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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I've always loved Art. Back in school, if I had followed my calling, I would have opted to have gone into the Arts stream instead of going with the voice of reason, and spent a few uneventful years dabbling in Pure Science subjects. When I finally entered Graphic Design after 'A' levels, it was as though I've finally managed to fill that yawning void in my heart which was left empty for so long.

Fine Art, however, was always something which I dare not approach too deeply. Whilst I have ideas in my head and the execution is usually done with the aid of sophisticated software, I've never really been engaged enough (especially during the first year of exploring various art mediums) because my impatience will usually see me getting bored before the art piece is even halfway done.

Last week, as part of Singapore Mom Bloggers' 1st Anniversary celebrations, I was presented with an opportunity to go back to basics.
When I entered the studio, I walked around and marvelled at some of the art pieces on display. It was quite amazing that they were done by children whose ages range from 3 - 12!

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life." - Oscar Wilde
"Art is never finished, only abandoned." Leonardo Da Vinci

I love how daylight streamed in through the windows and into the 3 main studios where lessons are held. It gives the whole place an airy feel. Since each studio only held a maximum of 7 students at one time, 14 of us were duly split into two groups.

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."
Henry Ward Beecher
We were going to use acrylic paint as a medium, and draw inspiration from what must be Vincent Van Gogh's most recognizable art piece - Sunflowers.

"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do." - Degas
Our vivacious instructor for the day is Teacher Gaz (Gazaly Haron), an honors degree holder from Huddersfield University in UK, specialising in both painting and pottery. He gave step by step instructions on where to start and how to start, which is so essential since we have no clue where to begin!

"The beginning is the most important part of the work." - Plato
We were given Van Gogh's rendition of Sunflowers (a repetition of the 3rd version, Aug 1888) painted in January 1889, while the other class had his original 3rd version as inspiration.

"In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing." - Vincent Van Gogh
We interrupt this programme to show you two mummymonkeys caught in action. This is how they looked when their kids entered preschool, (will look) when they start P1 next time, and when the boy and girl bring their respective girlfriend / boyfriend home. Same gestures, same look, I tell you!
Teacher Gaz was always encouraging, and kept on asking us to go with our instincts instead of just 'copying' from the sample provided. Although the Sunflowers were originally painted in yellow hues (to be placed in Gauguin's Yellow Room), Van Gogh painted various versions of it. We were free to pick whatever colour struck our fancy.

Van Gogh's paintings are notable for the bold colours and short, obvious strokes, and it is thought that he preferred to paint impasto (straight from the tube) to achieve the textures and heavy lines as evident in his paintings.

"If we could but paint with the hand what we see with the eye."
Honore de Balzac
We picked up our pastels and began to draw. With trepidation, perhaps a little bit of uncertainty... but in true 'Mum-style', we plunged headlong into the task at hand... and painted. Our normally noisy group was shocked into silence, and with the soft, mood music in the background - we followed our heART.

One hour into the session, I've managed the background and the vase. I didn't realise I was almost holding my breath the entire time!
A closer look at the short strokes, (almost) Van Gogh style!
At this point, I took a walk to see how the other class is doing. They 'seem' to be concentrating, too! Look at all the serious faces!

... except for the one in the photo at the top right hand corner.
She was also the only one who couldn't finish in time! tsk tsk tsk...
Another hour later... I managed to finish my painting. The acrylic paint used dries quickly, but Teacher Gaz helped us use a hairdryer to hasten the process. He then put a coat of gloss to protect and seal in the paint.

"Ayoh... these Mums are worse than kids!! They are so cautious!" - Teacher Gaz
Lovely ladies with their art pieces!
(Left: Adeline of The Accidental Mom Blogger, Right: Estella of So Oddly Dreamlike)
Here is my final product. I posted it on Instagram and FB, and the hubs actually messaged me to tell me that we should have it hung on the wall. (That's why I married the dude, see?) 

I am not entirely satisfied with it, though. Looks more like Chrysanthemums than Sunflowers to me. Van Gogh would be none too pleased at all.

"Art doesn't transform. It just forms." - Roy Lichtenstein
Thanks to Teacher Gaz... who has played such a pivotal role in encouraging our creativity, and help us unleash the inner artist in all of us.

"Every artist, was first an amateur."
(top left-right) Evelyn, Lyndis, Justina, Irene, DominiqueAdeline and I.  
(bottom left-right) Donna, Pamela, Alicia and Rachel. Missing in photo : Estella and Summer


HeART Studio offers classes for adults and children from 3 - 12. No age limit for adults! :) Do check out their June holiday programmes to keep little hands (and hearts) happy. Please contact the studio direct for further enquiries.

HeART Studio LLP 
101 Soo Chow Walk
Singapore 575385
Tel: (65) 6554 7563

Directions by Bus:

Parking Info:
Nearest Parking Facilities is at Thomson Plaza. However, arrangements can be made with the school so that staff can assist in drop off.

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  1. Love all the quotes from the artists! Obviously I think your painting was the best in the room, I don't know how you did it in such a short span of time! =) MummyMoo rox!



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