Flashback Friday: First Swim

Friday, 10 May 2013

31 August 2011: 7 months old

BabyMoo gets ready for his first swim experience.

The expression said it all. He HATED the cap, but I loved how it irritated him!
Grooming Moo Wei Hao, the next Ang Peng Siong

Having Mummy holding on to him is so NOT cool. 

From that day on, the rest, they say... is history.

If I lived in the 80s (like my Mehmee did!) I would be 'The Boy from Atlantis'.

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  1. So cute! Hehe! BabyMoo's first swim was so much better than my boy's first. I'm guessing cos we had him go underwater? Hehe. Kids all really do love water!! :D You have also reminded me that it's almost time for my girl to get dunk! Hehe.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. haha he's adorable. so far baby T has only "swam" in those indoor spa type tub. look forward to his first swim in a real pool. (:



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