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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

"Reality is a fact that when you stop believing in it... wouldn't really make it go away."

One thing that I've learnt in life is that no matter how cheerful a person looks, there must be at least a little something in them that's eating them up.

That laugh which sounds too loud, the smile which is a little too wide is perhaps the perfect way to conceal and hide all the troubles and worries deep within. We sometimes simply assume that we are the only ones who are facing a problem.

How many times have you questioned: "Why Me?"

The fact of the matter is that we are not the only ones trapped in that self imposed bubble of seclusion. Each individual cast their worries aside and ensconce themselves in that private little space deep in the recesses of the mind - where we all run to whenever we are faced with a problem. We then hope that we can either manage to settle it on our own, or that it would eventually go away. We never like to look vulnerable in front of others, and we never want to look like we lead anything but a blissful, blessed life.

It's strange how the world actually works. Perhaps the Law of the Universe does protect its beings, somehow. Things that are beyond our comprehension; maybe its faith, magic, beliefs or reality - none of us can really even begin to fathom the mysterious ways things do happen. There is no way that we can actually know what will transpire, not in the next 5 minutes, 5 years, or any time in the foreseeable future. 

Why don't we all learn to genuinely take life as it comes by the moment?

Life gives us brief moments with another...but sometimes in those brief moments we get memories that lasts a life time.

I've never regretted anything that I've done, or experienced - for it has made me who I am. All that I am, today. And I shall never regret anything that will happen tomorrow, for I'm sure it will be something that will contribute towards my future.

It's as though we are time travellers, each and every single one of us.

Night turns into day, the seasons change, the kids grow up just that little inch more. We often forget to tell a person how much they mean to us, or cherish the little things that may be gone in the blink of an eye.

Live, love, and cherish life for what it's worth. Never hesitate to show your feelings whenever, wherever. Tell someone how much you care and love them... for tomorrow may be too late.

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  1. I laughed at the quote you used. That's why I believe in seizng each day because we'll never get it back again.
    PS: Hope work's getting better for you.

  2. That quote is so true. There are things I regret though, things I wish I never did. But if I hadn't done them, made those mistakes, then I wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn.



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