Serendipitous Synchronicities

Thursday, 31 January 2013

I've always believed that our lives were already mapped out long before we let out our first cry as we greet the cold and (sometimes) cruel world.

It's funny how certain synchronicities happen - and when we get down to really think about it, we find that our choices have brought us to where we are. Who we are at this very moment. Assuming that we have done things a tad differently; have you ever wondered if things would be different, somehow?

It's not so much about what's past, or what lies in store for us in the future. Let's just deal with the here and now.

This morning, if you had chosen to sleep in a little later than usual, would things have been different? Would events that transpire have taken on another path? Perhaps you may miss the usual train... which may have made you even more late than you already are - when it suddenly stopped due to some technical difficulties. Maybe you wouldn't have time to have that morning coffee, which would save you the trouble of having to change your shirt which you stained when you carelessly knocked over the mug - if you have had the time to sit down with the morning papers, mug in hand.

Have you ever wondered? Really thought about what if you had turned left, instead of turning right - which is the usual route you take to work or school everyday? What you would see, what you would've missed... what you may have inadvertently avoided - or what you may have caused?

Serendipity works the same way too. The chance that you may find what you have missed in the course of your life, again. Your thoughts, your dreams, your hopes, which you may have placed on the shelf or chosen to ignore in favour of another option. Have you met someone, that led you someplace new; a place you just knew you were meant to be?

Life is loud. Really loud. It would be amazing if we could weave through the motions and remain unscathed, unaffected in certain ways. We make our own personal choices in life... it is entirely up to us if we want to be naughty or nice. When things happen, it's what we do, and how we choose to go about doing it - that ultimately matters.

Life is filled with opportunities for us, little hints and clues toward the path we’re supposed to take. It’s always up to us whether or not we follow that particular journey, but I will never ever regret any choices that I have made or will make. Everything is a learning experience... if we don't take risks for fear of being hurt, we may lose that chance, and it may never come again.

Sometimes I like to look back and see (almost wistfully) how I was 'guided' in a lot of ways... to make that certain choice. I believe that when we meet a dead end, we will somehow find other paths to lead us home... and it may take years before we can truly see the pattern evolving from our choices.

Life is a lot like a tapestry. We see the tangled underside, while the overview is beautiful and precise. It's almost magical.

I love my dates with destiny.

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  1. I love serendipity. Lol, love that movie too. And I heart heart heart your quote on how life is like tapestry, we see the tangled underside, while the overview is beautiful and precise. It's brilliant and beautiful! and yes, life IS magical! =p



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