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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

When the good people at Foldable.Me sent me an invite to review their product, I was truly excited at the prospect of being able to customize a 3D version of the Moo family, origami style.

Foldable.Me lets you create a replica of yourself, or anyone else (even your worst enemy!) via a web app, after which your creation will be printed on matt laminated card stock and sent to you, anywhere in the world. They make great gifts, and the smile on the recipient's face will surely mirror the one which you place on their cardboard ones!

Creating your own cardboard figure is easy.

1. On Foldable.Me, click to create.

2. Choose your gender. Don't worry if the option you require isn't stated - I will elaborate on that later :)

3. I made myself first. I tried to find a Marge Simpson bee-hive do, but there isn't one... maybe because otherwise the head template will have to be changed to a conical shape. But that would be ultra cool, don't you think? (Richard: are you reading this?!)

I find the clothing options rather limited. They either made me look like an old phart trying to masquerade as a teenager, or a schoolmarm. So I proudly donned the #1 Mum tee. I love it cos it spells out 'mUm' (the proper Queen's way!) and not MOM - which just reminds me of the Ministry of Manpower.

I look sane here. I have preconceived notions about myself, ya'kno?

Back to the gender issue. Choosing a 'Girl' foldable will still give you the option to add on moustaches or any other facial hair. Likewise, you can still be inspired by Boy George if you so desire.

ooh! those red, luscious kissable lips!
4. I then made BabyMoo next. I got all excited just creating his likeness, can you imagine? And one would think that I would have had enough of running after and attending to the kiddo in his waking moments.

True to form, I made him with curly hair and a complaining, sassy mouth. Plus that tee is just perfect for the little Mr.Vain!

Mehmee, my head got headache!!
5. I made DaddyMoo last (don't let's get started on why the kiddo comes first). The first thing I noticed was that there is an option for a mohawk 'do! The hubs has been wanting to get one, and I had to keep on telling him to act his age. Sometimes I think if he isn't married to me, he will still be stuck in the 80s, minus the mullet.

So - this was the perfect opportunity for him to have a mohawk without the risk of losing his wife! Oh... and I gave him a #1 Dad tee, because they didn't have one that says: Star Wars Geek.

He wants to shave off 3/4 of his hair, but he's lazy to shave other facial hair. I have to keep telling him that patches of stubble are NOT 5 o'clock shadows. *roll eyes*
6. After I'm happy with the creations, I reviewed my order.

YAY! Worldwide shipping is absolutely FREE!
After I confirmed the order on the 17th of June, I received an email confirmation with the order number stated (for tracking purposes). It states that the foldables will take about 1 - 3 weeks to arrive, so if you're thinking of a gift, do take into account delivery time.

On the 27th of June, I received the Foldable Moos!

The envelope came intact, helped by the fact that they used heavy paper for it.
Since Foldable.Me is made by the same company which produces StickyGram, I was convinced that they would also maintain the high quality and finishing that is so evident in those little insta magnets.

I was not disappointed.

I called the mohawk-ed one for help at this point. I can design stuff, but I have no patience for intricate details!
Each foldable comes in a large cardstock sheet with 5 detachable pieces. There are slots and scoring done on each piece, so there is no need for scissors, cutters or glue.

A stern reminder!
Geez... I would love to say 'Plump', but 'Fat' echoed in the distance! I love the hair here, though :D
I made DaddyMoo get to work. Please ignore his cuticles and dry hands. I swear he doesn't do the dishes!

I swear I really have no patience for stuff like this.
And here we have BabyMoo as a miniature foldable figure!
BabyMoo complains to me while Daddy comes to life.

I love how I look beatific and all... such a far cry from the usual screamy me.
So here we are, The Foldable Moo Family... in all our miniature 3D glory!

Foldable.Moo, a tiny little division of Foldable.Me
Want your own Foldable Family too? Here's a chance to win 3 Foldable Figures from the kind folks at Foldable.Me!


(Giveaway is open worldwide)

Simple steps to qualify:

1. SHARE this post via this link on MummyMoo's FB page.
2. Leave a comment on that post, and tag a friend.

One lucky reader who comments on that post will win a set of 3 foldable figures!

This contest ends on Monday, 08 July 2013, at 1200hrs.

Good luck!


Disclaimer: We received a set of Foldable Figures from Foldable.Me to remind us why we're a cute faMOOly. All creating and folding was painstakingly done ourselves!


I will be contacting you for further details.
Thanks for participating!


  1. done and done! but i tagged two friends, cos both of them recently became fathers. hahaha!

  2. So kawaii! I love yours most! And oh yeah, MUMs rox. =) Going share now, thanks for hosting this!

    1. Thanks for the support, Summer!

  3. Thanks so much Regina! The reviews and photos are really great!



    1. Thanks Richard! Let me know when you have a cone shaped option, yes? :D

  4. Supported! I want I want!

  5. This is super adorable! I love what you chose for BabyMoo's outfit. So cute. ;)
    Oh and I love Stickygram too! Gave them as Christmas gifts last year. They're really creative huh? Thanks for doing this giveaway! :)

  6. This is sooo cute! Supported! I *wish* myself luck. HAHA! :)



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