't there only a moment ago.



  1. oh! i don't know that track, will go listen! i'm suddenly thinking of one of theirs which has the complete opposite mood of what you've described-- parachute woman! that song makes me laugh and cringe, before i skip it!

    1. Love The Rolling Stones! Crazy cool how they can inject all types of emotions in each track.



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