So you think it's easy being a woman?

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Everyday we are assailed with ads and images that can do wonders to wrecking the self-esteem. Most advertisements are targeted at women - for they are deemed to be more gullible, naive and easier to influence than their male counterparts (reasons for which totally escape me).

. You're too fat.
. You're too skinny.
. Your sex life is rubbish.
. You're not supposed to enjoy having sex.
. Your life in general is rubbish. But not as bad as hers.
. Your children hate you.
. Why haven't you had children?
. You're too young to have kids.
. You're too old to have kids.
. You're wrinkled, and therefore used-up and no use to man nor beast.
. You need a man.
. You don't need a man.
. Your hair is terrible.
. Your skin is terrible.
. You're beautiful just the way you are.
. You're ugly.
. You're not in quite enough debt. Have some more money.
. Your tits are too small.
. Your tits are too big, and they're saggy.

Organic products ad

I suppose in a lot of ways, that's true... it is by far easier to make a woman go out and buy stuff that she doesn't really need simply because it looks really good and comes in 'oh-so-many-pretty colours!'or it comes banded with a 'free' sample of a complementing product or the trial price is too good to be missed... amongst many other reasons.

Basically, it's about the marketing and advertising guys playing up to a woman's insecurities, fears and hopes. It's no big secret... and most women are aware of this fact, too. Yet they are still torn apart by the power of advertising, especially one that represents the dream of a better life.

I've been in advertising, marketing and promotions for too damn long - and I am still guilty of being swayed by a powerful image or two. I have found myself on numerous ocassions having to buy a certain thing simply because of the 'promise' that it conveys. I do so fully aware that the advertising dollar is such that it will bow down to the most difficult and picky consumers - blinding them in such a clever, stealthy way that they are rendered powerless.

I've had impulse buys, stuff that I have never worn since the day I bought it, shoes of the same design in 5 different colours, scores of nail polish in colours that I would never dream of wearing, and tubes of lipstick in every imaginable shade.

I am, at most times - a woman, after all.

Wordless Wednesday: The reason for my smiles.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Boy, (n).: A noise with dirt on it.

Your laughter and smiles
which go on for miles,
Warms my heart and soul.

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Ten things that all children need

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

It develops self esteem, self-confidence, self-worth and the ability to love others.

Time & Attention
Quality time, at least a little every day.

Encouragement & Affirmation
Children need to know their parents are proud of them.
A single word of encouragement can change their entire life.

A stable home, where children know their place, whom to trust, and who is going to be there for them.

Kids need opportunity to find out their interests, and to find out what they excel in.
Contrary to popular belief, this does not need much money.

Kids need to learn everything from the ground up, including appropriate behaviour, how to get along with others, how to get results and achieve their dreams. Discipline should be consistent and positive.

Laughter is necessary for a child's mental and physical health. Encourage joy and laughter.

Your Lap
It is the best place in the entire world to read a book, to tell a story, and have a conversation.

Room To Make Mistakes
Kids are kids. This is what makes them so much fun, and in desperate need of your patience.
Give them room to experiment, explore and make mistakes.

Hugs & Kisses
As many, as often as possible!

~ Anon ~

Weekend Wanderings #4: The Flu Bug shall not get the better of me!

Monday, 28 May 2012

I wasn't in the best of health last weekend, but of course, that didn't stop me from having fun with the boys!

Chasing after BabyMoo with a stuffy nose whilst sneezing my head off made me a very exhausted Mummy, but seeing the smile on his face made it all worthwhile. Doesn't matter that Mummy caught the flu bug from him - and while he only had a drippy nose last Monday... I got it in a much worse way!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

BabyMoo wears checked shirt from Gap Kids, navy shorts from Chateau De Sable
and navy sandals from Little Colettee.

We decided to go off the beaten path and check out Rochester Park. Have heard about Seb's Bistro housing 'The Playhouse' there, so we thought that we'd have a look. The place was pretty easy to find... and I like that their website provides a detailed direction to the place either by car or by public transport.

Seb's bistro is a great place to chill out... and on a Saturday morning, there was only 2 families having brunch at the al fresco dining area. The patio is huge and surrounded by cicada calls, almost an unspoilt natural existence. Thankfully, the weather was cool and balmy, otherwise I think Daddy and BabyMoo would have melted despite the rotating fans!

We decided to give brunch a miss and proceed to The Playhouse located within the premises.

Please ignore the 'Socks On Please' blurb... we brought socks but the staff didn't mention anything about it... plus the children and adults in the area weren't all wearing socks!

It was like being invited for a play date at a huge child's play room. There weren't any climbing structures apart from a mini slide at the centre of the hall with a meagre count of balls in the pit. There was a selection of toys and ride-ons, though... but most of it are either spoiled or in dire need of a thorough cleaning. The floor was not padded (although from what I've heard - it previously was), but since it was covered with laminate, it was still safer than hard ground.

There were a few mums sharing a mid morning tete a tete, while their toddling children were left to roam free. Since there weren't any structures which needed supervision, they were left in relative peace. I found the run-down conditions pretty sad, really... because with the luxury of space and the surrounding community as regulars, the place has so much potential to be a great destination for both mums and babes while they are still at that age where they are curious to explore, yet not old enough for regular playgrounds.

BabyMoo got bored after about 45minutes (thankfully it wasn't expensive for a two hour session!).

We headed down to Tampines Mall for lunch because we had to attend a friend's brother's wedding at Pasir Ris in the late afternoon. We met up with a friend for coffee and cake before heading down... and BabyMoo was thoroughly taken by Uncle Birdie! BabyMoo is extremely particular about being friendly to males (he is a regular Auntie killer, and reserves his sweetest smiles for sweet young things).

Uncle B made him laugh and entertained him till he chortled non-stop... and showing him that picture of the topless Anime girl on his phone sure made him a happening 'friend' to BabyMoo! He shook his head with gusto every time we showed him the phone with his favourite apps on-screen after that. Birdie... Imma gonna keel you!

We went to F's brother's wedding, and I was thoroughly impressed by the pomp and pageantry of the Malay wedding that took place. It's been a long long time since I attended one, so I didn't realise that such a grand setting can be arranged without the benefit of a fully equipped function / event hall.

BabyMoo was so intrigued at the music and celebrations...

He stared transfixed at the wedding couple... and wanted to go nearer the stage for a closer look.

So this was where he and I stood for a good half an hour!
(that's our friend in white)

He made friends at the playground...

... and had his first taste of Biryani (he loved it!)

We went to Changi Airport since it was on the way... intending to have a late dinner there. BabyMoo loves the airport for its wide open space and things to see - while we loved it because he can run around in relatively safe surroundings without running into people or tripping over structures.


Candy, chocolate and chips section at NTUC Supermarket, T3

We wanted to have dinner there... but the insane queues at all the restaurants meant that we had to order dinner to take-away instead. While waiting for our orders, we went to Planet Traveller - which sold all kinds of travel essentials for both adults and kids!

Love the backpacks... but DaddyMoo glared at me when I wanted to buy one for the boy, because guess who will end up carrying it?

Spotted a travel pillow for kids - and I thought that it would be a great solution to support BabyMoo's head when he's asleep on his car seat.

It doesn't work. It just makes his head flop forwards instead of sideways! An expensive mistake with the best intentions (I tell myself).

Meanwhile... BabyMoo yelled and screamed in hunger on the way home - not surprising since it was close to 9.00pm and it was a pretty long while since he had his last meal. The last time we visited the airport for dinner, we thought that the crowds were due to the Mother's Day weekend, but apparently not. No more attempted airport dinners from here on!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

BabyMoo started off with this:

Linen shirt and shorts from Underwater World, Singapore, purple high tops from Asics kids.

We went to Church of the Holy Cross for the 11.15am Mass, but halfway through the service, BabyMoo decided to crouch at the corner of the children's room and do his 'thing' with a preceding gas emission which made the parents in the room stifle a smile and made his parents embarrassed beyond words. He made sure to complete the deed with little grunts as well. Happy days.

Since there was no changing room in the premises, we decided to drive home instead since it was much nearer than going elsewhere. He protested upon reaching home (because he hasn't had his share of fun, and thinks that we aren't going anywhere else) and struggled, so he and Mummy had to take another bath in the process!

So he ended up wearing this:
Long sleeved tee from H & M Kids, Jeans from Gap Kids and navy sandals from Little Colettee

We went to Ion Orchard and ended up at Food Opera there for lunch, because DaddyMoo wanted to eat the Fishball Noodles. It really is tasty and the fishballs bouncy - and apparently we weren't the only ones who thought so. Long queue at the stall, so DaddyMoo had the Beefball noodles instead. I ordered Roasted Duck Rice to share with the boy... and ended up with only 4 slivers of duck meat. He practically finished the entire bowl of rice plus a good portion of the Duck drumstick - so I suppose we would have to start ordering his own portions from here on. Either that, or Mummy goes on diet.

We went to Sony service centre at Wisma Atria because my camera was jammed (the lens was half in, half out, and I couldn't switch the camera on). Daddy did the queuing, while the boy entertained himself.

Went to Ngee Ann City next, and decided to check out the new French bakery, Donq and see if it lives up to the hype. There was thankfully, no queue... so I went to make my selection. I was quite surprised at the prices... so I told the hubs that since I'm paying $2.80 for a smaller than usual regular type of bread (with tuna / sausage / ham filling) and $4.00 for an onion and ham piece - they better be good.

At $12.40 for 4 pieces of bread - they are really nothing to shout about. I'm still disappointed as I write this. I've had better ones from Pullman Bakery at Millenia Walk and Maison Kayser at Scotts Square for a fraction of the price and triple the taste!

Passed by Ngee Ann City Square and BabyMoo was entertained by the line dancing event held by Anlene, no doubt as part of their Active Ageing drive. These women and men were dancing with gusto... and I doubt that I could have matched their stamina! BabyMoo bopped to the music from the sidelines... prompting the Aunties to ask him to join them.

Headed on down to Great World City after that because we thought of giving Amazonia another chance after the previous unpleasant incident there which didn't allow us the opportunity to check out the place. We have to at least try out these places once, and let BabyMoo decide for himself if he likes the place or otherwise... and not deny him the options just because the grown ups didn't like it.

Full house!

There were 2 birthday parties going on, so the place was packed to the rafters. The toddler area was pretty small, but BabyMoo made the best of the structures while we waited for the main area to clear out (for the birthday activities) so that he can have a go on the big slide with Daddy without having to get in the way of the big kids. 

At the toddler area (below 3)

Daddy took him out on the big slide next. BabyMoo wanted to get into the ball pit, but since there were big kids who were fighting in there, he didn't get to jump in.

He loved the slide!

Up and down they went... and BabyMoo squealed with delight each and every single time. We prefer Polliwogs for its structures and space. Although Amazonia seems bigger, it was vertically more so as opposed to Polliwogs. More fun for older kids who are able to run around and be safe without much supervision. The structure at Amazonia is not fully accessible by adults, so if we have a younger kid, we aren't able to go to the higher recesses.

BabyMoo was exhausted at the end of the day... and went to sleep after a very full dinner.

It was a fun weekend for the Moos...hope your weekend was as fun as ours was - if not more so! Do share!

A letter from one woman to another.

Friday, 25 May 2012

In response to you, writer of this post, from the bottomsup blog.

Dear friend,

First of all, allow me to tell you how much I admire you for taking the first step toward liberation.
I admire you for being strong in the face of adversity.
I admire your resilience in the wake of insurmountable odds.
I admire your courage to stand up for all that matter to you.
I admire your faith and for being able to love explicitly.

I won't claim to know how you are feeling right now, neither will I even attempt to place myself in your shoes. Every relationship is different, and as much as you have poured out your feelings in words, I don't know you personally to be able to stake claim on understanding your decisions.

I will not tell you that time heals, because it doesn't. Perhaps in time we move on... because life has a funny way of moving us forward without us even realising it - but the pain and hurt will always be there. Emotional scars will never heal, once they are there. At times the wound bleeds, but eventually it forms a keloid which ensures that it doesn't hurt as much.

You took him back, time and time again... because you believed that he will change. You gave without asking for much in return, only that perhaps one day he will see the error of his ways and stop leading multiple lives. You gave him a family, and wish that he will find it in his heart to be a tad more responsible. You supported him silently, ignoring your hurt, your pain, and yourself.

That hit too close to my heart.

You wrote that so that your daughters may one day understand. I'm writing this to you because I am a daughter who understands.


My mother got married right after she graduated from University with a degree in Economics. She was 25, in love with the very first man who made her feel special, walking down the aisle believing that it was the start to the rest of her life. She was not afraid of where the road leads, because she had him to guide her through. She was blind to his faults, for even though life is wrought with obstacles, they can work everything out together - because they had each other. She felt fortunate that he had chosen her despite having women fall at his feet. She trusted him explicitly.

She tried to create a home, an environment where he was happy to come home to every day. They bought their first black and white TV set, and it was small enough for her to carry it on her lap riding home on his scooter. He didn't allow her to work - because he was a conservative man who believed that he should be able to provide for his family (and to fuel his egotistical nature).
She got pregnant after 3 years and several traditional treatments due to some irregularities.

That was when it all started.

When she was 7 months pregnant with me, there was a newspaper notice which caught my maternal grandfather's eye. A grainy picture of a woman carrying a toddler, with a 'looking for' header, complete with my father's full name. My grandpa didn't tell my mum yet, but he called the number stated on the notice, and spoke to the woman. Apparently my father had been carrying on with her, even through his wedding vows. He left her and his daughter without a word when he found out that my mum was pregnant. 

My Grandfather confronted my father, who admitted his liaison, and swore never to repeat the mistake. He made an oath at the altar - for he said that he only loved my mother and that it was a moment's folly which continued because that woman refused to let him go. My Mum, young and in love - took him back despite my grandparent's objections... buoyed by the fact that he chose to leave that affair because he realised that he wanted a real family with her.

What she didn't realise (nobody did, for that matter) was that he didn't leave that woman to start a brand new family with his wife - it was because there were two other women in the picture. None of them knew the existence of one another... each of them believing in the lies spun by the smooth talker.

They came to the house, one after the other. Unplanned on their part, but suspicions got the better of them. They confronted my mother and made themselves appear to be the victim in all that mess. My mum was then pregnant with my brother... and I can only guess how she must have felt during those moments. She dared not confide in her parents, because they had warned her and she refused to listen.

She still took him back, after he begged, pleaded and cried... spewing empty promises which never materialised. She loved him to the point of ignoring her own self, she needed him to be with her because he was the only life she's ever known. She took him back because her children needed a family... and she didn't know where else to turn. She was entirely dependent on him, and she was afraid to walk away. Perhaps at that time, it was easier to just ignore the affairs, and try to get back a semblance of life as she knows it.

Of course, he never stopped. It could just be in his personality to feel needed - by the more women, the better. He went from one to the next because he can. It didn't bother him that he has a wife and 2 children waiting for him... he took pride in being able to dodge himself out of situations. It fuelled his restless spirit, while constantly reminding him that he's wanted.

We migrated to Singapore from Indonesia when I was 8 and my brother, 4. We couldn't speak a word of English, everything was all brand new to us... and we had to start right at the very beginning. We didn't have relatives here, and we didn't dare to walk to the corner store to buy anything because we were so sheltered.

I went to school and started from scratch. My Mum learnt English with the aid of The Straits Times and a dictionary. My brother played with the neighbour's kids and eased into English much better than any of us did. My father just went on playing the field.

Until one day he left - and never came back, not until the day he passed away (which was exactly 2 years ago from now).

He left my Mum with a mountain of debts, 2 young children and a broken heart. She had never worked a day in her life, and she had creditors knocking at the door daily. She tried to kill herself twice. I managed to save her in time the third time round, perhaps by a stroke of divine intervention, when I came home from school early because I wasn't well. She didn't know where to start - and how to survive. She didn't have the time or energy to wallow in her pain because she had to see to our needs.

She survived. We all did.
Emotionally battered and scarred - but survivors, nevertheless.
My father died a poor man, alone, without any of his women by his side, his death undiscovered for 2 days.

I have never forgiven him.


I recount this to you because I know what my mother had gone through. She loved unconditionally, and she lived in the belief that he will change. She did not give herself a chance to grow, because change is never a good thing when one doesn't know where to start.

I know she still loves him, despite everything that he had done to her. Worse than physical abuse, he struck her soul repeatedly, twisting a serrated knife into her heart with a heavy hand and a cruel sneer. She has never remarried, although she has many male friends who offer company in her twilight years. She told me that she will only exchange vows once in her life - and she has stuck to her part of the bargain.

She told me to call my father when I got married, just to let him know. I never did. I didn't feel the need to. He tried calling me numerous times throughout the 25 years apart, but I hung up on him (on landlines, on mobiles, at work). He didn't deserve my mum or his children. He didn't deserve to be called my dad.

Unlike you, she didn't have the courage to walk away. She didn't feel strong enough to carry the burden. She would rather stay in the relationship with both eyes closed. Sometimes I wonder what would life be had he not walked out on us. Would she have come to that breaking point and chosen to divorce him eventually? Or would she have soldered on... disregarding the pain in her heart so that we can live?

I don't know. I suppose I never will.

Your daughters will understand one day. A woman's heart is quite a character. It's easily bruised, but despite the repeated hard knocks... it continues to beat stronger with the passing of time. It is criss crossed with scars, but it doesn't fail. It beats for her children, it beats for herself, and it beats to survive.

Your heart will, too.

Yours truly,
A woman who understands.


Originally posted: here.

It's Fun to be ONE!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

BabyMoo turned a grand old age of ONE on 6 January 2012.

Quite awhile ago... but since I only started blogging in Mummy-mode recently, I am only documenting this only now. Better late than not, I suppose - since turning one is a milestone and an event which marks and changes a baby into a 'toddler', although they will always be our babies regardless of how old they are.

We decided to have the party at Modesto's @ Elizabeth since it is a place where there is abundant space to accommodate the kids. The poolside area is perfect for those who prefer the outdoors, while the indoor dining area is perfect for the elderly guests.

DaddyMoo has a huge close-knit extended family, whom we will not dream of leaving out in the celebrations. They love BabyMoo and as a mark of respect, we decided that this party should not only cater for the kids, but also for the adults.

I didn't go with any specific theme for the party. I figured out that BabyMoo will not be too particular about it now - and there will be opportunities in the future for him to state his choice as he grows older. As long as there are balloons, he's a very happy boy.

The party was held on 7 January 2012, which is a more convenient date given that it's a Saturday. Of course, like many Chinese are apt to comment, Aunts and Uncles mentioned that they didn't feel that it was wise to hold the party after the actual date (I don't know the actual reason, so I didn't bother). We compromised by having a small family dinner complete with cake and candles to mark the occasion on the actual day itself.

The Invite

We invited close friends with kids and family, which came up to about 100 adults and 35 kids, after narrowing down the selection. I insisted on sending out the invites in a traditional way (by post) and personally handed these over to immediate family members. I'm not too comfortable with e-vites, SMS and WhatsApp invites... as I feel that they lack sincerity and those who are not in the technology loop (read: the old folks who love to grouse) will miss out.

Invites designed by DaddyMoo and printed by Magic Xpress.

The Entertainment and Set Up

Balloon Sculptor from Happy Balloons
Playground props from Toys 4 Rent
Helium balloons and Paper bags for goodies from Yeo GM Trading

Irene, the owner of Toys 4 Rent, was extremely helpful in recommending suitable toys for the kids according to their age range, and ensured that the set up was done well before the party started. She understood my concerns, and was still extremely pleasant despite my multiple queries. I will definitely contact her again to rent some toys or for other events in the future! The slides, ball pool and mini bouncer was very well maintained - in fact, they look extremely new to me. A pleasant surprise, because I wasn't expecting rental toys to not bear the marks of wear and tear.

Annie from Yeo GM Trading (located at Rochor Centre as of now) made the party planning a breeze. I called her early in December and settled on the balloons package (plus bought 2 Christmas trees along with the trims and tinsels for my work place) all within half an hour. She knew exactly what I wanted just by description alone, and bundled all up in a package with a really good price. On top of that, she waived the delivery charges and agreed to separate the loose balloons into bunches along with the weights for me at no extra cost. I would recommend her for any occasion, especially since they also have a event planning department which would take care of your entire party, right down to the smallest details.

The kids had a blast!

The goody bags

No party is ever complete without something for the children to take home. I had fun planning the contents of the bags, because I challenged myself in providing a personalised souvenirs to thank the children for celebrating BabyMoo's birthday with him. I didn't want to only include chocolates and sweets (which the kids love and parents dread), so I decided to appeal to the parents by providing some other things that would distract them long enough to ignore the presence of the treats! Neither did I want to put together a few items just for the sake of having a goody bag... because I think parents already have a bit of a problem trying to stash away their children's knick knacks.

So I settled on a personalised, hand-made name chain (made of stuffed felt in pretty colours), cupcakes and the said treats to put in the goody bag.

BabyMoo is so fortunate to have a distant Aunt (my cousin's wife) who is talented in so many ways, when she isn't working full time as a PA. She makes Diaper cakes, fridge magnets, as well as stuffed Alphabets for all kinds of things. I emailed her and requested for her help in making the names of 35 children for BabyMoo's special day, and she obliged me despite having a 2 year old and a newborn then! She stays in Indonesia, but since my Mum has friends travelling to and fro frequently, shipping the items is not a problem.

Name tags shipped all the way from Indonesia!
Thanks again, Welly Liputra!

Lovely, aren't they? They can be stuck on mirrors, windows - wherever!

I ordered cupcakes from a long lost friend, Christina (who also just had her 4th child then!) of Baking Bees to put in the bags as well. I told her that I didn't want it to be too sweet (like most cupcakes are) and with happy colours. We discussed this and she suggested fuchsia pink icing for the girls, and orange icing for the boys. She went one step further and actually put cow shaped sprinkles (for BabyMOO!!) as well as fondant "C" for his name on each individual cupcake! She scoured online shops to find a plastic casing for the cupcakes because I mentioned that I want to ensure that they can be placed in the bag without messing up the entire contents. She was as excited as I am when she found the perfect cases... and she baked me the entire batch to be collected the night before so that they would be fresh.

My Mum saw and tasted the cupcakes (at 1.00am), and promptly asked me to place another order for 30 cupcakes to give to her office colleagues. They were that good - and my Mum is known to be fussy about foods and desserts. Even DaddyMoo, who has an aversion to sweet things and doesn't fancy cupcakes, gave his approval.

See the cow-lettes!!

Gorgeous AND tasty cupcakes!

We carefully selected the sweets and chocolates for the treats bag - and DaddyMoo packed these, while I nagged on how they have to be 'puffed up' and tied 'just so'. He chose to ignore me, of course.

DaddyMoo hard at work

Contents of the treats bag

Blue ribbons for the boys

Yellow for the girls!

So in the end, these was what the goody bag consists of:

The cupcake is missing because Daddy went to collect those when this photo was taken.

I think the kids and adults loved it.

The Food

We had to ensure that we have a kid-friendly menu, on top of good food for the adults. Having Peranakans and Indonesians on both sides of the family is no joke... food is always the priority, and their taste buds are pretty hard to please :) I'm glad that we had rave reviews for the 'adult' food, while the kids feasted on Fusilli Bolognese, Penne Alfredo, Pizza Margherita, Pizza with Chicken Sausages, Chicken Nuggets and Wedges.

Assorted Pizza (Kids)

Fusilli Bolognese (Kids)

Pizza Wurstel (Chicken Sausages)

Penne Aglio Olio with Seafood

The Cake

We decided to have an Ice-Cream cake for BabyMoo's party. The boy loves ice-cream, and we thought that more people eat ice-cream as compared to cake. We ordered a 5 kg ice-cream cake from Swensen's. Easily done online - and someone actually called me 15 minutes after the order was placed to confirm the delivery date and location. She also made a note to inform me that the cake should be taken out of the freezer an hour prior to being cut, otherwise there was no way we could cut or serve the cake.

BabyMoo was thrilled at all the attention... especially during cake cutting when everyone surrounded him, clapped and sang his favourite song! See that signature smug smile?!
We didn't have anything left off that 5kg cake, by the way.

The highlight of the day, for BabyMoo., was opening all his presents and playing with all the new toys! It was a fun day shared with family and good friends, and a wonderful time celebrating this important milestone.

BabyMoo... we have been blessed to have you, and perhaps, one day - you will be proud to have us as your parents too. We hope you had a great birthday, although we know that you would not have a recollection of this special day even a year from now.

Far from the day when the husband and I walked out of the maternity ward feeling apprehensive and filled with dread because we didn't know what to expect - 12 months later - I think we made it okay.

** I am in no way affiliated to the vendors as mentioned in this post or have been compensated in  any way to do a review. I linked because I had a positive experience with them, and I hope that they will be able to continue to make parties special for parents and their children!

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