U Grand Prix Experience 2013: Go-kart Challenge!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Mookid loves fast cars, and has been thrilled by F1 races ever since he was in the tummy. He wasn't much of a kicker or a difficult baby in utero, and there are days when I get worried because he wasn't making his presence felt. When I felt him kick and move so much more than usual the first time I settled down in front of the TV while there was a race on, I dismissed it as mere coincidence, but when it happened every time I managed to watch an F1 race, I knew I would have more reason to worry in the future.

For now, he has to settle for me yelling at Daddy when he goes over the speed limit (much to the little one's joy), racing in the arcades or manoeuvring his die-cast cars along the play tracks at home.

We were kindly invited to U Grand Prix Experience 2013, organised by NTUC and supported by U Sports last Sunday evening at the F1 Pit Building. The main highlight of the event is the Go-Kart challenge on the F1 race track. I felt that this was the perfect opportunity for the kid to experience the bright floodlights of the F1 circuit without having to really jostle with the crowds amidst tight security. Furthermore, even though he can't race as yet, watching the go-kart challenge will be a treat for him!

There was also fashion show, entertainment by a local band, grid girls and guys, sports cars display and F1 gaming simulators. Basically it's an event held for union members as a run up to the 2013 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix.

Of course, there is that obligatory grid girl photo shoot session. I've never understood the come hither poses against the car thing. A study in contrast? Or what?

Anyways, the kiddo loved the entire vibe and feel of the experience. Looks like we've got one with a need for speed.

Be still, my heart.

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  1. Whao.it must be so cool to attend a go kart race and to be so up close to the fast cars :)

  2. haahaahaa.... Baby Moo looks like he had a fabulous time with fast cars and pretty models!!



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