Disney on Ice: Princesses & Heroes 2013

Saturday, 16 March 2013

I've always loved fairy tales. I remember watching Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty on video (Sony Betamax, no less!) on repeat... over and over again. I dreamed of far away lands, magic and Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet.

In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming, and he's dashing, with a dazzling smile and perfect hair. The evil guys always have a permanent sneer, wears a black cape, and have an evil glint in their eyes. I've since come to the realization that in reality, the bad guys aren't that easy to spot. They are funny, smart, make you laugh, and sweep you off your feet, too.

That's life in non-glorious technicolour.

So I welcomed the chance to relive that childhood dream again, when I was presented with the opportunity of catching Disney on Ice, Princesses & Heroes. I was pretty sure BabyMoo will enjoy the foray into a magical realm, too.

The show opened with Tinkerbell weaving her magic around the ice. She leads us along the magical journey, and narrates each of the 8 stories which weave around the 8 Disney Princesses. She is helped along by Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, whose special appearances throughout the show created a flurry of excitement and delight among the crowd.

Princess Jasmine and Alladin started the show, and I was held spell bound by the breathtaking ice-skating and daring leaps and jumps. This was consistent throughout the show... and acrobatics on ice was made to look not only effortless, but utterly, dreamily, magical.

Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs entertained next... and the sound of children's voices singing 'Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho' around the whole stadium brought a smile to my face.

...and the magic continued...

Belle was there... but Beast was nowhere to be found.

I absolutely loved this cabaret style segment... danced to 'Be Our Guest'.

Under the Sea...

I think the night was even made more special for these 3 kids, who were plucked out of the audience to 'ride the waves'.

Sleeping Beauty, Tiana, Cinderella, and Rapunzel had their stories told... one after another, along with a stellar supporting cast who brought to life the production. Every story had a princess who had her dream come true, ending in a happily ever after.

The lights, bubbles and effects truly made every scene spectacular, and enhanced the amazing choreography, skills and talent of each performer.

"A dream, is a wish your heart makes."

For many many children who came to see their princesses and heroes tonight, Disney made all those dreams come true.

Disney on Ice: Princesses & Heroes 2013

Date: Runs till 17 Mar 2013
Sat & Sun - 10am, 2pm, 6pm 
Duration: 110mins (15min intermission)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Ticket Price (not inclusive of booking fee)
Cat 1 - S$90 (Rinkside)
Cat 2 - S$60
Cat 3 - S$40
Cat 4 - S$20

Tickets available from Sistic.


DISCLAIMER: I was made to feel like a Princess again courtesy of Disney on Ice. All fantasies are mine. Photos are also taken with a Digicam, which is inadequate to capture magic - so please excuse the quality.

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  1. Poppy was so disappointed that she couldn't go on the boat. But we were like miles away from it! We were so far away that all the princes looked really hawt. I loved the ending with the really happening carriage!



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