The abstract noun that is 'Love'.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I've always wondered what is it about the most powerful of emotions that have brought the most unlikely souls together, and the most powerful men down to their knees. It's almost a wonderment in its own right... how something so simple, can be so complex - and not a single person can deem to know what is it that makes them love.

It's not only about the love between a man and a woman, it's also the love shared by family members, love from a parent to a child, amongst friends, and even that certain form of love amidst strangers. The heart is beautiful... it is perhaps the one thing that's strong enough to withstand the most painful blows, and yet still able to embrace the hand that dealt the hurt. It forgives even before our mind is ready to do so, and perhaps this is why so many people have trouble controlling their emotions when it comes to love.

When we love, it is unconditional... regardless of how and where and why, for if there was even a reason as to why we love a person, then what we feel, is perhaps not love - at all.

There are no explanations necessary when it come to loving and being in love, for even when the burning fire slowly becomes smoldering embers... the warmth will never leave us. An abstract noun that can never be explained by a million words.

To have someone to laugh with you, but never at you...
To cry with you, and never give you a reason to cry -
To love being loved, and loving in return.

No words are necessary between two hearts in love.



  1. I lub u too~
    Do you want me to go into the famous song by tt purple thingy? hahahah~

  2. This is so beautiful, Regina.. I LOVE the way you write too.. And yes, love will always remain the most beautiful, powerful yet mystifying thing in the universe..

    1. I'm so glad we're privy to it, yes? :)



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