Pages of Memories

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Looking back upon the words written over the past two years... I recall.
I remember.

It's amazing how so many things can happen in such a short span of time - and it's equally wondrous how each and every experience brings us to new levels of consciousness, realizations, and perhaps even make us understand a little more of ourselves. It's wonderful to be able to look back and chart milestones, how BabyMoo has grown into the little boy whom we love so dearly, and the challenges that come with parenting at different stages.

Looking back through what I've written - across a blank canvas of time and space, I see so many changes, so many things that have happened. Some good, some sad, a cacophony of emotions written across the pages; a reflection of all that I am as a mother, a wife, a friend - and all that I have been through.

A myriad of colours bound together on the pages of the screen... in a rainbow hue of oranges, blues and greens - some as dark as my moods, some as bright as the summer sky. Rays of colours bound together by a single thread called faith, brought together by people and places that have influenced and shaped my life as I know it.

I embrace the words that have given me the power to remember events and experiences, feelings and emotions. The single silvery teardrop that reflects sadness in my heart during difficult times, and the peals of laughter that have overshadowed the darkness.

Life is full of so many possibilities, and it's pretty amazing how our choices determines where our life leads. This is what we try to impart to the boy, too.

It's okay to mistakes,
to fall down, scrape our knees,
We painfully get up, cringe - and wait for the pain to subside.
and eventually the wound heals.

If we walk the same path again, sometimes, we are more aware of the potholes, and the sharp incline that caused us to slip and fall the last time round.

Through the pages of my memories, I live and learn, I smile through my tears, I face each day looking forward to what lies in store. Life is full of infinite possibilities, and it's wonderful how we can all be the masters of our own destiny.

I remember writing about love, loving, hurt and despair.
I remember people, faces and places I've been.
I love the melody that the memories bring to me.

I love being a Mum.

I look back in awe and wonder...
at the tapestry of colours that have made my life worth living.


  1. i love being a mom too! my son is turning 3 this year, time flies too fast.

    your son is such a cutie! my son has the same red shirt. :)

    visiting from SMB,

  2. Everytime i read your blog, I am brought into a world of poetry wonder. Every word just fit so well, the language so eloquent and pleasing to my ears. :) Happy two years regina, continue blogging beautiful moments, I'll be forever a fan! :) And Babymoo, i miss that boy. He looks like he has grown an awfully lot over the past year that I have not seen him! <3



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