Growing up too fast

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Caden and I were proudly featured by Comfort Ultra in June's Motherhood magazine. The photo shoot took place in October last year, and as excited as I was to see us in print, I couldn't help feeling wistful at the same time.

Where did my baby go?

"Choosing the right laundry product is important to me, especially since my son is prone to rashes and other skin allergies. With Comfort Ultra Pure, his clothes are now softer to the touch and doesn't scratch nor irritate his sensitive skin. I haven't had any problems with rashes or reddened skin ever since!"
I remember back then, at 20 months old, he was curious about everything. He wanted to touch, feel, and discover all that was around him without any measure of fear or trepidation. He learned his lessons along the way, some very painful ones - and now he's a little more wary, he has developed a little fear about things which he deems as dangerous, and he is a lot more perceptive.

I only recently changed his calling name on this space as well. It felt a bit weird after awhile to refer to him as 'BabyMoo', because he is hardly a baby any more. He's either Caden or 'Mookid' now, is 110 cm, weighs 17 kg, and is sassy even with a limited vocabulary. 

Our children grow up quietly, quickly, with changes happening so subtly that we can almost miss it if we aren't looking. There were a lot of hits and misses the first few months. We were first time parents and didn't know what to do, we didn't know what was normal and what needed attention, we worried about things which would make seasoned parents laugh. I wondered if he would ever cut his first tooth... I thought there was something wrong when most babies his age were cleaning the floors on their tummies and he wasn't even remotely attempting to crawl.

Then, one day, he pulled himself up, and cruised round the house. Just like that.

From then on, there was no stopping him. He walked gingerly, being very very careful not to fall - and then he just started running. I can't even remember where or how he did it. Now when I'm all exhausted from running after him, I wonder why I even bothered to worry about why he wasn't walking when he turned one.

His first word, at a grand old age of 18 months, was Diddih. I rolled my eyes when he shouted in glee as he saw his father's car on the driveway. I remember that moment because I was prepared to send him to a speech therapist to get assessed, because he didn't even bother to try to imitate sounds. Now he sometimes gets sassy with me, albeit in a yet to be refined way - and all I can think of when he does that is when did he learn to string words to form the sentence?

I will never tire of gazing at him when he's asleep, and I hold his once-tiny hands in mine. I marvel at home much he's grown... from just taking up the length of a pillow - he's now using the same pillow and leaving his parents a mere 1/3 of the bed to share.

Being a working parent also means that I don't get to spend as much time with him as I want to, and often I get rather sad when I realise that he is gaining and asserting his independence day by day. He sits down, removes his shoes when he walks in the door. He pulls down his pants and struggles out of his top just before a bath. He locks doors, retrieves things from locked drawers, and picks out his own outfits prior to going out.

Like a movie which started off in slow motion, somewhere along the way, it gains momentum, and then I find that I have missed certain chapters. Unlike the movie, there isn't any rewind button...and I rue what has passed in the blink of an eye.

I take photos. Document antics on videos. I write about him. I form mental images which I keep locked away in the deep recesses of my mind. I try to hold on to time.

There are dividing and defining moments in their childhood. As much as I want to show him the world and prepare him for life, I am already missing the days when he is totally dependent on me. It's nice to be needed, and to feel like you are their entire universe.

Every month sees him meeting milestones. When I see him being able to finally do something which he has been trying to, along with the immeasurable pride, I swallow the lump in my throat. I look at pictures of him as a newborn and I'm amazed at the changes which makes him the little person that he is now. I want to hold on to this little one who spontaneously grabs hold of me to hug me tight or plant a slobbery kiss on my lips.

He's changing right before my eyes, and I am proud. I am proud of who he is now, and I'm a much better person for being able to contribute to his development. 

He still has the chubby cheeks, but he has lost much of his baby fat. He's strong, much stronger than I give him credit for. He calls me 'Mehmee' in his own special way, knowing exactly how to push the right buttons. He babbles on and on, stringing words together without the usage of punctuations - and he loves attention a little too much.

He tells me "Luv Mehmeeeee!" and I melt. Every. time.

October 2012

As I write this, Caden Uriah Moo is exactly 31 months old. He's a little boy now, and look how far he's come. He still has the same smile, he's more cheeky than ever, and his self confidence grows day by day. I'm so very proud to be his Mummy, to witness him growing up, and I'm thankful that he is mine.

June 2013

As much as he is growing before my very eyes, I am glad that certain things remain unchanged. I've always used Comfort Ultra Pure to wash his clothes, as I find that it makes his clothes soft, and is suitable for his delicate, sensitive skin. I've also come to associate the clean, pleasant smell of clothes freshly laundered with Comfort Ultra with him, because I've used it to wash his clothes and bedding ever since he was born! This is just one of the ways I choose to care for him. When he's comfortable and happy, that's all that matters to me.


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Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by Comfort Ultra Pure, in collaboration with MummyMoo. While I have been compensated for this post, all opinions expressed here are completely mine.

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  1. Gosh just look that his chubby face when he was younger. He sure lost a bit of that at 31 months eh... I think even at 31, he'll still always be your baby Moo :)



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