When words fail, silence speaks.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

think before you speak

A little reminder to myself for days when I'm tempted to let my mouth run away with my immediate thoughts. Especially now that I'm older, and I'm able to laugh at things which used to affect me. I wouldn't say that I'm much wiser, even though I do try to exercise caution in everything that I do.

There are times when I read updates, or hear spoken words which tempt me to do a quick retort, because that sharp tongue of my younger days has just been stored to the dark corners of my mouth, and the connecting thoughts have a will of their own. I stop, and think. I hit the little red X at the corner of my screen, or I simply walk away. I even pretend I can't read or understand English.

For as much as there are some things which irritate me, I'm sure I say a lot of things which others only put up with because they give me the due respect which I sometimes don't even deserve. I think the ability to be more tolerant and take everything with a pinch of salt doesn't make one a 'jaded' person. I think it's a sure sign of maturity.



  1. That's good policy to follow. I do have a tendency to be a smart-ass when there is completely no need to.

  2. Sometimes the words leap out before we can edit! :D

    Online, though... it's easier to remain in control.

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