Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I've always been somewhat reluctant to face changes in my life. I've always been resistant to new things, new people, new places. It can be said that I actually take comfort in the familiar, often preferring to remain stagnant, as long as I'm happy - I am content.

Some people hate to be stuck in a 'rut', they will always look forward to new challenges, new environments, things that they've never experienced before, just to see how it's like on the other side of the fence. I was never one of those. I'd rather remain where I'm comfortable in, do whatever is good for me, and excel in it.

I've never been one of the ambitious ones who would grasp every opportunity to advance their careers, regardless of what they may have to sacrifice in the process. Money and prestige never motivated me, as long as I'm comfortable in a position and a job, as long as I look forward to going to work every day, and as long as I didn't have to push myself beyond the limits that I know I'm perfectly capable of, I remain sated, and comfortably content.

That doesn't mean that I have a nonchalant attitude toward many things in life. In fact, when I'm passionate about something, I will more often than not go above and beyond what is required of me without asking, expecting or seeking for anything in return. I give without strings attached, and of course, I have been made use of, more times than I would care to remember, especially when it comes to work.

Whenever I'm entrusted to do something, I would always do mybest. Not simply because that's what expected of me, but more just to prove to myself that I am perfectly able to do it. I will find out and explore all possibilities and open avenues, more for my own knowledge than anything else. For instance, when I was starting out in the service industry, cocktails and mixed drinks fascinated me no end. It intrigued me that so many spirits in every possible colour combination can be derived from the most ordinary things, and I was curious as to why some are able to 'float' above others.

I didn't learn by the book. I learnt the hard way; through observation, and initiative. It came to a point when not only I knew every international cocktail and their concoction, I also knew what each spirit is derived from. I knew off the top of my head how many shots would make a bottle, and I could easily pour a single perfect shot without having to use a measuring jigger. Then, and only then, did I venture toward other aspects of F & B.

I suppose whoever I am now, my personality, my character - have been built on the foundation of my own personal choices. Although I'm assured of a few hard knocks now and then, I wouldn't want myself any other way. Perhaps it's also because I'm too stubborn to change the course of my choice even though at times the road may look like its headed uphill all the way. Whatever it is that I choose to do, I will always have to be the best that I can be; even if I sometimes have unrealistic expectations of myself.

Change(s) may not be that exciting, after all. If you're one of those who gets bored easily, if you're one who would flit from flower to flower seeking that elusive nectar of heavenly sweetness - perhaps, at the end of the day, you may not stay long enough in a particular bloom to appreciate its true taste, for some flavours of heaven is tasted only through persistence and hard work.

We are who we are because of the risks that we take. Every new beginning need not be obtained from some ending. If you're happy as how you are, what you are, and where you are - everyday is a new beginning. It's how we approach life and its challenges which matter most.

The hardest part about moving forward is not looking back...
and perhaps, sometimes, I'm just far too nostalgic a person not to.'s Talkative Thursdays

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