Life's Lessons from a 2-year old

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I remember as a child, I couldn't wait to grow up. I wanted to stay up all night and not worry about school or exams. I wanted to make my own decisions, and rebelled against authority. I was in a hurry to be an adult, because I didn't realise that childhood was far, far more exciting and better than being an adult.

Everyday is a learning experience, but there are a few things I have learnt to appreciate more because the boy has made me realise that life is far more than just the pursuit of material gains, status or a certain lifestyle.

He has made me see things from a simpler point of view, and in the process, made me a more contented person.

Perfections in imperfections 

He asks for a cupcake, I make him one, complete with an imperfect swirl of frosting. He doesn't see the imperfections when he exclaimed in glee as soon as he sees it on his bowl, and thanked me before devouring it at one go. In his mind, his Mehmee made it, and that means more to him than a perfect looking store bought one.

I stopped trying so hard to do things perfectly, especially when it means that precious time is wasted in trying to achieve better than what I deem the 'acceptable norm' in the eyes of society.

Never be afraid to ask!

The Mookid asks me a lot of things. Sometimes in gibberish, while at other times, he catches me off guard with his keen sense of perception. He demands to know why we are not at a playground when I promised him otherwise earlier in the day. He accepts explanations which make sense to him, but will not settle for just any answer thrown his way.

As adults, we sometimes hesitate to ask things for fear of consequences, repercussions, or even rejection. I know I often rather keep mum if I don't know or don't understand something, for fear of looking or sounding stupid. I've since come to a point whereby I stopped caring what people think if questioning means finding out what I previously didn't know. I will not let anyone judge me.

Everything that we can imagine - is real.

I love seeing the boy at play. One minute he is a fireman fighting fires, and the next he is an ambulance driver ferrying the victims of the fire. He arrives at the 'hospital' all breathless, and shouts: "Doctorrrrrrrrrr!! HELP!"

He runs in and out of the room, and suddenly he is Dr. Moo.

All this, with just his light saber, a wheelbarrow, and his little tent. He role plays for hours, and sometimes ropes Daddy or Mummy in to be his ever willing assistants.

His mind is a blank canvas, free of the worries of the world, with space to dream and imagine. He has taught me to let my dreams take me to places where I've never been, the way I used to before I let life take over. He's made me optimistic again, and believe in the power of the mind.

Affection is priceless.

Children care a lot about people whom they are close to, and never hold back their affections. They also try to get attention simply because our opinions and reactions mean a lot to them.

When the Mookid shows off his latest artwork from school, or manages to finally sing an entire nursery rhyme on his own, he looks to me for approval. When I cheer him on and commend him on a job well done, his happiness mirrored in his excited face reminds me that it means the world to him that I am proud of him.

I often forget to show affection to people whom I care about deeply. We cannot assume that they always know how we feel about them without an assurance from us every now and then, and that we value their presence. I have found myself taking these people for granted, and neglecting to show them that what they think matters a great deal to me.

Live for the moment 

He makes me sing along with him. Anywhere, as and when he feels like it. He pulls me along and we break into an impromptu dance in public. He isn't bothered by inhibitions as yet, and he doesn't care that people are watching. He laughs as he twirls me round, and what makes the moment for him would be that his mummy sang and danced with him. 

Do I care that people are watching? No.
Because I bet that if they were me, they would do the same, too.


Ever since I became a parent, I have realised that children can often reveal so much about our own lives. They are free spirited, free of inhibitions, and enjoy little pleasures because they have manageable expectations. We can learn so many things just by observing them, even though we supposedly 'know' more about living life compared to them. It will always do us good to remember that in life, it is not so much the destination but the lessons learned along the journey.

The MooKid has taught me a great many things. He's made me a better person just by loving me and accepting me as who I am. He's made me see things in different perspectives, and stopped me from being perpetually suspicious, critical and judgemental.

He's made me able to laugh at myself, and my mistakes. He has made me see that many of the childhood dreams I thought I had outgrown or given up are still inside of me.

He has made me quick to forgive,
and he has taught me unconditional love.

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  1. I totally understand what you mean. The past two weeks has been quite a toughie for me as I try to do everything perfectly. Ensure the place is clean, the boy is picked up at the exact time each day, and every other little detail, and trying to fit my schedule with the Hubby's to ensure our lives are run as I wanted it to. However, when I look at it, the boy does not care for the details. His life is complete with just the two of us by his side, even if it is just for 10 min before his bedtime. Thanks, as always for the reminder that there is definitely more to life than what we've always dreamt it to be.

  2. Love this post and agree with you that our kids are our best teachers. I've learnt to be spontaneous, more fun loving, more generous with my affections and also more forgiving. And the best part, Sophie called me her number one best friend!

  3. Wow thats a powerful post, that is!! I also wish I wasn't in such a hurry to grow up and be independent, but rather enjoy the full dependence and not having the weight of responsibility on my shoulders.

  4. It's funny how it takes a kid to remind us of the little things we oversee or worse, didn't see. love this post!

  5. Hello! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog! I love your blog and I love this post. Being a health blogger with a toddler puts me in a position where I always want to give the best nutrition for her, and sometimes I go too far and miss the enjoyment of living in the moment and let her be her cheerful self. Hard to explain in words, but this post is a great reminder. Thank u!

    1. Sometimes we all need a reminder! It's too easy to forget with all of society's demands :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Great post. I see so much of myself in you/your interactions with Moo kid. Makes it very close to heart and identifying with those thoughts make you my kindred soul.
    Those cupcakes look fabulous and store worthy. Imperfect NOT! =)



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