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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

I love supermarkets. There's just something comforting about the rows and rows of fresh, frozen and canned foods. I never liked window shopping, but I can walk around at a supermarket, just browsing, without a shopping list in hand, and consider it retail therapy. 

That was then. Before I had a kid, and I could afford the luxury of time to shop for groceries, make price comparisons, and marvel at the sheer plethora of brands available for one single product. 

Now I'll be lucky if I can make a dash into a supermarket during weekends for the bare necessities. For you mums out there - I'm sure you have also mastered the art of locating an item on the shelf with one eye, while the other keeps an eagle eye on the kids (trust me, the last thing you want, or need - is to have to find them in crowded aisles!). If your kids are happy sitting in the trolley while you shop, I envy you. Truly. 

So I got all excited when I realized that I could purchase the majority of my household needs online! With RedMart, I need not worry about lugging heavy and bulky items home, nor do I have to waste precious time (when the boy is asleep) to shop for household items and groceries! I  can then run other errands, and my supermarket time is reduced to just purchasing fresh or frozen produce.

Furthermore, there is also less tendency for me to impulse shop when I do the shopping online. I zoom in on the item which I need, enter the quantity, and place in cart with the rest of my shopping. I choose a preferred delivery time and date, make payment - and that's it! 

Click. Click. Done!

RedMart's web interface already makes me happy looking at it. The products are sorted out, and items are clearly labelled, along with size, price and in certain cases, the percentage discount and amount saved when there is a promotion ongoing. Furthermore, there is a search tab for you to simply enter in a product or brand, which will direct you to the page without the hassle of you having to search through pages!

I got the boy's favourite drink. The travel pack is great for morning commutes to school, when he has his breakfast in the car. I don't like to keep juices or flavoured drinks in a water bottle as the stains are hard to clean and they get so dirty after awhile. The Ribena Fruit Drink is priced at $1.15, down from its usual price of $1.25

...and because I'm a (self professed and darn proud of it!) auntie, I compared the price at one of the leading competitor's online site, too.

Yay!! I got a bargain!

Just in case you're wondering - it's also $1.15 for the Ribena Strawberry Drink. The Mookid prefers the original Ribena.
Just to convince myself (and you, of course), I made a few other comparisons, too.

Kitchen towels are a must for me. I like to keep counters as dry as possible, even when I'm cooking or baking!
I usually use Canola oil for stir fries, and Corn oil for deep frying.

I noticed, too, that the product images at RedMart are larger, sharper, and you can actually zoom in any part to enlarge it, unlike the other online stores which has me squinting and scrutinising products so as to ensure that I have the right quantity or weight.

Zoom Zoom Zoom!
I then added a few other (bulky) things, and proceeded to check out. I placed the order on Monday, 15 July 2013 at around 1.00am, and the 'earliest delivery option' is stated on Tuesday, 16 July at noon. RedMart offers free delivery for purchases of $75.00 and above, so it's best to stock up and order all at one go. There are occasions when they lower the minimum purchase required for free delivery, so do look out for their promotions via Facebook or emails when you are a registered user.

I literally 'window' shopped for the next hour or so after I checked out my purchases, and was thankful that this could be done while the boys have a snoring match next to me!

The next day, the goods were delivery promptly at 1.00pm, which is my requested time. I wasn't home to receive the items, but my Mum's helper was extremely impressed by how well packed the items were!

The Loot. Thanks, RedMart!
Shopping for household items has become so easy at RedMart. Furthermore, with an iPhone app recently launched, we can now shop on-the-go! Get the RedMart iPhone app here.

Don't worry, it works on a black iPhone, too!

I'm a RedMartie. Come, join me!


RedMart has kindly invited you to experience online grocery shopping with them. Enter code: rm mummoo to enjoy a 10% discount off your purchases.

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this post and shopping credits provided so as to provide an accurate user experience account. All information is correct and true at time and date of review. All opinions are my personal views.


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