Drypers Drypantz: A Bub's Bums' Best Friend

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

I've tried almost all the popular diaper brands on the Mookid. Some from samples, some through recommendations, and others purchased from the sheer power of advertising.

As first time parents back when the kid was born in 2011, we couldn't understand the wide range of diapers available, as in our minds, as long as a diaper absorbs whatever that it needs to - it serves its purpose well.

How wrong we were! Through many different brands and dealing with leakages, rashes and inconvenience, we discovered that there were many distinctive features which will make one brand more suitable for one child as compared to another. Some babies have more sensitive skin, some have longer torsos, while others have narrow hips. There are babies who are bottom heavy, and there are those who get uncomfortable with dampness while others remain oblivious to soaking wet diapers!

When we first tried Drypers, while we were pleased with its overall performance, the sticker fasteners (back then) were made of plastic, and tend to poke Baby's stomach if they weren't fastened at the precise spot. On top of that, if the sticker were to come into contact with powders / lotions, the adhesive properties are compromised. Many times the boy had masking tape fastening his diaper. It was such a shame because they were actually very good otherwise, and we never had any problems with leakages or diaper rash while he was on Drypers. We had to go with another diaper brand because the stickers were just too much of a problem!

Then, last year, we found out that Drypers is launching their new improved diaper range which promises a better experience not only for baby, but also his caregivers. We made our way down to the Drypers Little Day Out 2012 which was the launch event, and were immensely pleased when we saw the new design. No more sticky tape - the fasteners are smooth, yet secures as though they are velcro. There are no issues with refastening or losing their holding power due to powders or lotions either.

Drypers Little Day Out 2012 - at 14 months old, I could still carry him with one hand!
We've stuck with Drypers since then, and when the Mookid graduated from Wee Wee Dry to the Drypantz, we were pleased to note that there were no issues whatsoever with rash (especially from the side garters) or leakage. He has always been a fussy baby, and a slightly damp diaper, a damp shirt, pants, a little fleck of porridge or a biscuit crumb on his clothes is enough to send him into an uncomfortable tizzy. He's happy in Drypers, so I suppose there are no problems with discomfort due to dampness!

Caden wears Drypers Drypantz (XXL), which absorbs urine fast and avoids 'flow back' due to its 'Activ-Core™ ' feature. The quick absorbing layers also locks in wetness and ensures maximum usage benefits.

The boy has a long torso and prefers to wear his pants / diapers low slung, and we find that even pushed down, the diaper stays in place and there is no leakage. This is due to the Flexi-Fit™ design, which moulds the diaper according each baby's body, therefore giving an active toddler better fit and comfort.

I absolutely like the double protection layer - it has saved us from messy situations numerous times! I dread to think what could have happened if the diaper didn't have this feature, as it was the additional thing which 'held' the contents from overflowing, especially when the boy has gorged himself on too much fruits, desserts and candies.

What *I* like best about Drypers is its price.

Now - we know that raising a kid isn't cheap, and while we're working ourselves to the bone trying to feed them, we really don't have the luxury of time to toilet train them from as young as possible to reduce the usage of diapers (yes, it's an excuse for my laziness). Sure, there are perhaps less expensive products in the market, but experience tells me that you will end up spending more in the long run because they don't hold as well as Drypers Diapers do.

With Drypers Drypantz, I can even afford to be even more lazy because the boy doesn't have to (nor asks to) be changed for hours! In fact, changing the diaper (unless it's a poopy one) becomes a cursory need, and hardly necessary - when done in between that morning and evening shower.

Add on the fact that Drypers has somehow managed to 'contain' the ammonia rich pee smells and mild poopy ones... so much so that sometimes I forget the boy has bodily excretions to attend to and discard!

Sounds like a perfect diaper?
Give it a chance and put it to the test. I did, and it has surpassed all my expectations, and then some.

On a lighthearted note, while we're on the topic of diapering and parenting... I came across this scripture, and thought how apt it is to share:

With that first change of diaper, life will never, ever be the same again.


Disclaimer: This is part of a series of sponsored conversations between Drypers and MummyMoo. All opinions stated are my own. The Mookid has been a regular user of Drypers, and we strongly recommend the product based on its own merits and first hand user experience.

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