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Monday, 24 February 2014

I've always been extremely particular about what the boy wears when we go out, because I feel that it is important that he is dressed appropriately. Now that I am still able to ‘decide’ what he wears, I have fun exploring mix and match options for him, while at the same time bearing in mind the materials used and his comfort level. In addition to that, I will not want my son to look at his growing up photos and make him wish that I had just put him in diapers – and nothing else!

I used to rue the fact that there seems to be pretty limited options for boys to look cool as opposed to the multitude of pretty dresses and accessories for the girls, but I have noticed that many shops now have a wider range of clothes for boys. It’s no longer just plain cartoon character tees or polo shirts (which often make them look 20 years older), shorts or pants – there are vests, hats, graphic tees, cargo pants and fun shirts appropriate for their age.

Then again, I suppose parents these days are more particular about how their children dress, and many will not dream of making their kids look like stuffed animals or add on unnecessary years to their age (Think striped golf polo tees on your boys - It’s not cute. It’s creepy!) As long as the demand for cool, stylish clothes is there, I'm sure that there will be a wider range for us, mum of boys, to choose from!

A couple of weeks before Chinese New Year, I allowed myself to panic because I haven’t had time to shop for new clothes for the boy since I've been so bogged down with work. On line shopping seems to be the only option I had, because by the time I finish work, it would be close to midnight.

This was my saviour.

Noting the clean lines and monochrome theme of the site, I already liked what I saw even before I checked out the selection.

Cool stuff for Cool Dudes. 

(Note: I didn't dare to check out the girls’ stuff. Looking at the boys’ selection, I'm sure the girls’ section would make my uterus dance, and that just isn't an option!)

Well... I did peep.

Not FAIR!!! Booooooo!!

I (reluctantly) then switched to the Boys' section, and got down to selecting a few items for the boy. Shopping was a breeze, and the best part is - with the (very) reasonable prices, my wallet wasn’t too hard hit!

I love the selection onsite, and I'm glad to note that the clothes are age appropriate. They are cute chic without any of the fluffy pastels or cartoon characters!

I was worried about the sizing as different brands are cut differently, and it is pretty tricky to order clothes for the kid online because he wears a size 4 (long) for tops, otherwise tee shirts or shirts will be much too short for him. For pants or shorts, he wears a size 2 or 3, but it has to be a 'long' cut too, because he is pretty lean and tall. I conveyed my concerns to Cheryl, the driving force behind PriviKids, and she was extremely helpful in making sure that we get a right fit! It also helps that her son is almost the same age as the Mookid, so I think she was able to address my concerns effectively.

Interestingly, she mentioned that Privikids was started when her son, Aiden, was born, and she found it a challenge to find stylish, comfortable, unique and affordable clothes for him. The ones which were of good quality are usually expensive, and she wanted to present a range of stylish kids' wear without the hefty price tag. Furthermore, PriviKids aim to make it easier for busy parents to shop for their children online, and this was achieved by providing a range of payment methods (major credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer). Shipping is either via normal mail (free of charge!) or registered mail at standard local rates. Easy peasy!

Three days after confirming my order, a package arrived for me via registered mail.

'Master' Caden does not stay at the stated address. In true celebrity style, that's his P.O. Box address!
Don't you just love the monochrome tones? Quirky, fun, yet with a refined edge... just like the stuff they have! Honestly, being a Marketing and Design person, I was impressed with the packaging. Sometimes simplicity speaks volumes.

So Mummy was busy at work in the weeks preceding Lunar New Year, but the boy got to wear new clothes anyway, thanks to PriviKids!

It's just too difficult to get the boy to pose. After countless NG takes, I think we managed to get some decent shots.
Caden wears Camo cargo berms and Jaws tee, and gave his absolute approval! The tee shirt and berms stay crease free even after an entire day of fun at a birthday party - so that's already a plus point in my books!

Then there's also the Rwar!! tee, which 'Master' Caden chose for himself. I showed him the range of tees online, and this was the particular one which he picked out.

"RAWR, Marmmee!!"

He got photobombed, then wanted to take a 'mood' shot, but I finally managed to convince him to roar for me.
*le sigh*
For Chinese New Year, he wore *my* favourite pick from PriviKids.

Polka dot shirt with red buttons. Très chic!
He was colour co-ordinated with Daddy-o, too!

My MooBoys! They make me mad, make me angry and make me upset... but they make me happier than I've ever been before!

If you like the selection at PriviKids, we have a set (which consists of a top and bottom) or a dress to giveaway!

This contest is open to all Singapore readers, 
and ends on Sunday, 01 March 2014, at 1200hrs. 
Results will be announced on Monday, 02 March 2014.

Good luck!


Congratulations to Jasmine Sia! 
We will get in touch with you shortly.

Disclaimer: This post is made possible by PriviKids.


  1. My biggest challenge when dressing Noah up is finding clothes that match and fit him well. (Okay erm that's two challenges. Heh.)

  2. My biggest challenge is getting dresses which Tiger girl would actually like to wear.

  3. Lol my son has his own fashion sense too. Sometimes he might not accept what I choose and then we have to re choose together

  4. The most challenging bit: finding pants that fit! All their pants have adjustable waists as they are so darn skinny for their age. The 5 yo can still fit into 18mth old shorts!

  5. Finding stylish yet comfy clothes at an affordable price point.

  6. oh, I yike master C's choice of clothes very much!

  7. Finding kids clothes with big enough neck hole cos my kids have big heads!!

  8. Biggest challenge is to find great looking kid wear and comfortable ones at a reasonable price



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