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Monday, 10 March 2014

I remember when I was back in school, the highlight of every school year was getting the brand new books and seeing each and every single one emblazoned with my name. Of course, back then, there were no such things as printed names or stickers, and my Mom painstakingly hand wrote each exercise book and text book with my name. There's just something about seeing my name on the new books which made me happy, and I dare say it contributed much to nurturing my sense of identity and self esteem.

I hankered after one of those 'ticker tape' type of label maker - perhaps some of you would be familiar with it - which comes with a round disc complete with the letters of the alphabet. You had to rotate the disc to find the required alphabet and punch it out so as to form an embossed text on the sticker tape. It looked something like this: 

'Dymo'! It was the closest thing to having 'professional' looking name labels back then! I had to google 'VINTAGE Name Label' for heavens sakes!

My mom wouldn't get one because she said that the tape does not last over a few washes (for water bottles and lunch boxes) and it's much faster to hand write instead! I remember wanting one so badly, and 30 years later, I still recall writing to Santa asking for a 'Dymo' label maker when I had to label the boy's stuff before he started school. 

A year ago, I purchased name labels from a non-local site, and while I was happy with the product, I didn't like that the lead time for production was pretty long. Furthermore, they couldn't process Chinese characters, and this was a major drawback for me because I couldn't write the boy's Chinese name! (Please don't judge) 

So when Child Label contacted me and offered to provide Caden with some awesome labels, I was more than happy to do a review because:

1. I have a thing about supporting Mumpreneurs 
2. It is a local based company 
3. Their labels look pretty awesome to me!

The options at Child Label range from circle labels to rectangular ones, birthday labelsbook labels, and Chinese name labels. The same choices are available as iron-ons as well. The 'Get Me Started' pack is great if you want a few basic stickers and iron-ons. If you can't decide, there's always the 'Give Me Everything!' Pack, which has just that. A little bit of everything! 

Ordering is as easy as choosing the packchoosing the design, and entering the name required. Payment is via Paypal (credit card payment is thru Paypal) or bank transfer. Local shipping is free, unless you opt for registered mail, and international shipping is at a flat rate of S$3. 

Choose your pack
Choose the design, and enter in the name!
So this is what I got in the mail!

'Vroooom!' design (photos are non edited to showcase actual colours)

Oh look! His Chinese name!

Multi functional labels for everything and anything!
So neither the husband nor I am able to write Caden's Chinese name, right? This is how we ordered: 

Handwritten by the boy's Grandmama
The people at Child Label were kind enough to do up the labels based on a photo of the characters, courtesy of my mum-in-law! I ought to be embarrassed but... well - Chinese was not what I opted for my 2nd language at school back then, so I have to look for ways around it!

I then had fun labelling all his stuff!

There something about this label that makes the Queen song go on repeat in my mind...
Yay!! Got too many Cadens, but I think only one with this Chinese name!
This is the lunch box he carries when Mummy and Daddy feels like *NOT* having Chinese food over the weekend! It will have the mandatory rice, meat, and fruits. (Uh huh... the boy is super 'traditional' when it comes to food!)
I'm so tempted to get some for myself just because I think they're cool!
Round stickers for his stinky shoes ensure that no one else will wear his pair by mistake (if the 'aroma' doesn't alert them first)
Totally love how the round stickers fit over his Avent Natural Bottles!
It sticks nicely over a concave surface, too!
These labels are made of high quality vinyl and are waterproof, microwave safe, and freezer-proof, too. They are scratch resistant, but peel off with relative ease when you'd like to change the sticker position, or if you are like me - a bit OCD about the stickers being aligned straight. They adhere to the surface even after I repeatedly peeled and re-stuck them again, without leaving any stubborn sticker marks.

The iron ons are handy for labeling his school uniform too - and comes with detailed instructions on the procedure for clueless people like me! 

Of course, I made the husband do it, because I needed someone to blame if something went wrong.
Peel off the correct side! He peeled off the wrong side, and guess who had to clean the iron? Remember what I said about having someone to blame? :)
Let's see if this works...
Ten seconds (or till the sides peel off cleanly)
Ta-DA!!! Pretty awesome, isn't it?
I believe that for parents of two or more kids (especially if you have twins!) these labels will definitely come in handy. There will be no confusion as to which items belongs to whom, and these labels are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also make it easier for kids to identify their belongings in an environment where many other items, some of which can be of the same make and design. I'm big on labelling Caden's school things because it not only gives him a sense of identity, but it keeps things organised for his educators and caregivers, too.

Child Label 
Shop here:

Thanks to the kind people at Child Label, 
we have TWO sets of 'Get Me Started!' packs to giveaway!

This contest is worldwide and ends on Monday, 17 March 2014, at 00:00.
Results will be announced thereafter.

Good Luck!


Congratulations to Kaye Wong and Diana Bok!! 
We will be in touch with you shortly :)

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