Philips AVENT Natural Bottle : Review

Thursday, 11 April 2013

I was invited to the launch of the new Philips AVENT Natural Bottle some time back, and to provide a more comprehensive review of the product, I was pleased to be able to have a first hand experience in using the bottles.

The Philips AVENT Natural bottles comes in two sizes - either 9oz (260ml) or 4oz (125ml). Made of 100% BPA free plastic, the new design boasts an ergonomic grip and a twin vent (to minimise the occurrence of colic). There is also a glass version for those who prefer it. I personally feel that glass bottles are heavy and are not too easy to handle, especially since they get extremely hot post-sterilization!

I must confess, I actually chose AVENT bottles previously because I am big on aesthetics (I even opt for credit cards based on their interface!). I like the bottles for its simple and clean design, and since this trait also extends to their entire range, needless to say, I have always had a preference for their products.

Can I say I absolutely love the new bottle design?

It's simple and subtly sexy - with the ergonomic curvature giving it a hint of shapely flair. The bigger bottle fits nicely in my hands, whereas the smaller one can be held by just wrapping the forefinger and the thumb around it. It's made so that little hands are able to get a firmer grip.

What struck me most about this new design is that the teats and the 'top portion' of the bottle is shaped as close to a breast as possible. The new range of bottles has been designed to allow babies make seamless transitions from breast to bottle. Apart from the shape, the teats have 'petals' around it, a familiar feature in their breast pumps. This makes the teat 'anti-colic' as it incorporates a twin-valve system, connected via these petal shapes. Furthermore, due to its shape, I am so pleased to note that the teat doesn't 'collapse' when BabyMoo pushes the bottle closer to his mouth to suckle!

My major pet peeve about the Classic bottles previously was the 'adaptor' ring which was added on to prevent leakage and part of the '2-piece' anti colic system. It was really inconvenient to have to insert the ring onto the ridge around the teat, and then make sure that it fits perfectly onto the bottle. Add a screaming baby into the equation, and you have a recipe for a frazzled mum. It was also a hygiene concern as I had to use my bare hands to fit it in, as using tongs would take me till the next feed.

I was so pleased to note that the new bottles did away with the adaptor ring!

Here is a comparison of the size between the Classic bottle, and the new Natural range. One thing to note is that even though the Natural bottle is compatible with the majority of the Philips AVENT range, it cannot be used (or interchanged) with the Classic bottles. So if you have existing bottles and would like to simply replace the teat, it is not possible since the new ones have a slightly bigger circumference. 

The new bottles are taller and slightly wider at the base and top. It has the same capacity as the Classic range.

Another problem I encountered when I used the older bottles (apart from that adaptor ring!) was that there is leakage when the bottle is not twisted on properly. For those who are still on the Classic bottle, what I found worked was to NOT tighten the bottle top too much, weird as it may sound. 

With the new bottles, I did not encounter any leakage at all, despite twisting on the top carelessly. It took one turn, and the bottle is sealed perfectly.

As for BabyMoo - the new Natural range seems to agree with him, because using one hand is cooler. He rocked it his way.


DISCLAIMER: This review post is part of a series of sponsored conversations between Philips AVENT Singapore and MummyMOO. While I was compensated for this post, all opinions expressed here are based on our personal experience.


  1. Great photos and thanks for the review :). Do you think any other teats would fit the avent natural teat ring, or is it essentially its own size in the world of baby bottles? What happens if you try to put the classic teat on the natural ring, does it just not fit at all, or does the bottle leak?

    1. Hi Cheryl!

      The Avent Natural range only fits its own range of teats. If you were to see the Natural range teat, it is very very different from the Classic range. The Classic teat will not fit the 'ring' at all... in fact, it will just go through it :)

      It's really a great buy, though! No leakage!

  2. I also LOVE these bottles. They are fantastic! So much better than Tommee tippee and the classic avent bottles

  3. I heard they leak really this true???.......

    1. Nope. I have not experienced any leakage with the new natural bottles!

  4. Does the natural teat collapse? I tried many other brands and that's my pet peeve. Classic is the only one that baby doesn't need to change breath when sucking... Does natural work the same way?



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