What was, Still Is.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

"Love is knowing all about someone,
and still wanting to be with them more than any other person.
Love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself,
including the things you might be ashamed of.
Love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone,
which everybody talks about but only a few have known."

I used to be sceptical about things that I thought only romance novels seem to be able to conjure up. I suppose I find it pretty difficult to be able to understand things that I have never experienced for myself first hand... perhaps all of us are that way to a certain extent. I have found myself in love (or thinking that I am), I have fallen out of it (sooner than I ever thought possible) and I have been buoyed by the premise of it and drowned by the cascading waters of disappointment.

All in the same breath.

Maybe all those times, I never really knew love.

I know all about the dramatics, the hysteria, the euphoria, the feeling of floating on Cloud Nine on the wings of Love. I know all about the intensity, the feeling that you never want to be with anyone else, anywhere else but there - at that moment.

Then again, as fast as it can propel you to ecstasy and beyond, it can also bring you to Earth with a bump. Fast.

People used to tell me: "It's when they look at you and you can see the love? You just know."

I do. I finally have reason to feel and know love the way it should be. The Love that lasts for all time... the love that people rave about, and I finally understand what it is that makes even the most hardened heart aglow with its warmth.

Love is never about intensity.
It's about living and loving and growing together.
It's about learning more about each other and loving each other as you go along.
It's about finding reason to fall in love over and over again with the same person.
It's when you look into their eyes and see the love reflected there.
It's the loudest sound you hear in the deepest silence.
It's the brightest light you see in the darkest night.
It's what keeps you going even when you feel that there isn't anything else left to go on.
It's waking up each morning knowing that you are loved...
It's a certain contentment you feel when you're doing nothing and everything - together.

You just know...
because it always feels like you're finally home.

We celebrate our 4th Wedding Anniversary on the 16th of June. It hasn't always been all laughter and smiles throughout, but I married a guy who puts up with my nonsense - so he lets me win all the time!

Or so, he lets me think.

I believe he has simply mastered the art of 'selective listening', which is what most married men practise to stay sane! :)

Happy Anniversary, Mooman. You're still the bull headed dude with the cow's hide whom I married... so it's all good!

Umm... okok - enough sappiness. THIS is the reality:

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  1. haha! the reality quote! hahaha! LOVE IT! hahaha.

    and very sexy wedding photo, Regina! hehe.

    1. That was THEN, Mabes! God I had skinny arms!

      Now I have batwings.

  2. If you have batwings, I have Big Bird wings. :p Happy anniversary in advance!

  3. Happy Anniversary to the both of you :) And love those quotes!

    Hehe I'm celebrating mine on 14th June! June's such a lovely month, ain't it! :)



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