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Friday, 30 May 2014

Call me a wuss, but I was always scared of the dark.

Growing up, I've always had a night light on in the room at night, and even when I used to co-sleep with my mum, the night light was always there - perhaps for comfort, rather than necessity - in my older years. 

Then I met this dude who has to sleep in complete darkness, and since I married him, I have had to get used to it. At least for a year or so, until the bub came along.

I'm sure all of us can recall (or are going through) the countless times we have to wake up at night either to feed the baby or change poopy diapers the first 12 months post birth. I have had a night light on ever since we brought Caden home from hospital, and with or without light, DaddyMoo sleeps on, anyways (it's amazing how the 'must sleep in darkness' thing doesn't feature anymore after baby!)

So Caden is probably used to having a little light on at night, but as he gets older, he often complains that our current light is 'choobight, Marmee, choobight!' We tried to switch it off the moment he sleeps, but that one time we did, he woke up screaming in terror, groping for me, and trembling in fear. Perhaps the onset of total darkness disoriented him, and it took us awhile to coax him back to sleep the following nights after that incident.

When I found out that Philips have come up with a range of night lights designed to help kids ease into sleep and provide comfort should they awaken at night, I thought that this is a perfect solution for a little boy who has recently declared that there are 'alyensss and monnnnsters at night, so I don't want to go sleep'.

I attended the Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting launch a fortnight ago, by kind invitation, and I was extremely intrigued by their promise of 'Creating magic with imaginative lighting'. Unfortunately, Caden wasn't able to attend as I had to rush to the event from work, and thus couldn't pick him up in time. He missed a fabulous time!

"P.S: Please bring your PJs and your little ones along for a magical adventure with light"

Prior to the launch, I thought to myself - what could be so special about these night lights? For me, a light is a light with the only differences being wattage, energy saving qualities, and colour. I could not have been more wrong.

Philips, together with Disney, have cleverly brought well loved characters closer to the young and young at heart by igniting their imaginations (all pun intended). Through the clever use of light and touch, the Philips children's lamps encourage sensory development in young children, while at the same time, make them look forward to bed time.

Honestly, when I was first introduced to the product, I was wondering how it can actually help a child to sleep better, and soothe them should they awaken in the middle of the night. With adventure figures for the boys and princessy ones for the girls, wouldn't they be playing with it instead of sleeping with it? While looking at the range of night lights, I found myself fiddling with a few of them, and against my better judgement, found myself having a personal favourite!

Guess which one I like!

We were given a short intro of the products, made more lively with kids' engagement. The Quiz segment was specially popular because everyone wanted the torch and motion sensor lights which were given to those who had the right answer!

Ms. Mieke De Schepper, General Manager of Philips Lighting Singapore, giving a short product intro and addressing problems which many parents have in getting their kids to fall asleep.
Winnie the Pooh Torch Light and motion activated night light (photo courtesy of Mabel of Amazingly Still)
We all know how active children's imaginations can be, and as they get older and get more exposed to stories and tales, they tend to have fears of darkness and being alone. This can affect bedtime routines and prove to be very challenging for parents and caregivers to settle them down for the night. Through the Q & A segment, I also found out that children have a tendency to awaken more during the night if they were put to bed too early and thus have had enough rest.

With this in mind, the range of night lights from Philips aim to quell the children's fears and soothe them during the night using familiar characters that they can identify with. There are illuminated soft toys (SoftPals), torch lights and projector lights with scenes from well loved Disney tales. Mickey and Minnie, Monsters Inc, Winnie the Pooh, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Cars and Disney Princesses take centre stage in making bedtime fun for the kids!

How cute are these? (Images courtesy of Adora of The Gingerbread Mum)
And a rare shot of the people who are normally taking the pictures!

Left to right: Rachel of Catch Forty-Winks, Mabel of Amazingly Still, and Cherie of Cherieladie, with little Ms. Nakayla!
I'm with Evelyn  of The Bottoms Up Blog (she's the one with long hair) and Adora, The Gingerbread Mum herself! Of course, I look like their Mother here.
We had the opportunity to try out the effectiveness of the product when Caden was sent a wonderful package from Philips. I had my eye on a particular SoftPal during the launch, and I am Caden is indeed a very, very lucky boy to have Mike to chase all the monsters and aliens lurking in his night-world!

Meet Mike Wazowski. Fighting Midnight Monsters all over the world!

Mike, at rest
Mike, at work!
Mike is a Philips Disney SoftPal. He is green, rubbery cute, light and super safe for little hands to hold or play with. Mike ate an LED bulb, so he always stays cool to the touch. He doesn't have any sharp edges or small parts, and he gets energy from a rechargeable battery hidden safely inside him. He gets charged up when we press the little Monsters Inc. logo on his charging base.

I tried to figure out how Mike gets charged. I didn't see any plugs or wiring on either his base or the charging pad, and while I fiddled with it, the husband shook his head and grabbed it off me with a stern: DON'T PEEL OFF THE BASE!!

(Me and electronic gadgets don't get along, so that's part of the reason I married a guy who at least knows the difference between a wall plug and a plug)

Anyways, on the technical aspect of it - I stopped trying to figure out what makes Mike work. I think some clever parents in their company made this product.

Rest Mike on the charging base to give him energy.
Press the Monsters Inc. logo to charge!
Caden was absolutely thrilled by his little stress ball. He kept on asking me why Mike lights up, and I told him that 'Mike ate a lightbulb for energy to fight all the monsters and aliens, so you will be safe at night.' (One thing I learnt about being a Mum is that you are suddenly able to conjure up all sorts of answers and excuses on a whim)

Please excuse the blurred pictures. He was so excited he couldn't keep still and hold Mike long enough to pose!
Ok... you must be thinking (I know I did) - Mike and his friends may be cute and all, but how effective is he in delivering what he's designed to do?

I tested him over a period of 5 days.

The first night, Caden was too excited with his new toy to actually be coaxed to sleep, but I made up a story about how Mike lit up the way for some hunters lost in the woods (or whatever it was I came up with that night) and as he listened, enthralled, I can almost picture him imagining himself in the story.

As we progressed further 'into the woods', I switched off the main light, and told him that Mike usually appears when someone needs help or is in trouble.

...and then, suddenly, he was asleep.

I can attribute it to my wonderful story telling skills, or perhaps he was really bored out of his wits and was too polite to tell me, but I do believe that Mike helped him sleep.

The next night, he threw Mike around the room for awhile after his shower before bed. He then set him on the pillow, and... started talking to him! That nearly creeped me out somewhat, but it was endearing to hear him tell Mike to help him fight the 'alyensss and monnnnsters in the jungle!'

It's been 6 nights since, and apart from the occasional 'I want to watch Teeveee!!' he seems to look forward to having Mike by his side at night. He hardly wakes up at night (unless he is unwell) so I can't really say if Mike would help to ease him back to sleep should he do so.

I'm not sure if the novelty would wear off, but so far, it seems to be proving quite effective in coaxing him to sleep!

I like the SoftPal because even though Mike emits a luminescent green light, the husband and I found it non-intrusive, unlike a regular night light which can prove to be so in total darkness. Reading up on the product details, I also found out that they are BPA free and non-toxic, so they are completely safe for little kids.

Soft and squishy, they are great night time companions!


Currently, the Philips Disney lighting range is available online. From June 2014 onwards, you can get them at selected departmental and mother & childcare stores.

Philips Disney SoftPal - $72.90

Philips Disney Light & Image Projectors - $38.90

Philips Disney Night Light - $24.90

Philips Disney Torch Light - $19.90

DISCLAIMER: This review post is part of a series of sponsored conversations between PHILIPS Singapore and MummyMoo.

I have been given monetary compensation for this review, and Mike Wazowski has been given to Caden so that we will be able to present a first hand mother and son experience. All bedtime stories, lousy photography, child, content and opinions are, however, my own.


  1. Haha Mike is C's new best friend! I love the hunter and woods story, I doubt it bored C at all! =) Good to know the light is working well for the boy and I think your photos, other than that slightly blur one, are super awesome! =)

  2. Caden, auntie Adora now wants to sing "Leave a light on for me" with you!!!



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