Celebrating Friendship

Monday, 24 March 2014

Diana and I have been friends for over 23 years now. I got to know her from a mutual friend, and our friendship developed from there. We lost contact for quite some time as life took over (she stayed overseas, taught in a school, while I worked crazy hours) but we were fortunate to have regained contact via the same mutual friend's sister, who said hello to me on Facebook because we shared the same wedding videographer!

To cut a long story short, I'm glad that we can still pick up where we left off, because even through life's ups and downs, we are still the same two girls who can look at each other, not say a word, and know exactly what the other is thinking. Which usually has us in gales of laughter after that! (no pun intended, D!)

Now Caden has hit it off with her son, Aden. Even their names are almost the same, and we met again after both boys were born!

Hopefully, this will be a start to a great friendship, too.


  1. Amazing!! I knew it's been years and years but it still amazes me when I read it has been 23 years!!! Lets try for another 23 years (or more) without killing each other! :P

  2. Darling pictures!! And your blog looks great no need for a make over :p

  3. Awww too sweet! Girlfriends are the best!



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