Stickygram: Photo Magnets (Review and Giveaway!)

Friday, 22 February 2013

When I was first introduced to 'Stickygram', I was admittedly, rather sceptical. It all looked so simple - if you already have an Instagram account, you are all good to convert any of your images into 2" x 2" magnets. I wondered about print quality, and the general 'finish' of the products.

I asked my friends: "What do you think of making your Instagram photos into magnets?"
Their general answer: "Where?! I also wan!" and proceeded to drill me about sharing with them the site and the procedure. Which is actually so expected, because most of my friends are mums, and we all know mothers can never have enough photos of the kids!

So I proceeded to try Stickygram out myself, and promised to share the entire experience.

1. I went to

Yes - you read it right. Free shipping - worldwide!

2. Since I have an Instagram account (@reginamoo), I connected and was prompted to log in into my account.

3. As all my IG images loaded up... I remembered thinking: "Wah! So easy! Just drag and drop!"

4. The hardest part of all - choosing only 9 images!

Yes, there are 3 repeat images on the sheet - one for my Aunt in Indonesia, one for my mum fridge, and another for my in-laws!

5. Payment can be made either via paypal or any credit card. It's that simple!

I couldn't wait for my magnets to arrive!

I was given an email acknowledgement of the order a short while later, and was informed that I should be able to receive the magnets in 7 to 14 working days. If you are in the UK, the wait is much shorter at 2 - 4 working days, Europe will take 4 - 7 working days, and North America will take 5 - 12 working days. The magnets are made within 24 hours of order placement.

Eight days after I placed the order, I received my magnets!

I was really impressed by the magnets. They had a matte finish which gave each photo a 'classy' look, and highlighted the filters used.

I am so pleased with the photomagnets... I think the fridge door looks so much happier now! My Mum saw the magnets, and snatched 4 pieces to put on the fridge in her room. When I whined about her taking them, she told me to order more on her account. (Yay!!)

The popularity of Instagram has taken over the world by storm... and photo sharing with friends and family has become as easy as 'Snap, Shoot and Share!'

What if you DON'T have an Instagram account, or you would like to get some magnets done as a gift?

Here's how.

1. Create a separate Instagram account. It's free.
2. Make sure that this 'dummy' IG account is marked 'Private'.
3. Upload the images you would like to make as magnets to this account. If they are someone else's images, view on their IG feed, right click and save each photo of choice to upload on your dummy account.
4. Link that account with Stickygram, and you're done!

Before deleting the dummy account in IG, please make sure that the magnets have been made and are on their way to you (they will send you an email once it's shipped)


So... as the title of the post suggests - here's the GIVEAWAY!!!

I have 2 magnet sheets (9 magnets each) for 2 lucky readers!

(contest is open worldwide!)

Simple steps to qualify for the draw.

1. Follow me on Instagram (@reginamoo)
2. Leave a comment on this post with your Instagram account (so I can follow you back!), name and email address. Please note that your name and email is mandatory to qualify.
3. Post a pic on your account with your interpretation of a SMILE, and make sure that you use the following hashtags: #stickygram  #stuckonmoo  #smile

This contest ends on Tuesday, 26 February 2013, at 2359hrs. Plenty of time to take some smiley, happy photos over the weekend! BabyMoo will choose the winner - based on the 2 photos he likes the most!

Good Luck!

DISCLAIMER: We received a set of Stickygram magnets for review. All other opinions are 100% my own.



I printed out all submissions to #stuckonmoo and cut them out to exact magnet size. I then asked BabyMoo to help us decide the two winners by picking out which two Instapics he likes best!

BabyMoo was so excited! When he made his choices, he kept on waving the photo about - so much so I couldn't get a proper shot! Please excuse the grainy photos, snapped these using the mobile phone!


Should I be surprised that he picked 2 girls?!
Well... at least we know he's got his preferences right :)
Here are our winners! Congratulations!

Congratulations to @mummybean and @missustay!

I will be contacting you via PM for your Stickygrams!


Thanks for your support!


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