The Sixth Sense

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

When was the last time you went against your gut feeling or intuition... just to hear yourself saying: "I know I shouldn't have done that - I knew that it wouldn't work out?"

This intuitive feeling, or 'sixth sense' (as some are apt to call it) is our spirit, or our subconscious - our authentic self speaking to us, and it should never be ignored. We all have this 'guide' within us, it is an extension of our inner senses, and although at times it may tell us what we would not like to hear, we must have the courage and find it in us to listen to it.

So often we take the easy way out... or remain in that 'comfort zone', only to realize the self imposed illusion that we have created for ourselves. Many of us find a change, or an upheaval from our usual routine a daunting prospect; unnerving, even, so much so that we try as much as possible to retain that certain regimented system, even against what our inner self is saying.

How many of us have stayed in an unhappy and unfulfilled relationship despite your intuition telling us that we should move on - in the hope that things may get better or to simply avoid being alone? We may even rouse ourselves in the mornings to trudge to that dead end job, even though we know that we are capable of so much more?

Fear of loneliness, rejection, and change is what prompts most of us to hold ourselves back and remain rooted to the spot, even though the world is constantly moving at its own pace. We end up staying in situations, jobs and relationships that we are far from happy with, and choosing to remain deaf and ignorant to that little voice that nags at us from deep within.

I have learnt not to ignore my intuitions... for doing so is akin to self denial, and the propensity to forego. I have accepted that there are questions that I already have the answers to - but have chosen to ignore or seek 'more'... perhaps because those answers aren't exactly what I would like to hear. At times, I push these thoughts and perceptions to the back of the mind, for as we are all aware, the truth can be the hardest thing to bear. It's as though these snippets of information that comes from deep within my inner consciousness would not materialise just by me pushing it to the furthest corners of my mind.

I have always been someone who takes comfort in the familiar, the tried and true. I have never been much of a risk taker, simply because I am far too easily satisfied with my lot, making the best of whatever I have. I appreciate the smallest things that I have been blessed with, and the little things (which many would take for granted) that would put a smile on my face. However, staying cocooned in my own comfort zone usually leaves me blind to far too many things - or perhaps, upon reflection, those shades are worn by choice.

In contentment, there is that danger of complacency.
My conscious self must learn to trust my intuitive self a little bit more.

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  1. I am one who has a pretty good 6th sense but I don't always heed it. (Sigh) On a funny note, it just happened this morning where I seriously had thoughts that I should recheck my IU (I had to remove the cashcard because we were at a hotel where I had a complimentary parking ticket) but I didn't. Guess what? I am $10 poorer - waiting for fine to be mailed to my house. :/



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