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Monday, 8 April 2013

I grew up in a family of women who place a lot of emphasis on personal grooming. In fact, one of the most vivid memories that I have of my maternal Grandma as I was growing up was sitting by her side at the salon, waiting for her with a good book to while away the time. My Grandma and Mum always told me to leave the house at least looking presentable (you never know who you would run into) - and to always dress according to what suits me, not whatever's in fashion. I won't even start on the wear nice underwear 'just in case you fall down' mantra.

I like feeling 'put together' because it gives me that extra confidence. Making an effort to look good never did hurt anybody - unless it becomes an obsession and becomes a 'quest' instead of enhancing what was naturally there.

When the opportunity to attend a self-makeover and styling session presented itself, I was thrilled! I am fortunate to belong to a community of wonderful Mom bloggers in Singapore, and as part of the Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB) 1st Anniversary celebrations, the kind people at Style Essence did not only give us styling tips, but also a self-makeover session!

There were two sessions specially set aside for us, one in the morning (for the stay home mums) and another one in the evening (for the working mums). I joined the evening session, and it was all so exciting because I get to also meet the ladies again!

While waiting for the rest to arrive, we chatted, and laughed, and do what we women do best. Thanks to The Shepherd's Pie for providing the delicious pies while we gossip catch up!

The Styling Segment

Our shoulders, waists and hips were measured to determine which body shape we belonged to. I was informed that I had a column-shaped body, which is a slightly nicer way of saying I don't have a waist!! *sob*

Anyways... column it is. So the next thing is to learn to dress to flatter the body shape, and hide what is necessary, short of wearing a sack. (then I will really look like a tree truck!)

Column ladies have fairly straight up and down structure, and there are no areas which should be minimised, but I have to bear in mind the following ground rules when choosing apparel.

  • Create curves. Belt the waist.
  • Mix and match to create colour blocking.
  • Layer to create dimension.

We next went on to discuss the other different body shapes, and Florinda, our trainer (who is also a Mom blogger!) patiently addressed our queries and showed us what would suit our respective body shapes.

The Colour Segment

Skin tones react to different colour shades differently. A colour that looks absolutely fabulous on one person may result in a pale and wan complexion in another, and the key is identifying which colours are best for our respective skin tones. Colours are identified either as a 'Warm' colour or a 'Cool' one. Once we know which category suits us best, we can then play around with the different colours in that particular spectrum - be it for make up, or for attire.

Each of us were draped with a brown shade (Warm) and a Black shade (Cool) to see which looks better on us. I looked (much!) better with the black against me... so I'm a Cool Babe! Yeah! (me not shy one, really.)

Once that's done, we were advised to take note of the effect prints can have on our bodies as well. Large prints can add on to the illusion of bulk and girth, and stripes lead the eyes to either left to right, or top to bottom. So if you're slightly on the heavy side (that's like 90% of us Mums!) it's best that we stick to solid colours with accents to not only add colour, but to distract the view from the problem areas.

The Cleansing Segment

We were briefed on the importance of good skin care basics, especially since we're at an age where the skin is *ahem* showing signs of ageing. A great cleanser is perhaps the basic necessity all of us should have, and for busy Mums like us, this came in the blessing of a 3-in-1 cleanser, which we can simply use without having to go through the eye make up removing, cleansing, and toning!

TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser (normal/dry)

This was followed up by a mask, which deep cleans as it gently exfoliates. This also helps to remove impurities which can clog up pores, and cause breakouts.

Adeline (The Accidental Mom Blogger) is my masked partner in crime!

We were made to do half of our faces, so that we can then make a comparison of the effects of cleansed skin against our usual Mummy skin. We could really tell the difference, apart from the cloth which was disgustingly black once we were done cleansing our faces!

Seriously... don't take my word for it. You have to try it to believe it.

The Make-up Segment

This is undoubtedly what we were looking forward to! Who doesn't want to look pretty, right?

See all the Mums having some girly time! Top right hand photo: Susan (A Juggling Mom), Sandra (SANses) and Adeline (The Accidental Mom Blogger)
Here is Florinda demonstrating make up tips on Sandra, who writes at SANses.
Clockwise from main picture which features our gorgeous Gingerbread Mum, Adora: Liza (Mother of Xander) dabbling in a bit of magic, Adeline (The Accidental Mom Blogger) sharing a lighthearted moment with Pamela (The Tan Family Chronicles), PC (Simply Us) given some make up tips by stylist Bernadette, Jiahui (Mums The Word) with Madeline (MadPsychMum) concentrating on the task at hand.
We had so much fun experimenting! Tips and tricks to 'open up' the eyes were shared, and for some, it was the first time they have used a device which looked more like an ancient torture device on their eyelashes!

Such a difference the right colours and make up can do!

We then had fun photo taking, and enjoying our 'newly minted' faces! See Sandra still rockin' it like a Boss at 34 weeks of pregnancy!

Standing, from left to right: Bernadette, our Trainer, Susan Koh (A Juggling Mom), Sandra Tan (SANses), ME! Adeline Oon (The Accidental Mom Blogger)  Madelime Heng (MadPsychMum).
Seated, from left to right: Jiahui Lu (Mums The Word), Estella Goh (So Oddly Dreamlike), Liza Poh (Mother of Xander) Pamela Tan (The Tan Family Chronicles), Adora Tan (Gingerbread Mum), Pc Lee (Simply Us) and our Trainer, Florinda Tay (Flo Mummy)

Picture courtesy of Rachel Teo of Catch Forty Winks.

It's too easy to let ourselves go with the comfortable state of marriage or being 'settled down', more so if we have children and barely have time to take a pee break! There are days when I crash out totally exhausted the moment BabyMoo sleeps, and there are too many days when I just don't feel like making an effort to look presentable when I have BabyMoo to distract people away from me, anyway.

But I still do. I still try to, because I believe that if I ignore the way I look once - it will be all too easy for me to do so the second and third time... until I eventually stop caring about the way I look. And that won't do. Not at all.


Update: I used the mask twice in a 4 day time-frame, and I was so pleased to note that my skin not only looked much brighter and cleaner, the appearance of pores and fine lines were also minimised!

This was taken this morning. I applied the mask on Friday night, and on Sunday night. No filters or editing.
I wished I had taken a 'Before' photo!

Now here's a chance for YOU to experience first hand exactly
what I was going on about up there ^^

Style Essence is providing THREE readers an opportunity to attend a Makeover Workshop worth $150.00 each!

To enter, just leave me a comment in this post sharing what you find most challenging in your personal styling or make-up regime, along with your name and email.

Closing date: 12 April 2013, 1200hrs

Winners will be announced shortly after the closing date, and Style Essence will contact the lucky ones for workshop details. Giveaway is only open to readers residing in Singapore only.

Thanks to sponsors Style Essence and dinner by The Shepherd’s pie, in collaboration with SMB’s 1st Birthday Bash 2013.


Congratulations to the 3 following lucky ladies for winning the makeover session with Style Essence!

Style Essence will be contacting you via email for further details.
Thanks for participating, and cheers to a brand new looking you!


  1. Hello R!
    I would think finding and using the suitable range of product is always the most challenging in my personal styling regime. Many a time, we all fall into the trap of perhaps of buying some brand of make up but alas it doesn't suit us. So buying and choosing the correct range is very important, not only it (probably) save money, it will help us save time for us to make up as well!

  2. Wow this is fantastic. What i find hardest is always the lack of time as a mom. Coupled with the fact that I usually have no idea what I'm doing. The result is usually quite frightful. Alot of the cosmetics I use is a random pick of various brands. I am not even really sure what works so it would be great to be given a guidance session tailored to my individual needs.

    Stephanie Ho

  3. I need my makeup to stay on the whole day without having to put an inch of it on my face or having to touch it up constantly! Phooey at my oily combination complexion!

    Ondine :)

  4. Wow!
    Ok, here's my little appeal. I have single eyelid and find it very difficult to dress them up without looking like I've been boxed in the eye. Now, I only wear eyeliner to work, which is fine but not fantastic. You see, me too want to have some splashes of colours if that's an option. So please, pick me, pick me, pick me! LOL!


  5. Looks so fun! I have problems using the eyeliner and would like to hone my eyeshadow skills!

    Qiu Xian

  6. I am very lazy to follow a thorough cleansing-toning-moisturising routine...and my make-up in the morning is a 5-min affair before I had to run out...I would like to learn how to doll myself up a little for more formal dinner functions and special occasions :)

    Angie S

  7. Nice write up, Regina! I particularly like the "gorgeous mum" comment about *ahem* me

  8. I just don't know where to start! I need a make up dummy guide! I also need to start caring about my skin as I am past 40!

    Tani (

  9. I just don't know where to start! I need a make up dummy guide! I also need to start caring about my skin as I am past 40!

    Tani (

  10. Hello! What is most challenging is I find that the make up I used previously melted on my oily face after a few hours and I don't like it. I can't find suitable make-up and thus have given up on putting on.

  11. Hi the most challenging part is finding out what color or product is suitable on me. Hence I always stick to neutral color. Hope I am the lucky one!

  12. Hi,
    The most challenging is, like Tani, I don't know where to start! Need to rush out of house at 6+ to send kid to school, so the only thing I use is powder/BB cream. Have never learn anything about makeup, it's frightening.

    Also need to learn about skin care as I'm past 40.



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