Life doesn't come with an instruction manual...

Friday, 18 January 2013

and that's why we have Daddies.

My daddy is...

...someone who wants to catch me before I fall -
but instead picks me up,
brushes me off,
and lets me try again.

...someone who wants to keep me from making mistakes,
but instead lets me find my own way.
He is always there,
come what may.

...someone who holds me when I cry
scolds me when I don't listen,
is my loudest supporter when I succeed -
and always has faith in me,
even when I fail.

BabyMoo always follows what Daddy says or does. Yes... that includes learning all the 'nonsensical' words, too!


  1. Nice post! "Monkey see, monkey do" :p

    1. Ya... he copies the father. Not that Daddy is such a shining example! :D



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