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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Philips Avent has recently updated their range of products, and I was privileged to have been invited to their media launch to find out more.

Conceptualised by Edward and Celia Atkin, the 'Avent' brand name has become synonymous with quality baby products since its inception in 1936.

I have used Avent products exclusively since BabyMoo was born, from the breast pumps (both electric and manual), baby bottles, sterilizer and other accessories, so I was excited to discover more about the first redesign of their bottles and breast pumps in 29 years!

It was a pleasure to be able to meet other Mums who use Avent products as well at the event, some of whom I have communicated with online but have never met in person!

Being the purveyor of quality baby products and accessories, the organisers have thoughtfully made the event and venue as comfortable as possible for the mums and their children. It was indeed heart warming to see a number of Dads present as well, and are adept at being alternative care givers so that the mums are able to chat and find out more about the products.

There was a short but engaging presentation, which felt more like an informal discussion to me. It lasted barely 20 minutes, and I'm sure a lot of the mums who had young children to entertain as well - were thankful for that! I'm sure this was also part of the organisers efforts to be thoroughly accommodating to everyone. They also made an effort to involve both the kids and husbands present, and so everyone had a great time while learning more about the product.

How the Avent bottles have evolved throughout the years - and how its current design is derived.
The new range of Philips Avent products - I love its ergonomic shape!
Their latest range of breast pump, bottles and accessories are designed to help mothers provide breast milk for as long as possible, with relative ease and comfort.

Philips AVENT Natural range of plastic and glass bottles

The new bottle design is made in such a way that should bottle feeding be an alternative option apart from breast feeding, the exchange is practically seamless. This is because the new designs feature a wider teat which promotes a natural latch on which is similar to the breast. This prevents nipple and teat confusion when baby is switched between being breast fed and bottle fed.

Image courtesy of Philips Avent 

The Philips Avent Natural Bottle comes in two sizes (9 oz and 4 oz), available either in singles, or in double packs. There is also a glass version for those who prefer them. The plastic bottles are 100% BPA Free, have an ergonomic grip and a twin vent (to reduce colic). In addition, they are easier to clean and store as compared to the earlier designs (I didn't like the extra stopper piece in the old bottles - more on that soon).

Philips AVENT Comfort range of manual and electric breast pumps

One of the main thing which struck me about the new designs of the breast pumps is the fact that the 'cup' is tilted more at an angle as compared to previously. This would allow mothers to use the pump in a reclined position instead of having to keep the back straight and 'push' the body forward, as in the previous model. This would allow mums to be comfortable, and hence, encourage milk flow.

Electric Breast Pump
Apart from that - the opening from which milk flows from breast to bottle has been made 'wider', and we ALL know that this is a blessed relief for sore, cracked and engorged nipples!
Manual Breast Pump
I also discovered their new range of sterilizers... and fell in love with its aesthetic design, form and function! The old one (which we still use!) is bulky and takes up too much space. On top of that - there are too many separate pieces within the sterilizer itself, and this limits the number of items which can be sterilized at one time.
Look at that! Just dump the bottles inside without having to place them in the 'bottle ring', present in the old version!
We were well fed after that - with suitable fare for both kids and adults! Of course... true to their product, the kids used the Avent feeding range.
Avent Feeding Range
Plenty of good food!
And in a rare blogger moment - since we're always the ones capturing the photos!

Standing (l-r): Adora Tan (Gingerbread Mum), Sandra Tan (Sanses), Me, Madeline Heng (MadpsychMum) Dominique Goh (Dominique's Desk).
Seated (l-r): Evelyn Tan-Rogers (The Bottomsup Blog), Rachel Teo (Right Klick Communications / Catch Forty Winks), Summer Goh (A Happy Mum)

Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB)
Here are all the Mum bloggers present at the event, each of whom will be sharing their personal Avent bottles and breast pumps experiences on their respective blogs. Do look out for our upcoming reviews!


DISCLAIMER: This advertorial post is part of a series of conversations between Philips Avent Singapore and MummyMOO. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I used both the manual and electric too! I thought I could survive with the manual alone but then I realised I cant! In a sense I wasted more money as the electrical one came with the manual function.. ah well..

  2. Nice!! How do you get invited to such event??

    I am query to make on Avent electric breast pump.. can u help me?

    Is too long and am unsure of the model no. but i did indicate in my blog.. can u just help me to take alook and advise?

    1. Hi there!

      You can read the reviews of the AVENT electric breast pumps at some of the mom blogs here:

      Good luck!

    2. Thanks for the link!

      Enjoyed reading all the review. I've just got my hands on a pair of Avent Natural Twin Breast Pump but yet to tried them out cuz I will only deliver in August.

      But I wonder if this range can be converted to manual pump.





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