Giggles: Indoor Playground at Marine Parade

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

When the hubs visited the Standard Chartered branch at Marine Parade Central, he informed me that there is a new indoor playground which has just opened on the 2nd floor of the building (where Toys R' Us used to be in the 90s). We decided to visit the place as it would be a convenient option for BabyMoo to have some fun after school.

Giggles promises a place where children are able to develop physical and social skills, and the Lappset and Snug Play designs chosen for the playground effectively does this as it combines both exercise and play.

Image Source: Streetdirectory
Entrance to Giggles. I love that its spacious and bright!
The young and vibrant staff were extremely helpful, and did not only respond to my queries with a price flyer handed over to me, the way most places do. The young lady at the counter took care to explain the prices according to age range to me. BabyMoo was already jumping around excitedly, but patiently waited while Daddy took our socks from the car (yes we always have spare pairs for impromptu playground visits).

Registration for first time visitors is via an iPad which was handed over to me. While I appreciate technology and paperless arrangements, it was quite troublesome having to keep an eye on an excitable toddler while trying to complete the details!

There was a birthday party going on at the time we were there, and I was pleasantly surprised at how spacious the party area is. None of those hole in the wall rooms here - there was more than enough room for all children and adults.

A separate party room, just across from the main play area.
BabyMoo had his temperature taken, hands and feet checked, and then it was time to check out the grounds.

I love how symmetrical everything looks! Yes - I'm a stickler for stuff like that.
The orange arch which is at the foreground is part of a Lappset play set called the 'Sona'. It is an interactive game which responds to motion and sound. A camera at the tip of the arch captures movement, and responds to it by producing music and sounds. While this is a fabulous game set on its own, I could barely hear anything amidst the kids shrieking at play, until I came closer to the speakers at the sides of the arch.

BabyMoo had a blast exploring!
He loved the tent so much that we had top go to IKEA to buy one for him. Now we don't have space in the room to even move... but I'll take that along  for the peace he gives me while he's cooped up inside!
The area below the arch, supposedly for the Sona game play, doubles up as a toddler play area. The carpeted ground also makes it ideal if you have a younger one to keep an eye on while the older kid is at play.

Main play area.
Outdoor playgrounds in Singapore should be like this!
When I first saw the structure, it strikes me that it is actually more suitable for outdoor play. The fittings are rust resistant and weather proof, and the hubs informed me that these playsets are a common sight in many outdoor playgrounds overseas. I do love how 'solid' everything looks, though, and the 'open' concept ensures that the kids' safety is not compromised even if the place is packed.

BabyMoo takes us on a tour of the playset.
The concept of 'exercise though play' is evident here, as the parts of the set is almost like an obstacle course. It encourages children to conquer their fears, and develops their motor skills.

My son, the super show off.
The 'ball pool' is very shallow, and is suitable only for kids under two. BabyMoo went in once, and promptly climbed out because he couldn't 'sink' into the balls!
There are, however, a few areas which make it necessary for younger kids to have supervision, especially since they can get extremely excitable and forget to take necessary precautions while playing.

The gaps can be hazardous if they miss their footing, fall sideways and bang their heads against the glass windows. The climbing zones also do not have padded grounds apart from the rubber mat, so falling down can hurt quite a fair bit
I think the people at Giggles also understand these concerns, so it's great that there are two staff on standby at the climb areas to help the kids and keep them safe. Accidents are not something we can foresee and quite common at common playgrounds, but at least they have made provisions to ensure that the risk is minimised.

There is also a changing table and lockers within the play area, but there are no nursing rooms. There aren't any toilets inside (and there aren't any public toilets in the main building itself), but I'm sure that there should be one for Giggles' exclusive use.

The drinks are reasonably priced, unlike in most playgrounds I've experienced!
He's in construction, but he moonlights as a rocker. Whatever floats your boat, dahlink!
BabyMoo had to be coaxed out after two hours, only because the place was closing for the day. I didn't think that he would enjoy it initially, because he is used to more 'challenging' playgrounds that go up several stories high - but it was great that he did!

It is a place where *I* can bring him to when the hubs isn't around to follow him through tunnels and climb structures. I only had to supervise him from the periphery after the first guided tour round the structure.

What did the boy think of the playground?

Mehmee loves it too, because the place is kind to the old bag of bones.

Fun at Giggles

87 Marine Parade Central, #02-500B/C
Singapore 440087
Tel: 6345 4947
Open Daily 10:00 – 19:00
Entrance Fees

Age: 1 to 2 years old
Weekdays: $12 for unlimited play
Weekends and Public holidays: $12 for 2 hours. Subsequent half hour $4

Age: 3 to 12 years old
Weekdays: $20 for unlimited play
Weekends and Public holidays: $20 for 2 hours. Subsequent half hour $6

Babies below 1 enter free, but accompanying adult is charged at $2.

Two adults free admission with every paying child. Subsequent adult pays $2 per pax. Pricing for School Holidays will be the same as Weekends and Public Holidays.

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