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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I have ultra sensitive skin, and there are a lot of skin products or makeup which I cannot use due to the ingredients or chemicals present. The hubs has mild eczema, and it only takes just a bit of sun and humid conditions to trigger off red angry rashes on his arms and legs.

Even though most skin conditions are not inherited, it didn’t come as any surprise to me that BabyMoo was born with very sensitive skin. When I noticed that he was prone to redness and dry patches as a newborn, I took extra care to ensure that we used a gentle laundry detergent to wash all his clothes.

As he grew older and became more active, I realised that he did not take too well to certain materials, and wearing this will almost always cause him to start scratching all over, especially where the seams meet.

He scratched himself till angry red welts appeared, a result of heat, sweat and a scratchy tee.
Furthermore, there are so many different types of kids’ clothes now. Where previously they only wore cotton or linen, it is common to see them wear denim or blends, and as chic as I’d like my son to look – these materials are not very kind to young skin. I have removed all labels and stray threads, and as much as possible, opt for clothes made of soft, natural fibres.

In addition to using a gentle detergent and softener, here are some tips to help prevent skin irritation or aggravate those with eczema.
  1. Babies have very sensitive and delicate skin. Be sure to always wash new clothes prior to wearing, and all fabrics which your baby might come in contact with must always be washed with a mild detergent, and cared for by using a softener.
  2. Check the labels. It’s best that you choose products which are hypoallergenic, dermatologist recommended and approved, and contain no harsh chemicals or dyes.
  3. When washing clothes, do not overload on detergent as this will cause unnecessary residue which may cause major skin irritation.
  4. Hang clothes out to dry. There is nothing better than freshly laundered clothes naturally dried by the sun. When a drier is used, the heat may activate certain chemicals or fragrances present in detergents.
  5. Use an extra rinse cycle when washing baby’s clothes. Even with a mild detergent and softener, some babies may have ultra sensitive skin which may be irritated even by hypoallergenic detergents. Double rinsing will ensure that all residue or traces of detergent are sufficiently washed off.
I make sure that his clothes are laundered using Comfort Ultra Pure, because I find that after trying out different types of softeners, this works best for him. In fact, I even use this for our laundry, because I simply love how it leaves clothes soft and smelling fresh!

When I made a comparison between those clothes which were laundered using another brand of softener and the load using Comfort Ultra Pure, the difference can be felt immediately. Our clothes are softer to the touch, and towels do not have the abrasive harshness which can be a major skin irritant.

Comfort Ultra Pure Concentrated Fabric Conditioner is specially formulated for delicate and sensitive skin. While delivering pure softness and long lasting freshness, its dermatologically tested formula is safe even for those who are prone to skin irritation and other superficial skin conditions.

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by Comfort Ultra Pure, in collaboration with MummyMoo. While I have been compensated for this post, all opinions expressed here are based on our personal experience.

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