Sentosa Flowers 2013 - Joys of Spring

Friday, 15 February 2013

Sentosa Flowers makes a comeback this year with 'Joys of Spring!', which promises to showcase a variety of spring flowers artfully arranged in a natural setting. This year's event is held at Palawan Beach.

We decided to brave the crowds on the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year because I felt that my in-laws, being nature lovers - would enjoy the experience. I would say that Sentosa did a wonderful job in controlling the expected huge turnout right from the time we passed the toll booths by directing all cars heading toward the venue to the Cove carpark situated at the opposite side of the island, and providing shuttle buses to and fro.

Shuttle buses were plying the route every 10 minutes, and we waited in line for less than 5 minutes before we boarded the bus to Palawan Beach. The queue to purchase tickets was slightly longer, though, but it was orderly and moved surprisingly fast.

There was only one ticketing booth, but thankfully, the lady manning it was extremely efficient. We managed to purchase our tickets without much delay.

I didn't like the idea of being tagged - but since we were made to wear one... we complied like the good Singaporeans that we are :)

There were clusters of pretty blooms on each side of the road, but I wondered why some of the flowers already looked 'droopy and sad', given that it was only 3 days into the 9 day display.

From what I observed, the people actually treated the flowers with respect, and I didn't see anyone manhandling the blooms even though there were no warning signs. Perhaps the erratic weather didn't really help the conditions.

iPhone pics, so the quality could be better!

There were a lot of shutterbugs, but honestly, I was rather disappointed at the flower selection on display. I suppose I expected much more than just flower beds with marigolds and a smattering of vibrant hued additions.

This was my favourite, and the most 'noteworthy' flower I saw there.

BabyMoo loved the Snake made entirely of sand, though... and kept wanting to climb into the enclosed area!

Other than that... what did BabyMoo think of the entire experience?

Ticketing details:

Standard Ticket: $5
Advance Ticket: $4 (available online at least one day in advance)
Kids under 12: Free

More info:
Getting there:


  1. Regina. I must compliment your photos! Getting more pro by the day!! :)

    1. Wah!! Steady la me! Thanks to you la...

  2. I went there on the 2nd day of CNY too! The crowd was quite unbearable, but luckily the weather was good.



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