Serendipitous Synchronicities

Thursday, 31 January 2013

I've always believed that our lives were already mapped out long before we let out our first cry as we greet the cold and (sometimes) cruel world.

It's funny how certain synchronicities happen - and when we get down to really think about it, we find that our choices have brought us to where we are. Who we are at this very moment. Assuming that we have done things a tad differently; have you ever wondered if things would be different, somehow?

It's not so much about what's past, or what lies in store for us in the future. Let's just deal with the here and now.

This morning, if you had chosen to sleep in a little later than usual, would things have been different? Would events that transpire have taken on another path? Perhaps you may miss the usual train... which may have made you even more late than you already are - when it suddenly stopped due to some technical difficulties. Maybe you wouldn't have time to have that morning coffee, which would save you the trouble of having to change your shirt which you stained when you carelessly knocked over the mug - if you have had the time to sit down with the morning papers, mug in hand.

Have you ever wondered? Really thought about what if you had turned left, instead of turning right - which is the usual route you take to work or school everyday? What you would see, what you would've missed... what you may have inadvertently avoided - or what you may have caused?

Serendipity works the same way too. The chance that you may find what you have missed in the course of your life, again. Your thoughts, your dreams, your hopes, which you may have placed on the shelf or chosen to ignore in favour of another option. Have you met someone, that led you someplace new; a place you just knew you were meant to be?

Life is loud. Really loud. It would be amazing if we could weave through the motions and remain unscathed, unaffected in certain ways. We make our own personal choices in life... it is entirely up to us if we want to be naughty or nice. When things happen, it's what we do, and how we choose to go about doing it - that ultimately matters.

Life is filled with opportunities for us, little hints and clues toward the path we’re supposed to take. It’s always up to us whether or not we follow that particular journey, but I will never ever regret any choices that I have made or will make. Everything is a learning experience... if we don't take risks for fear of being hurt, we may lose that chance, and it may never come again.

Sometimes I like to look back and see (almost wistfully) how I was 'guided' in a lot of ways... to make that certain choice. I believe that when we meet a dead end, we will somehow find other paths to lead us home... and it may take years before we can truly see the pattern evolving from our choices.

Life is a lot like a tapestry. We see the tangled underside, while the overview is beautiful and precise. It's almost magical.

I love my dates with destiny.

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Human Nature: Kid tested, Daddy approved.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I have always had sensitive skin since I was a child, and while many people are able to go about their daily lives without much thought into their cleansing regiment, I actually have to be ultra careful about the skin products to use, fabrics for clothes, bedsheets, and even detergent.

So when I found out that BabyMoo has also 'inherited' this skin sensitivity, I didn't find it too much of a problem to watch what he is exposed to, because I'm pretty much used to it. With sensitive skin, I found that less is always more. A simple back to basics skin care regime always works, and I always look out for products which are made from natural ingredients.

When I was introduced to the products from 'Human Nature', I was really intrigued because they actually have a wide range of organic products made from natural ingredients - at very reasonable prices! You know how it's like with organic products, whether it's edibles, perishables or wearables... they are always priced more than the same type of non-organic products.

Human Nature was started by an enterprising Mum who decided to bring to in an affordable range of all natural skin and hair care products for both kids and adults. In addition to providing a great alternative to the mainstream organic products which usually carry a hefty price tag, it is also a social enterprise which focuses on providing a sustainable livelihood for poor farmers and communities in the Philippines.

Natural Bug Shield, a lotion which is a 100% natural insect repellent. Kids All in one shampoo and body wash in Pineapple Pawika and Tangerine Tarsier, Citronella Bug Spray and a Spray Sanitizer in Bubbly Gum (smells so yummy!)
When I highlighted my concerns about BabyMoo's sensitive skin, I was informed that the raw materials used in the products have been thoroughly researched to ensure that they are naturally derived, are not processed using environmentally toxic processes and do not become toxic when released into the environment.

Since he isn't (currently) allergic to natural substances such as bee pollen, nuts or eggs, he should not have have a reaction to a natural/organic product which contains these ingredients. Human Nature products do not contain these synthetic chemicals, so there is less likelihood of any allergies. Nevertheless, I did an allergy test by rubbing a little of the body wash on his inner elbow before use.

His skin loved it, so we tried it out! BabyMoo chose the Pineapple Pawika Shampoo and Body Wash based on his personal smell preference.

BabyMoo gets a scrubdown by Daddy since this was taken on a Saturday morning and it was the usual practice.
DaddyMoo's verdict: 
"Goes on easily on the skin, despite the fact that the texture seems quite 'light' as compared to other body shampoos. A little goes a long way. Even though it doesn't lather up much, it leaves skin 'squeaky clean' yet moisturised. It also doesn't leave the skin taut and dry, unlike other products which can be extremely harsh. 
Extremely good value for money (trust a guy to highlight this) given that it's all natural and made from organic products. The refreshing smell is a bonus."

BabyMoo prefers to cut the small talk and just show us all how he really feels about his new shampoo and body wash!

We went to the playground in the evening and I used the Citronella bug spray on the boy. It's light, and did not leave an oily residue nor an entirely unpleasant smell. The 'Natural Bug Shield' lotion seems slightly heavier, which I think will be perfect for places which are more prone to mosquitoes and insects.

He loves the 'Bubbly Gum' sanitizer a little too much, though... I think the smell reminded him of his favourite sweets, and he very nearly licked his fingers!


At Human Nature, with products ranging from baby care, hand and body care, hair care, mineral make-up, protective care and even a range of products for men, there is definitely something which will suit even the most discerning user.

The company also uses PET recyclable bottles, and has been awarded a 'Cruelty-Free Company' certification by PETA Asia Pacific, in recognition for their policy against animal testing and environmental stewardship.


So... in the MummyMOO tradition of: 
"Good Things Must Share!!
the very kind people at Human Nature has kindly agreed to provide some Gift Packs for some very lucky readers!

Some, you say? 

Yes! SOME!
Not one, not two... but SIX sets of products just for you!

All you have to do is simply leave me a comment as to why you feel that Human Nature's products will be great for your family.

After you have done so, register to qualify on the website: <> and choose the option to 'Just Register For Now'. Don't forget to enter in "BABYMOO" under the 'Remarks / Referrer' option, otherwise you won't qualify.

You can opt to be a member (for a host of exciting discounts and membership privileges!) in the future should you like their products.

It's that simple!!

The first 3 lucky readers to register will receive a Set of: Kids Shampoo and Wash (200ml), Bug Shield Lotion (50ml) and Natural Kids Sanitizer (50ml) each.

The next 3 readers will receive a Set of Kids Shampoo and Wash (50ml) and Natural Kids Sanitizer (50ml) each - just for being the awesome people that you are!

On top of that, should you browse Human Nature and find that there are other products which you would like to purchase, there is a 20% discount just for you. Just enter: "BABYMOO" as the promo code when you are making your purchase.
This offer is valid from Wednesday, 30 Jan - Friday, 1 Feb 2013.

So good luck! Fastest fingers first!


DISCLAIMER: We received a Set of Human Nature products for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own unless otherwise stated. Human Nature is responsible for the provision of the giveaway as stated. MummyMOO shall not accept responsibility nor be held liable for the delivery and provision of the prizes as offered.

The abstract noun that is 'Love'.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I've always wondered what is it about the most powerful of emotions that have brought the most unlikely souls together, and the most powerful men down to their knees. It's almost a wonderment in its own right... how something so simple, can be so complex - and not a single person can deem to know what is it that makes them love.

It's not only about the love between a man and a woman, it's also the love shared by family members, love from a parent to a child, amongst friends, and even that certain form of love amidst strangers. The heart is beautiful... it is perhaps the one thing that's strong enough to withstand the most painful blows, and yet still able to embrace the hand that dealt the hurt. It forgives even before our mind is ready to do so, and perhaps this is why so many people have trouble controlling their emotions when it comes to love.

When we love, it is unconditional... regardless of how and where and why, for if there was even a reason as to why we love a person, then what we feel, is perhaps not love - at all.

There are no explanations necessary when it come to loving and being in love, for even when the burning fire slowly becomes smoldering embers... the warmth will never leave us. An abstract noun that can never be explained by a million words.

To have someone to laugh with you, but never at you...
To cry with you, and never give you a reason to cry -
To love being loved, and loving in return.

No words are necessary between two hearts in love.


Spring into Joy and Prosperity at City Square Mall!

Monday, 28 January 2013

I don't really like window shopping, and for as far back as I can remember, I have practically done most of my shopping on the go. I tend to purchase things on the spot, simply because I can't bear the prospect of jostling through crowds or going to different places to make comparisons for one particular item, only to go back to the first place where I spotted it.

Needless to say, I am not too thrilled at the prospect of Lunar New Year shopping, especially with the crowds who also seem to congregate in droves to many popular malls along the Orchard Road shopping belt. I've managed to get by without having new clothes especially for Lunar New Year since my teens, but with the addition of the kid for the past two years, I suppose that 'practice' has been significantly altered. It doesn't matter that Mummy and Daddy doesn't have new stuff, but the kid must have something new to wear! (Ok... it's just an excuse for me to shop for him!)

Last weekend, we were invited by City Square Mall to check out their Lunar New Year festivities, and to take the opportunity to also get the boy togged out in new clothes. I was pleased because not only is the shopping mall away from the main city centre, it is also a very family friendly place.

I was initially concerned, however, at the seemingly lack of options for boys' clothes (everywhere, it seems!), but I was assured that there are some places which we can find great buys.

Talking about family friendly... you know how it's like to have to shop with kids in tow, right? I had a practically pleasant and fuss free shopping experience because of this!

The kiddy cabs are available for use within the mall with compliments of the management. They are parked at the Customer Service Counter on level 2.

We started out at Babies R' Us, because I have heard of the 'Truly Scrumptious' label by Heidi Klum available in-store, which stocks clothes for newborns up to three years old.

BabyMoo promptly got down to business, and happily shopped, moving around the aisles in his car.

We managed to get a cool top, a pair of jeans and black pants for him. It was an absolute breeze to shop there, because the aisles are wide, and the clothes are pegged on hangers with the corresponding size stated on them. No more digging around labels just to check the size!

And some of the items are going for up to 50% off! What's not to love?

There were also baby products, necessities, diapers, wipes and feeding paraphernalia displayed neatly. I checked the prices out... and contrary to what I previously believed, they are actually comparable to (some are even cheaper!) the same products sold at supermarkets and baby stores.

Can I mention again I REALLY love that kiddy cab concept? I managed to shop in peace, and ook for items which are appropriate, instead of having to grab and go - the way I normally have to when the boy is around!

Babies R'Us
#B2-18 | Open daily from 10.00am - 10.00pm


We passed by the Kidstyle Bazaar, located next to Toys R' Us... and there are some pretty good deals there. Some of the past season's Adidas shoes for kids are going at 30% - 50% off.

Kidstyle Bazaar
#B2-21 / 23


We then went to Metro, which had a Lunar New Year display special at the main atrium. I was so tempted to get this drink canister... because it was so pretty and would look so fabulous at the side table for parties! But of course, the common sense voice of the husband prevails... if we were the sort to entertain almost every weekend, it would be a fabulous addition, but since we're busy being parents on weekends, perhaps it would be a great gift for friends who do so instead!

Metro @ City Square | Tel: 6333 3322
#01-03 | Open daily from 10.00am - 10.00pm


We then caught a show by the 'Roving Baby Lions' (think 2 chinese lions dancing Gangnam Style), and had our photo taken with them! BabyMoo was all excited and made a gung ho effort of walking to the stage all alone, only to change his mind halfway and cling on to me for dear life.

Sidelong glance at the lion!

Roving Baby Lions
19 Jan - 3 Feb 2013 (Sat & Sun only)
4.00pm & 8.00pm


BabyMoo then ran into a shop, where he spotted some tricycles and ride-ons.

I was about to coax him out, when I saw some shoes which would be perfect for him! One was made of canvas, and the other was made of sheepskin leather. I was pleasantly surprised to note that they didn't carry a hefty price tag!

So we asked the little fussypot which one he would like. He is very particular about comfort, and there are some shoes which are still in their boxes for his refusal to wear them because they chafe his feet!

Trying for size and flexibility

He nodded his head when we asked him if he liked the shoes. So... like the indulgent mother (with a shoe fetish) that I am... we got both.

These are perfect for the New Year!

Jarrons & Co Pte Ltd
#03-14 | Mon - Thu: 11.00am - 9.00pm, Fri - Sun: 10.30am - 9.30pm

Did I mention shoe fetish? I even 'found' a pair for myself!

Bello | Tel: 6509 8919
#02-16 | Open daily from 10.30am - 10.00pm


Do check out City Square Mall's Lunar New Year festivities, where there is something for everyone!

During this period, shoppers can redeem an exclusive mandarin orange eco-carrier and qualify for a lucky spin chance to win a $5 Metro voucher or a pair of GV movie vouchers with a minimum spending of $200* ($250* if inclusive of NTUC FairPrice receipts). UOB debit/credit cardholders need only spend $180*^ ($230*^ if inclusive of NTUC FairPrice receipts).

Chinese New Year performances, activities and promotions at City Square Mall:

1. Prosperous Paper Cutting Contest
Date: 19 Jan – 17 Feb

Submit your original paper handicrafts (max. A4-sized)* in line with the theme of Chinese New Year at the L2 Customer Service Counter and stand a chance to be one of 8 winners to walk away with a $100 City Square Mall voucher! In the spirit of going green, the handicrafts have to be fashioned out of recycled paper.

2. Legend of the Kungfu Snake Show
Date: 19 – 20 Jan, 26 – 27 Jan, 2 – 3 Feb
Time: 3pm & 7pm
Venue: L1 Atrium

Catch a dazzling showcase of Chinese Wushu and stunning B-Boy dance moves in this live show!

3. Roving Baby Lions
Date: 19 – 20 Jan, 26 – 27 Jan, 2 – 3 Feb
Time: 4pm & 8pm

4. Treats of the Orient Fair
Date: 25 Jan – 8 Feb
Time: 11am – 9pm
Venue: L1 Atrium
Enjoy great offers and savour all the delectable treats that the Lunar New Year brings at our fair and stock up on the necessary goodies!

For more details on the activities and promotions, visit or check out City Square Mall’s Facebook page


DISCLAIMER: This shopping trip was made possible by City Square Mall. All other opinions remain 100% my own.

Rub a dub dub!

Saturday mornings are always fun for all of us. It holds the promise of the weekend, and of spending time with the family.

BabyMoo enjoys cuddles in bed, and just lounging around watching his favourite shows on TV before we head out. On Saturday mornings, Daddy bathes him, too... and sometimes it takes me yelling till I turn blue for them to get out of the shower!

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"Ohana" means 'Family'.

Friday, 25 January 2013

"Ohana means family, and Family means nobody gets left behind... or forgotten."
- Lilo & Stitch, 2002

BabyMoo and his cousins

Oma Kartika and favourite Uncle Roy!

Family Quote

Separation Anxiety? Nay, Not I.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

I try to always be there for BabyMoo especially when I'm not at work, but there are days when I have to relinquish that responsibility to the hubs. This happens when I have meetings which run late, or I have to run an errand which would take twice as long if I were to bring him along.

At times like these, I worry. Even if it's for an hour, or the duration of the drive home from my in laws', I get concerned that something will go wrong. Silly, I know - perhaps even tempting to brand myself an overprotective mum, but I suppose I'm not alone when I say that I am of the opinion that only momma would understand the child and attend to him in the way which he is most used to.

So on two separate occasions last week, when I had to work late on one day and was down nursing a bad flu at home a few days later, I worried about how he would be with Daddy on the drive home. As per the usual practice, he will always reach out for my hand the moment he is seated on his car seat. He will curl his hands in mine and we will hold hands, the entire journey - wherever we're headed to.

Truth be told, these are  moments which I treasure. He leans against my arm, and we will be lost in our own thoughts. He sometimes falls asleep, but he will never let go.

The usual routine on a given weekday is for the hubs to pick me up from work, and we will make our way down to my in laws' to pick the boy up. We will have dinner there, and head on home after that. The scheduled meeting will end at around 9.30pm, and so this means that instead of me picking the kid, he would have to pick his mymmeh up instead.

I fussed almost from the time I knew I had the meeting scheduled. I worried that he will be upset, and heaped the long suffering husband with lots of cautionary measures and warnings to not turn around even if BabyMoo is screaming his little head off. On the day itself, I put his toy cars in the cup holders of his car seat as a source of distraction, and hoped that he will be fine.

After the meeting, I waited anxiously for them, short of wringing my hands and pacing the lobby. I half expected to see a tear streaked face when I opened the car door, but there was nothing but smiles from the two favourite boys in my life. I queried DaddyMoo on how he was throughout the journey... and of course he was on a perfect 'if-all-kids-were-this-sweet-they-won't-be-kids' behaviour. The cars weren't even touched.

One would think I would actually relax after that, right? Wrong. A few days later, I still fussed when I was too ill to be at work and came home straight after a visit to the doctor's. I wanted to make my way down in the evening to my in laws' to pick him up, only to be scolded (deservedly so) by the hubs who told me not to be foolish.

BabyMoo came home with Daddy, gave me a hug, and ran to his mini race track to play with his cars. I was informed (by a very smug husband) that he told Daddy to GoGoGo! and pointed out his favourite car when they passed the huge billboard entering the expressway. Other than that, he was humming to himself, and wasn't concerned about Mummy's absence. *sob*

I know I worry too much. I think, deep in my heart, perhaps I was even expecting him to have a meltdown or cry during the journey because I'm not there. So it didn't happen. Get a grip on yourself, woman!

BabyMoo will be starting Playgroup in March. I'm worrying myself silly over that prospect, too - even though I'm sure he will be fine. I hope *I* will be fine.

'Separation anxiety' usually happens once they are able to recognise people and faces, and are not able to locate familiar ones. They usually grow out of it, right?

I don't think I ever did.

Look Mymmeh!! I can even take the bus on my own!

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When words fail, silence speaks.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

think before you speak

A little reminder to myself for days when I'm tempted to let my mouth run away with my immediate thoughts. Especially now that I'm older, and I'm able to laugh at things which used to affect me. I wouldn't say that I'm much wiser, even though I do try to exercise caution in everything that I do.

There are times when I read updates, or hear spoken words which tempt me to do a quick retort, because that sharp tongue of my younger days has just been stored to the dark corners of my mouth, and the connecting thoughts have a will of their own. I stop, and think. I hit the little red X at the corner of my screen, or I simply walk away. I even pretend I can't read or understand English.

For as much as there are some things which irritate me, I'm sure I say a lot of things which others only put up with because they give me the due respect which I sometimes don't even deserve. I think the ability to be more tolerant and take everything with a pinch of salt doesn't make one a 'jaded' person. I think it's a sure sign of maturity.


Life doesn't come with an instruction manual...

Friday, 18 January 2013

and that's why we have Daddies.

My daddy is...

...someone who wants to catch me before I fall -
but instead picks me up,
brushes me off,
and lets me try again.

...someone who wants to keep me from making mistakes,
but instead lets me find my own way.
He is always there,
come what may.

...someone who holds me when I cry
scolds me when I don't listen,
is my loudest supporter when I succeed -
and always has faith in me,
even when I fail.

BabyMoo always follows what Daddy says or does. Yes... that includes learning all the 'nonsensical' words, too!

Wordless Wednesday: SushiBoy!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

BabyMoo loves Japanese food, but we have only given him the cooked food versions thus far.
On the day he turned two, we decided that he is old enough to have his first taste of sushi and sashimi.

We asked him to take his pick from the conveyor belt... and he excitedly waited for a food item which would strike his fancy. It didn't take him long to pick a salmon mayo sushi.

Which he then proceeded to pick apart and relish with gusto.

Contrary to how this looks - we do FEED the boy on all other occasions!

He finished two plates of salmon sushi and a California maki, and picked out a soft shell crab sushi off the belt. Daddy told him that he has had more than enough (I was also feeding him rice with chawan mushi), and a period of negotiations followed.


The boy relented, but not without showing exactly how he feels about Daddy being his dietician!

Looks like we have a SushiBoy here. I suppose his ability to appreciate good food isn't a mere coincidence.


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