Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hard workers experience their work as a necessary and at times, a fulfilling obligation. Workaholics see their work as a hiding place, a form of solace, and a place where they seek safety from life, unwanted feelings and obligatory commitments.

Maybe it's time to take stock of our lives. If you answered "Yes" to 5 or more of these questions, you may be letting work get in the way of life.


Hmmm... let's see:

1. Do you get more excited about your work than about family or anything else?


2. Are there times when you can charge through your work and other times when you can't?

Yes. Most of the time work's a breeze, but there are times when it's just that little bit more difficult.

3. Do you take work with you to bed? On weekends? On vacation?

Nope. Sometimes I get nightmares about work, though.

4. Is work the activity you like to do best and talk about most?

Depends on who I'm with.

5. Do you work more than 40 hours a week?

Yes. Definitely.

6. Do you turn your hobbies into money-making ventures?
I wish I could.

7. Do you take complete responsibility for the outcome of your work efforts?

8. Have your family or friends given up expecting you on time?

Yes. I'm usually late. Work has nothing to do with it.

9. Do you take on extra work because you are concerned that it won't otherwise get done?

Yes. If I'm concerned that it HAS to be done a certain way. I would not compromise.

10. Do you underestimate how long a project will take and then rush to complete it?


11. Do you believe that it is okay to work long hours if you love what you are doing?

Yes. Duh.

12. Do you get impatient with people who have other priorities besides work?

No. At different stages in life, your priorities are different... but I get mad when people don't take their work seriously and work below their abilities and standards. I also don't think much of people who work as a means to an end, and have no pride at what they do.

13. Are you afraid that if you don't work hard you will lose your job or be a failure?

No. I won't let that happen. Even if it seems I'm not working hard - I try to work smart.
(Yes - I AM lazy!)

14. Is the future a constant worry for you even when things are going very well?


15. Do you do things energetically and competitively including play?

I hate to lose.

16. Do you get irritated when people ask you to stop doing your work in order to do something else?

Depends on what that 'something else' is.

17. Has your long hours hurt your family or other relationships?

Yep. Too many times.

18. Do you think about your work while driving, falling asleep or when others are talking?

Sometimes... I even drive people up the wall!

19. Do you work or read during meals?

At times. When I really have to make full use of every minute I have.

20. Do you believe that more money will solve the other problems in your life?

Material things, yes - but interpersonal relationships, trust, friendship and love can never be measured by money. On the contrary, in fact. Many relationships have been lost because of money.

Don't be confused between being 'hard-working' and being a 'workaholic'. Workaholics value work over any other activity, regardless of the consequences of their preference. There are those who put in long hours, but they don't let work become their way of life - because there are other things which make their life worth living.

Being a Mum is a full time commitment to a (sometimes) thankless vocation. Weirdly, I don't mind being a workaholic when it comes to that!
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  1. There is nothing wrong with working smart! thats the BEST way to work!!!

    1. Better to work smart lah... but then there are those who work 'silly', and then make the rest of us look bad!

  2. Haha some of the questions are funny. Like asking the obvious. Ok anyway, love your last answer on how relationships have been lost because of money. How true! I prefer to be a mummaholic for now even though that does not bring a single cent into my pocket. =p

    1. I think ah... for me, if I'm solely a Mummaholic, it may turn me into an Alcoholic!! Hahahaha

  3. O no. I think I am beyond 5.
    Boy. I need this. thanks for sharing! =)

  4. Working smart is the way to go..cut down time and increase productivity :) Love your answers..

  5. LOL, I had fun answering this from the perspective of my evening 'job': being a homeschooling mum. Namely:

    3. Do you take work with you to bed? On weekends? On vacation?
    YES YES AND... Yes? Dumpling co-beds with us and while I love the idea of going away on a vacation without my 'work/ward', I'd never hear the end of it from her!

    16. Do you get irritated when people ask you to stop doing your work in order to do something else?
    A RESOUNDING YES! Anyone who dares interrupt me when we are homeschooling must be either incredibly brave (or incredibly stupid)! :p

  6. Hi Regina, you don't mind me taking your questions and answering on my own blog right? Heehee... even if you mind I have already published it. Thanks ah!

    1. WOW Pei Shan, I shall be a copy cat and copy you and mummymoo!

  7. Number 19, agree! Will join the linky next week when I get back from the hustle bustle of Jakarta.



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