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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A month ago, I tried online grocery shopping at RedMart, and I honestly don't know how I ever survived jostling with the crowd and long weekend supermarket queues prior to that. I never worry about having to rush to the supermarket to buy the heavy and bulky essentials now, and only need to purchase a few fresh items every now and then from the supermarket just a stone's throw away from work.

Most importantly, with the option of being able to order groceries either from a computer or via a mobile app, I can shop at my own convenience - any time, anywhere! As a working Mum, I try to squeeze in as many things as I can within a 24 hour time frame, and I'm pleased that some of the 'chores' are at least taken care of by the RedMart team.

RedMart was started in early 2012 by three key people who have a common aim: to make a (necessary) everyday chore easier for everyone, and making sure that costs are kept as low as possible so that people can save money, too. To me, that's a combination for success, and results in a win-win situation for everyone.

Source: RedMart
I like that the people at RedMart make it a point to deliver not only orders on time, but on two occasions when the item I've chosen has unfortunately run out, they took the trouble to call me to not only let me know, but to apologise and offer substitutes picks similar to what I have originally purchased. I appreciate this gesture (instead of doing a delivery sans item which was out of stock) because no matter how efficient a system is, there will always be occasions when 'overlapping' orders are placed. Customer recovery is almost immediate, and I don't know about you - but I actually feel SO much better being contacted by, and thus able to communicate with a 'real life person', instead of via email or an automated response system!

Should you place an order by mistake, have forgotten to purchase something, or found out that you have ordered an extra bag of rice although there are still 2 big bags at home (yes, it's happened to me before!), simply email the RedMart team or call 6261 3456 / 9751 5036 and they will try their best to modify the order.

All personal information is kept confidential, unless otherwise advised, and when you POP (Pay Over Phone, not the Labour sort!) bank details will be deleted once the transaction goes through.

RedMart also offers a "My List" program, which is like your personal grocery list. During your first purchase, the products which you buy are compiled and stored onsite. They are then tagged with information on the frequency of purchase. When it's time to restock the particular item, an email will be sent to you, and repurchase is as easy as clicking the accompanying link in the email!

When they have periodic specials, some of their discounts are worth stocking up on that particular item. I have opted to receive email alerts should there be new additions or offers in store, so that I will never miss a great deal.

The 'ON SALE' tab on the home page contains all of the items currently on promotion. If an item in your My List is on promotion, the discount will automatically be applied to your order.
Current deals:

Working in the Service industry has also made me realise that the core of every successful business is made up of not only technological and product know-how, but the passion of the people who run the show. Going by my experience so far, the people at RedMart, from the higher management to its delivery team - certainly enjoy what they do.

They have turned what was previously a chore, into a pleasant shopping experience for me.

Disclaimer: This is an advertorial for RedMart. While I was compensated and shopping credits provided for a first hand user experience, all opinions are 100% my own. I've also been regularly shopping at RedMart because it's just too convenient!

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