Human Nature: Kid tested, Daddy approved.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I have always had sensitive skin since I was a child, and while many people are able to go about their daily lives without much thought into their cleansing regiment, I actually have to be ultra careful about the skin products to use, fabrics for clothes, bedsheets, and even detergent.

So when I found out that BabyMoo has also 'inherited' this skin sensitivity, I didn't find it too much of a problem to watch what he is exposed to, because I'm pretty much used to it. With sensitive skin, I found that less is always more. A simple back to basics skin care regime always works, and I always look out for products which are made from natural ingredients.

When I was introduced to the products from 'Human Nature', I was really intrigued because they actually have a wide range of organic products made from natural ingredients - at very reasonable prices! You know how it's like with organic products, whether it's edibles, perishables or wearables... they are always priced more than the same type of non-organic products.

Human Nature was started by an enterprising Mum who decided to bring to in an affordable range of all natural skin and hair care products for both kids and adults. In addition to providing a great alternative to the mainstream organic products which usually carry a hefty price tag, it is also a social enterprise which focuses on providing a sustainable livelihood for poor farmers and communities in the Philippines.

Natural Bug Shield, a lotion which is a 100% natural insect repellent. Kids All in one shampoo and body wash in Pineapple Pawika and Tangerine Tarsier, Citronella Bug Spray and a Spray Sanitizer in Bubbly Gum (smells so yummy!)
When I highlighted my concerns about BabyMoo's sensitive skin, I was informed that the raw materials used in the products have been thoroughly researched to ensure that they are naturally derived, are not processed using environmentally toxic processes and do not become toxic when released into the environment.

Since he isn't (currently) allergic to natural substances such as bee pollen, nuts or eggs, he should not have have a reaction to a natural/organic product which contains these ingredients. Human Nature products do not contain these synthetic chemicals, so there is less likelihood of any allergies. Nevertheless, I did an allergy test by rubbing a little of the body wash on his inner elbow before use.

His skin loved it, so we tried it out! BabyMoo chose the Pineapple Pawika Shampoo and Body Wash based on his personal smell preference.

BabyMoo gets a scrubdown by Daddy since this was taken on a Saturday morning and it was the usual practice.
DaddyMoo's verdict: 
"Goes on easily on the skin, despite the fact that the texture seems quite 'light' as compared to other body shampoos. A little goes a long way. Even though it doesn't lather up much, it leaves skin 'squeaky clean' yet moisturised. It also doesn't leave the skin taut and dry, unlike other products which can be extremely harsh. 
Extremely good value for money (trust a guy to highlight this) given that it's all natural and made from organic products. The refreshing smell is a bonus."

BabyMoo prefers to cut the small talk and just show us all how he really feels about his new shampoo and body wash!

We went to the playground in the evening and I used the Citronella bug spray on the boy. It's light, and did not leave an oily residue nor an entirely unpleasant smell. The 'Natural Bug Shield' lotion seems slightly heavier, which I think will be perfect for places which are more prone to mosquitoes and insects.

He loves the 'Bubbly Gum' sanitizer a little too much, though... I think the smell reminded him of his favourite sweets, and he very nearly licked his fingers!


At Human Nature, with products ranging from baby care, hand and body care, hair care, mineral make-up, protective care and even a range of products for men, there is definitely something which will suit even the most discerning user.

The company also uses PET recyclable bottles, and has been awarded a 'Cruelty-Free Company' certification by PETA Asia Pacific, in recognition for their policy against animal testing and environmental stewardship.


So... in the MummyMOO tradition of: 
"Good Things Must Share!!
the very kind people at Human Nature has kindly agreed to provide some Gift Packs for some very lucky readers!

Some, you say? 

Yes! SOME!
Not one, not two... but SIX sets of products just for you!

All you have to do is simply leave me a comment as to why you feel that Human Nature's products will be great for your family.

After you have done so, register to qualify on the website: <> and choose the option to 'Just Register For Now'. Don't forget to enter in "BABYMOO" under the 'Remarks / Referrer' option, otherwise you won't qualify.

You can opt to be a member (for a host of exciting discounts and membership privileges!) in the future should you like their products.

It's that simple!!

The first 3 lucky readers to register will receive a Set of: Kids Shampoo and Wash (200ml), Bug Shield Lotion (50ml) and Natural Kids Sanitizer (50ml) each.

The next 3 readers will receive a Set of Kids Shampoo and Wash (50ml) and Natural Kids Sanitizer (50ml) each - just for being the awesome people that you are!

On top of that, should you browse Human Nature and find that there are other products which you would like to purchase, there is a 20% discount just for you. Just enter: "BABYMOO" as the promo code when you are making your purchase.
This offer is valid from Wednesday, 30 Jan - Friday, 1 Feb 2013.

So good luck! Fastest fingers first!


DISCLAIMER: We received a Set of Human Nature products for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own unless otherwise stated. Human Nature is responsible for the provision of the giveaway as stated. MummyMOO shall not accept responsibility nor be held liable for the delivery and provision of the prizes as offered.


  1. Human Nature's Products will be great for our family because it's organic and made of 100% natural ingredients! :)

  2. Anything Organic is GOOD!!! We all know that.... :)

  3. Wow! I think it'll be great to try out this product not found on the regular shelves in the supermarket. :)

  4. That's cool..will check out their website now.

  5. My boy and husband has eczema and hope these organic products will help them.

    1. Hi Jasz! Could you provide us with the name which you registered with? We have to tally the names here and the registration on Human Nature's site. Thanks!

  6. I have been using eco friendly products since 2009, we prefer products that do not have parabens, artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals. Such products usually cost a lot more and the choices are limited. I am happy to know Human Nature is now in the market and their products are pocket friendly too. I hope to try out their products and hopefully switch to Human Nature 100% in near future.

  7. My daughter and I both have sensitive skin. Would be great if we could try these organic products out!

  8. We use Human Nature products already and definitely better than the commercial chemical-laden stuff. It's good not just for kids but everyone! Why stop at just eating wholesome food when one can have a wholesome lifestyle with these products?

  9. Waw looks like great products, would love to try them for my kid :D

  10. Nathaniel had developed sensitive skin esp around his joints and back. He keeps scratching it so hard that it leaves sore scratch marks, even on his lower back. It's been a while since I felt his baby smooth skin as it's now covered with scratch marks so this will be a great way to start trying to get things back in order.

  11. Hi All!!

    Thanks for participating. Based on your responses and registration, here are the giveaway winners:

    First 3:
    Angeline Sim
    Irene Soh
    Adeline Oon

    You have each won a set of Kids Shampoo and Wash (200ml), Bug Shield Lotion (50ml) and Natural Kids Sanitizer (50ml)!

    Consolation 3:
    Dominique Goh
    Jennifer Lim
    Beverly Woo

    You have each won a sample set comprising of Kids Shampoo and Wash (50ml) and Natural Kids Sanitizer (50ml)!

  12. Hi there, a lil late in posting this message, but just wanted to share that my baby and my niece have been using the Human Nature Lavender Shampoo and it's good! Gentle in texture and fragrance. & value for money

    1. They work really good for sensitive skin, too! :) Thanks for dropping by!



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