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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

When Caden was born, my Mum voiced her concerns about the hospital putting him in diapers the moment he was out of the womb. I remember she was shocked, almost flabbergasted, because Caden is her first grandchild and it was the first time that she came up close and personal with newborns for almost 35 years! She was also worried about diaper rash, and skin reaction to the synthetic materials used, apart from the fact that she was upset her grandson is subjected to wearing a 'plastic bag' (her words, not mine!) for the next 2 years or so.

Back in those days, cloth nappies were the norm, and especially in Indonesia, diapers were not difficult to find, but they were much too expensive for the ordinary household to use them on a regular basis. When my brother was born, my earliest memories of childhood were playing in the backyard, amongst rows and rows of freshly laundered muslin cloth flapping in the breeze. They were then folded crisp, smelling of the sun, ready to be used as and when needed.

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The main concern about diapers back then was not only the price, but also that they were bulky things made from wood pulp encased in synthetic material (think shower curtain plastic). The first diapers made of superabsorbent polymer (that gel-like substance when you deconstruct a diaper) were introduced in 1982, reducing the thickness by almost 50% and providing a measure of 'comfort' to little bums all over the world.

Disposable diapers have now come a long way. There are so many types widely available in the market now, ranging from tape diapers (easier for changing when they are still happy to lie prone) and diaper pants. They are not only convenient, but promise higher comfort and are kinder to young, sensitive skin. Drypers, for example, have continuously made their products better through extensive research and development, made possible by taking careful note of feedback from consumers. In just a few short years, Drypers have not only made their diapers more effective, but they have also taken into consideration lifestyle habits and synced their products accordingly.

The NEW Drypers Drypantz boasts of 'Comfort Fit™', which comprises of a softer cloth-like material and ensures breathability. This is especially great in areas which are prone to sweat accumulation like the waist band and in between the thighs and groin area. The stretchable garters are surprisingly pliable and doesn't scratch, and this helps avoid unnecessary pressure which can result in itchiness, redness and in extreme prolonged cases, scarring.

Now we all know that when the babies are comfortable, they are less fussy. And if they are happy, we are happier! Honestly, I cannot imagine what it must be like feeling cold and damp intermittently, and it's wonderful how Drypers have actually managed to keep the diapers' surface dry while not compromising on its absorbency.

Caden has used Drypers Drypantz since he was able to flip, and has had no issues with it leaking or any resultant discomfort. Furthermore, Drypers has been kind to his sensitive skin, and thus far has not caused him any skin irritation.

Many parents believe that Diaper pants are only suitable for babies in transition to toddlerhood (cruising or walking), but using diaper pants from as young as 6 months is entirely possible! I have preferred to use Drypantz for Caden since he was able to crawl because it gives him extra mobility and comfort. Furthermore, I do not like the sight of heavy diapers 'hanging' down the moment they are cruising or attempting to walk - which is the result of using tape diapers when they are already able to stand. I am very particular about aesthetics such as these, and 'dangling diapers' are a total no-no for me, especially since hygiene can also be compromised.

From March this year, Drypers Drypantz have not only changed their packaging, but it has also reinforced its aim to provide 'Ultimate Comfort'. With the new Drypers Drypantz range, you can be assured that you are not only purchasing quality, but every detail has been taken into consideration so as to fulfil several comfort criteria which is purely beneficial for babies and toddlers. Its breathable and soft cloth-like cover is kind on tender skin. This ensures maximum comfort for baby, and ensures maximum air circulation. Natural plant extracts such as Olive Oil, Chamomile Vitamin E and Aloe Vera promotes healthy skin.

Extra care has been taken to ensure that the design does not irritate skin in any way, even during active play. It moulds itself to a toddler's body snugly, yet it doesn't hamper movement in any way. Furthermore, the external side seams are secure, but with a few strategic tugs, comes away cleanly for easy removal.

To reinforce how serious Drypers are about ensuring maximum softness and breathability in all its products, they have introduced two mascots, Airy and Softie to drive home the message.


Airy is a colourful little pinwheel that embodies breathability and better air circulation. Drypers Drypantz’s extra breathable waistband helps reduce pressure formed on the skin at baby’s tummy and waist area, creating a more comfortable fit for baby.


Softie is a fluffly little cloud that embodies softness and comfort, just like the unique technology which goes into making Drypers Drypantz’s waistband kind on baby’s skin.

Look out for Airy and Softie near the diapers' waistbands!

Now you too, can try out the all new improved Drypers Drypantz. For the entire month of July, each Drypers' Drypantz pack goes for only S$10.95 at all leading hypermarkets and supermarkets. This price is applicable to all sizes under the Drypers Drypantz range. 

To request for free samples, please click here. Try out the new Drypers Drypantz today!

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From mid July onwards, Drypers will also have a “Breathe Easy Breeze” game.

Control our “Airy” mascot using your mouse to help “Softie” turn plain diapers into Drypers Drypantz diapers! Convert 12 diapers to Drypers Drypantz in the fastest amount of time.

Every week, the top scorers stand a chance to walk away with fantastic prizes!

Prizes include tickets (worth $88 each) to Lunchbox Theatrical Production’s “Bubble Magic” show, happening in early September 2014!

Disclaimer: This is part of a series of sponsored conversations between Drypers and MummyMoo. All opinions stated are my own, although the bum pictured is not mine. The Mookid has been a regular user of Drypers from the time he was able to cruise, and we strongly recommend the product based on its own merits and first hand user experience. Please note that different kids have different reactions to products. Do exercise caution when using new products.

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