This "Hulk" Turns Green When Clean!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I've always stressed the importance of good hygiene to BabyMoo from a young age, never mind that he may not have been able to understand me much back then. I've explored ways to make hand washing a fun activity for him, and he now knows that he should always wash his hands as frequently as possible, whenever he can. It helps that his pre-school incorporates hand washing as part of their daily routine, and the kids line up dutifully to wash their hands the moment they walk into school, pre-meal time, post meals, after every hands on activity, and after every diaper change.

When I found out that Lifebuoy has introduced a hand wash which changes colour to make hand washing a fun activity for kids (and adults!) I saw it as a perfect complement to our family's hygiene habits. Even the hubs was pretty excited about it, especially since the 'super hero' featured to showcase the product happens to be The Incredible Hulk, one of his favourite Marvel icons!

Text Source: Lifebuoy
The hand wash changes colour from clear to green during handwashing in 10 seconds, which is the time it takes to effectively kill germs present using a Lifebuoy hand wash. Most people (not only kids!) actually find hand washing more than the time it takes for a cursory rub - a hassle. Many aren't even sure how long it takes for soap to clean thoroughly, so I'm sure that this hand wash will hopefully encourage people to continue washing their hands just to see their hands turn green. It makes hand washing a fun activity!

The shirt even matches the Hulk Handwash!
The boy thinks the hand wash cleaned off the many moles on his legs.
When dispensed, the soap is clear, with a smattering of dark green beads. BabyMoo took a long time to observe the blob of soap on his palm, before he was convinced that the beads were not alive, nor were they going to wriggle or move any time soon.

Yes, he needs his nails cut. Please concentrate on the hand washing activity instead.
Daddy helped him to rub his hands vigorously, and as the beads burst to turn the lather varying shades of green, he got more and more excited. He then continued to tub his hands on his own, just to see his hands turn green!
Ta-da!! Mummy was expecting Hulk Hands. So sorry to disappoint!
After 10 seconds (yes I timed it) - there were patches of green on his hands. It was enough for him to get all excited, but I was a tad disappointed. I expected the entire pair of hands to turn completely green, I suppose. Like how gamma rays turned the Hulk green or something. When I complained to the hubs, he dead panned: "You do know that in actual fact, gamma rays have no colour at all, right?"

So much for me thinking he would at least expect the same, given that he's a huge Hulk fan.

This was the 4th time the boy washed and rinsed his hands. He was absolutely taken by the hand wash!
BabyMoo was extremely pleased with it. I even took the opportunity to encourage him to count to ten while he washed his hands. Amazingly, he didn't go 7, 8, 9 10! as he usually does, but actually started from 1 and did not miss a number!

So the boy has been taking me for a ride all this time. He can count, and I'm all for a soap which not only makes him happy to wash his hands, but is also an effective counting aid!

The Moo boys turned to DaddyHulk and BabyHulk. The soap affected more than their hands.
The boy was fascinated by the colour changing properties and loved the rich lather. The pleasant fresh scent made his hands 'smell' clean!

As part of Lifebuoy's ongoing effort to educate and change the hygiene mindset of millions of people everywhere, the colour changing hand wash will hopefully encourage more children to wash their hands, thereby preventing many diseases which can be fatal, especially in young children.

DISCLAIMER: This is an advertorial post for Unilever on behalf of Lifebuoy. While I was compensated for this post, all content is 100% my own. 

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