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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

BabyMoo loves all manner of transportation, and goes 'WeeeeeeeeeWeeee...' for ambulances and police cars, 'ChooChoo!!' when he sees trains, or 'Woooooo!' (and lifts his arms up above his head) to signify planes. He also does a mean 'Ee-Ee-Ee-Ee' the way the reverse sensor does when Daddy is parking the car.

He also loves fish. Or basically anything that swims... better yet if they are huge and multi coloured.

So when we passed by HarbourFront Centre on New Year's Day and he spotted the cable cars way up high... he got all excited. We then decided to go on an impromptu trip to Sentosa via cable car, and perhaps check out the newly opened SEA Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa.

We drove up to Mount Faber, and only realised we missed the nearest car park after reaching The Jewel Box, at its peak. Rather than go downhill and up again, we parked further down, which meant that we had to walk quite a distance back to the cable car station.

It was a pretty nice walk, even in hot and humid conditions.

When we reached the station, the hubs went to purchase tickets while the boy and I amused ourselves with the 'Angry Birds' theme and display. BabyMoo isn't much into Angry Birds, so he got quite impatient after awhile.

Check out the boring face.

Daddy came back, and informed me that he purchased tickets via the Sentosa Discovery Tour package, with this itinerary:

Basic Package: S$59.00 (adult) | S$40.00 (child between 3 - 12 years)

  • Singapore Cable Car Ride (Round trip)
  • Singapore Cable Car Museum
  • Maritime Experiential Museum and Typhoon Theatre
  • S.E.A Aquarium
  • Chill-out Drink at The Jewel Box, Mount Faber
  • Guided Tour & Transport
  • $5 Retail Voucher
Given that tickets to the SEA Aquarium on its own will cost us S$29.00 / adult and a one-way single ticket for a cable car ride costs S$20.00 / adult, we felt that it was much better to get the package instead.

BabyMoo was thrilled and looked out in wonder while we made our way to Sentosa in the cable car. He was excited and kept wanting to stand up on the seat, swaying the cabin precariously in the process!

View from the top. The newly opened Adventure Cove Water park.
When we reached Sentosa, our boy reluctantly got out of the cabin, and we were ushered to the Cable Car Museum located one floor down, while we waited for the private tour coach which will take us to Resorts World Sentosa from the cable car station. We didn't have to join the queue for the public bus, and could wait in the relative air conditioned comfort of the museum.

When we reached the SEA Aquarium, we were pleasantly surprised that we didn't have to join the main queue to go in, and since the entrance charges are already inclusive in the package, we also did not have to join the queue to purchase tickets. Such a welcome relief, especially if we're travelling with an antsy, impatient toddler!

The main Aquarium is located within The Maritime Experiential Museum, where visitors are introduced to a journey along the ancient Maritime Silk Route. A collection of artefacts from the Bakau Shipwreck is also showcased in the Archaeology Gallery. 

As we had been to this section prior to the Aquarium's opening, we went straight to the Typhoon Theatre (no photography allowed), where we got to experience a terrifying shipwreck in the 360° multi-sensory theatre, complete with strong gusts of winds and sprays of water. BabyMoo was pretty terrified in the darkened theatre with the howling winds around him... but he managed to last through the 15 minute experience without any major meltdowns. I was already pretty worried because there was no way we can exit the theatre halfway through the show, as the doors were hidden as the entire place was transformed into a surround screen. 

This theatre experience was also inclusive in the package we purchased, so we didn't have to worry about buying the right tickets. We saw a few people being turned away as they had not bought the tickets for the typhoon theatre... and I really felt for them as they had waited in line only to be turned away. From what I gather, there were no clear instructions at the ticket booth, so please clarify with the ticketing staff when you are making your purchase at the booth.

In a nutshell:
  • You can visit the Maritime Museum and Typhoon Theatre without visiting the Aquarium.
  • You cannot visit the Aquarium just by itself, because it is located within the Museum. 
  • There is a separate queue and entrance within the Museum to access the Aquarium. Please make sure that you have purchased tickets to enter the Aquarium before joining the queue, as the ticket booth (if you did not get the complete ticket package for the Museum, Theatre and Aquarium at the main entrance) is located just near the entrance to the Aquarium. It can be frustrating to find out that you do not have the correct tickets when you have queued all the way, only to be told that you have to rejoin the queue because you have the wrong tickets.
The reason I felt it was necessary to mention this, is that while we were in the almost half hour moving queue to enter the Aquarium (thank goodness BabyMoo fell asleep before we queued!) there was a staff who was going round and checking everyone's tickets to make sure that they were the correct ones. Surprisingly, there were quite a large number of people (mostly Singaporeans, since the others were in a tour group) who had to purchase the 'correct' tickets to enter! Needless to say, the poor girl who had the unenviable task of having to check the tickets bore the brunt of their anger. Perhaps they will devise a better ticketing system in the future. 

So after a good half an hour of queuing to enter the Aquarium, we were finally ushered into the cool depths of the sea. And what an experience it was!

BabyMoo was all excited, and was totally in his element.
Then he saw this:

BabyMoo then sat in front of the mega Aquarium and refused to budge. He asked for a drink, his chocolate chip cookies, and sat transfixed... as the wondrous ever changing scene captures his wonderment. It was akin to being underwater, and as I watched the marine life in all its glory, I felt almost like an intruder.

Can you spot the little MerBoy?
It was a truly enjoyable day... and as we made our way back to the Cable Car Station for our return trip to Mt Faber, we bade Mr. Merlion goodbye. We live surrounded by water, and it was wonderful to have been able to witness marine life in all its glory, short of deep sea diving!

I'm considering getting the Annual Pass since BabyMoo loves it so much. With the pretty steep per entry price, I figured that it will be more worthwhile to get the one price for unlimited entries for a year!

What do you think?

Tickets can be purchased here.

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  1. I.LOVE.HIS.BORING.FACE. hahahahah!

  2. Love the pictures that you took in the aquarium. Still thinking if we should bring the kids there as it will certainly be costly for the whole family.

    1. Ya... esp since kids pay almost 3/4 of adult price -_-

  3. Hi, RWS has removed the separate ticket for the Maritime Museum. Everyone must now purchase the $29 ticket to enter both the Aquarium AND the Museum. This should help end the confusion.

    1. Oh! That would certainly help :) Thanks for the info!

  4. Hi Mummymoo, just wondering if ticket is needed for the little one? My baby is about 8 mths go n we r bringing him to the aquarium this weekend!

    1. Hi there!

      Tickets for kids are only chargeable if they are 4 years old and above. Have fun!

  5. Btw, sea aquarium has opened 2 panels near their cafe for a sneak peak at the dolphines until the dolphine island is due to open. Maybe babymoo like to revisit?

    1. Oooh! Thanks for the info! I'm sure he would be delighted to!

      Will check it out. :)

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