Toilet Training: Don't sweat the small stuff!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Caden is 3 years and 4 months old, and I have no qualms about admitting that he isn't fully toilet trained yet. The husband and I have always allowed him to develop at his own pace, and so we believe that as soon as he's ready to go off diapers, he will let us know.

Amidst pressure from my mum (who started asking me about toilet training when he was 18 months old) and her constant nagging about how reliant we were on diapers, I tried to explain to her that I refuse to place unnecessary pressure on either him or his caregivers. Of course, I met with resistance from her, but I figured out that I'm not going to let her affect me because if she were to be believed, my brother and I were off nappies at one year old, ate full meals on our own at 15 months, and be able to recite the multiplication tables on our 2nd birthday. 

Yes. I kid you not :) 

So for the past year or so, I've never really conscientiously trained him. As it is, I hardly have time with him, and when I do, I refuse to spend the time sweating over the small stuff. He naturally one day decided that big boy undies are a necessary part of his school uniform, and told me so. He's been diaper-free during the day for the past 3 months, without any accidental 'spillage' thus far - but honestly speaking (please don't judge!) I really miss the diaper days... and not having to worry about finding a toilet in 60 seconds or less when we're out, or potentially embarrassing accidents.

I'm not in the running for mother of the year, so let's just be honest here - the logistics of being out and about with a baby or a toddler is stressful enough without the additional pressure of running around looking for a toilet, and finding one, only to find a queue stretching from here to China, and then when a kind lady lets you go first (because she probably has had the experience of a squirmy toddler trying to hold it in and letting the entire world know that!!) - you walk into a cubicle with pee puddles and shoe prints on the seat. While it's pretty fortunate that boys pee standing up and Caden is tall enough to aim direct into an adult-sized urinal, I only have two hands. One to hold his pants up so that it won't be bunched around his ankles on the muddy floor, and the other to hold him away from the urinal so that he won't lean against it. I don't have an extra hand to erm... help him aim properly.

So... at night and on weekends, Caden still wears diapers. Or 'training pants', which is the magic phrase I use so that he doesn't think he's wearing diapers. He tells me when he needs to go, but at the same time, until he has more control over his bladder, there is a fallback plan. I can do without having to deal with minor or major accidents.

I'm not an exemplary parent, but hey - I'm realistic, and when I don't have to worry about small little things like soiled underwear and cleaning up puddles or poop in public, I'm a happier mum!


I've always been a fan of Drypers because it is suitable for Caden, and through design improvements over the years, Drypers have listened to feedback from consumers and made their products continuously better!

When I purchase diapers for him, I am pretty particular about how it fits. Absorbency is another important factor, and now that he's older, a very essential point to note because the older (and heavier) they are, the more liquid they will emit. I used to think that when I look at a diaper pack, the weight indication is a gauge as to how the diaper will fit - but I've come to the realisation that the capacity to hold waste matter increases according to the weight indicated.

Recently, when I needed to replenish his diapers, I looked around for the familiar yellow packs, and almost panicked when I couldn't find any.

Then I realised that Drypers now has a brand new packaging! I don't know how I could have missed it the first time round, but perhaps I was looking intently for a colour rather than the logo!

I really like how vibrant the new packs are, though. In fact, Drypers have thoughtfully placed an age-appropriate baby / child on the respective cover to make the sizes easier to identify!

When Caden was a baby, we didn't like Drypers all that much because they tend to have a 'plasticky' feel to it. Apart from that, the side tapes also felt very much like scotch tape, and are rendered useless if a little bit of powder were to get on them. Over the years, we are so glad to note that Drypers have made improvements to their product and made it so much better, while still keeping their prices competitive.

The new Drypers Drypantz feels softer to the touch. It is probably the next best thing to wearing cloth diapers because it doesn't have that 'scratchy and plasticky' feel which seems to characterise diapers in general. The surface is soft and smooth, while the inner lining has lost the bulkiness of previous models.

The garters on the Drypantz are soft to the touch, yet secure and snug. For highly active toddlers, this is especially important so as to minimise the risk of accidental leakage while at play.

Caden has pretty sensitive skin, and he especially does not like discomfort arising from any article of clothing. These days, he is able to tell me exactly what bothers him, and I have had to give away some diaper models as well because they cut into his skin or causes him to itch. When I tried on the new, improved Drypers Drypantz on him - it not only fit him snugly, I didn't hear a word of complaint from him! I believe that the emphasis on comfort and healthy skin is enhanced by the extracts of Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Olive and Vitamin E.

Now that he is in the transition period of being a 'diapered bub' to a toilet trained toddler, it is also important that the diaper does not hinder his movements and acts effectively as a pair of 'training pants' for him. There were times when I was lulled into purchasing other diapers (without garters) due to discounts or just to test the product's effectiveness, but I ended up using more diapers when the sides 'loosened' after just two trips to the toilet. Furthermore, when the sides are a little loose, the entire diaper tends to 'drag' down, resulting in an unsightly droopy bulge!

I like that it hugs his bottom without cutting into the skin.

After an entire Saturday out and about, and after 5 visits to the toilet, the diaper amazingly still holds its shape and form. The garters have not loosened, and I was very pleased to note that Caden didn't start scratching his hips immediately after I removed the diapers. He usually does that, and this often causes scratches and broken skin.

In other news - the diaper remained totally dry! YAY!

My toddler boy, at a grand old age of 40 months, tells me when he needs to visit the toilet. I may be the laziest mum you've ever come across, but until he is able to maintain better control over his bladder movements - on weekends when we're out and we see the umpteenth snaking queue from the toilet all the way out to the entrance, when the environmental conditions are not suitable to a little person barely 115cm tall and hygiene conditions leave much to be desired, diapers protect my sanity.

Don't take my word for it.

Now your kids, too can try the new Drypers, while YOU get some vouchers back in return!

Throughout the whole month of June (so you have time to finish that old pack of diapers first!) with every purchase of 2 packs of Drypers Wee Wee Dry or Drypers Drypantz, you will receive a $10 FairPrice voucher simply by:
  1. Sending in a photo or scanned image of your receipt as proof of purchase
  2. Providing your personal particulars (Name, address, contact no, child’s name and DOB).
Email these details to <> with subject title [MummyMoo] and you will receive a $10 Fairprice voucher in exchange. It's that simple! (limited to one redemption per household)

UPDATE 23 May 2014: This promotion is valid from 1 June - 30 June, but for those of you who have sent in your particulars and proof of purchase prior to the 1st, your submission will still be honoured with a return voucher!

N.B: This promotion not applicable to Drypers Drypantz M-4pcs, L-3pcs, XL-3pcs, XXL-3pcs


Disclaimer: This is part of a series of sponsored conversations between Drypers and MummyMoo. All opinions stated are my own, although the bum pictured is not mine. The Mookid has been a regular user of Drypers from the time he was able to cruise, and we strongly recommend the product based on its own merits and first hand user experience.


  1. Multiplications at 2!!! Surely you are kidding, Prof Moo?

  2. I've been a drypers fan since the day my daughter was born 4yrs ago. Wouldnt change it for any other brand.

    1. They're really worth the price, aren't they? :) Glad you approve!

  3. Hi,
    Is the promotion limited to 1 voucher/ customer ? Thank you for sharing this great deal!

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your support! We have checked with Drypers and it's limited to only one redemption per household.



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