Suspicious Minds

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Do not say,"it is morning,"
and dismiss it with a name of yesterday.
See it for the first time -
as a newborn child that has no name.

~ Rabindranath Tagore

My friends ever so often call me foolish. They say I'm too trusting for my own good - and that's usually why I end up getting more hurt than I should be most of the time, when people disappoint me.

Perhaps, in a way, that's true, but I am never trusting to a point where I can be looked upon as gullible, and naivete certainly does not become me. I will choose to trust whom I feel I should, but whether I choose to let them believe that I take their words as the gospel truth every single time - that's really entirely up to me.

Too many people base their judgements on how they perceive me to be. Without really knowing me, understanding me, or even bothering seeing who I really am, as a person. Most of them think I'm a snob just because I don't go around smiling to everyone or anyone who happens to walk my way. They are quick to brand me snobbish, arrogant and 'full-of-herself' just because I never look down when I walk. I like to see where I'm going. I'm a clumsy oaf, and bruise easily. Do they even bother to think of that remote possibility?

Is it easier to see a person's negative traits rather than to have to deal with positive characteristics? Could it be that encountering a person who seems the total opposite of the people we usually come across in life, that unnerving? Almost like - 'she's too good to be true, let's unravel her and call her bluff.'

Have we become so jaded, so sceptical, so much so that we tend to always look at the world from behind our UV-protected shades? Aren't we even concerned that in doing so, we will miss the vibrant hues that make up the colours of our life? Whether the world is bathed in a multitude of colours, or simply cloaked in a drab, dark shade of gray; could it be that it's no longer important to us?

Pretty scary, if one really thinks about it. Especially if we have to look over our shoulders at every turn. Perhaps life would be so much simpler if we just took things as they are and people for whom they appear to be. We should just learn how to handle life better. Laugh things off instead of getting irritated over the smallest things. 

Or just not have expectations, because when you don't, there's nothing or no one to disappoint us.

Sometimes simplicity makes the world a much more tolerable place. When there are too many rules, too many devious plotting and scheming (brought about by idle intelligence) - people tend to forget who they actually are. Many walk around with a mask that they hardly take off, save for when they are alone, and even then, they have worn that mask too long that it has become almost part of them.

We chase after shadows because we are afraid of hurting.
We view everything through narrowed eyes because we are afraid that others would exploit what they through them.
We wonder about true intent when someone seems too nice.
We are jaded,
We are cynical, somewhat...

But that's life, and it's part of survival.

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